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Little Noises (1991) Online

Little Noises (1991) Online
Original Title :
Little Noises
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Jane Spencer
Cast :
Tatum O'Neal,Crispin Glover,Nina Siemaszko
Writer :
Anthony Brito,Jane Spencer
Type :
Time :
1h 13min
Rating :
Little Noises (1991) Online

A struggling writer (Glover) steals poems written by his mute friend to achieve fame and fortune.
Credited cast:
Tatum O'Neal Tatum O'Neal - Stella
Crispin Glover Crispin Glover - Joey
Nina Siemaszko Nina Siemaszko - Dolores
Tate Donovan Tate Donovan - Elliott
Matthew Hutton Matthew Hutton - Marty
Gianin Loffler Gianin Loffler - Wayne Wacker
Steven Schub Steven Schub - Timmy Smith
Cathy Haase Cathy Haase - Eve
Rik Mayall Rik Mayall - Mathias
John C. McGinley John C. McGinley - Stu
Carole Shelley Carole Shelley - Aunt Shirley
Carolyn Farina Carolyn Farina - Linny
Barry Papick Barry Papick - Bud
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Christopher Berger Christopher Berger - Claude
Anthony Brito Anthony Brito - Ed

Film is dedicated to memory of actor/writer Anthony Brito (1953-1991)

Official Selection, SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, 1992 Official Selection, GOTEBORG FILM FESTIVAL, 1992

'Little Noises' premiered in competition at The Sundance Film Festival.

'Little Noises' was screened in competition at The Goteborg Film Festival, Sweden.

'Little Noises' screened in competition at The Mill Valley Film Festival.

User reviews



Just saw this yesterday and it was my favorite kind of indie film-low budget and charming! Crispin Glover was terrific in it, nice to see his range in a 'normal', everyday-guy role and he he really pulled it off! Tatum O'Neal was impressive, despite her addiction problems, she still has the talent. She and Glover made a great screen pairing, they really had great chemistry and worked well together. Jane Spencer really assembled a great group of talented actors, there wasn't one bad performance among them. Too bad a lot of them haven't been heard from since this 12 year-old film. There were some really creative filming, camera decisions made and I can see why this was nominated for a Sundance Grand Jury prize. The only complaint I have is that the film was also low-budget when it came to sound quality, and a lot of the dialogue was hard to decipher. I give this film a 7/10.
digytal soul

digytal soul

Little Noises is the tale of a self proclaimed writer (Crispin Glover) who actually hasn't written anything and lacks the talent to do so. Glover envies the glamorous world of the writer and would do anything to be included in that world even forget the ones who love him for him. Glover is soon given the works of a mute friend and passes them as his own. "His" works are published, he is paid handsomely and introduced to the world of the writer. In the process he breaks his relationship with his girlfriend (Tatum O'Neil), turns his back on his only friend and the mute who gave him his poetry.

Little Noises is a dreary tale of greed, the thirst for power and wealth rolled up into a disturbing melancholy mesh. Crispin Glover, one of my favourite actors shines in the lead role with great performances from Tatum O'Neil and Matthew Hutton as the mute. You'll probably find this movie in the "Comedy" section of your local video store, but it's out of place with movies like "The Jerk" and "There's Something About Mary." Little Noises offers moments that leave the viewer saddened rather than laughing. The finale of the film is one you won't be able to get out of your head. Leaving the viewer with a glimpse of the past or what the future could have held. Check it out, but don't expect a comedy and the same quirky Crispin we all know and love.


Yes, Crispin Glover as a seemingly "normal"character. I've only seen this once - and not completely. However, it was one of those times when you run across something on TV and it grabs you. A nice story about greed and guilt and wanting more than you deserve. Strong performances from Crispin and Tatum O'Neal. A small film worth a look. .For some reason I'm thinking of "Five Corners" with Jodie Foster and Tim Robbins, a similarly unusual-yet-normal Character-driven film.


Crispin Glover manages a lot of talk about being a writer, but can't come up with a thing. So, he does the next best thing: steals someone else's work--in this case, a deaf mute's poetry--and passes it off as his own. Rather bland independent feature worked on by three writers, Jon Zeiderman, Anthony Brito and director Jane Spencer (who also might've used some help setting a livelier pace). Although the picture is flaky and flighty, it is anchored by some good acting. Glover tones down the wild-eyed bit and gives a nicely-nuanced performance, while Tatum O'Neal is lovely in support as his dream girl. Nothing very memorable or dramatic, but with some interesting ideas. ** from ****


little noises is a beautiful film. it's all about running long in the sand til the crabs take your toes and the full sky escaping empty. my favorite part is in the cosmetic department when wayne tells glover's character "why don't you highlight her face!!", and tatum can be seen losing it in the background. it's real and not as far-fetched as you might think. "you are my disciple"-wrong, wake up. a few hundred bucks gives no redemption. this film actually turned me on Hart Crane's cool style and strange life. the only thing is the tagline: a little comedy in the big apple kind of cheesy. but still, it's my favorite film of all time!!!