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Deck the Halls (2005) Online

Deck the Halls (2005) Online
Original Title :
Deck the Halls
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Family
Year :
Directror :
George Mendeluk
Cast :
Gabrielle Carteris,Steve Bacic,Jocelyne Loewen
Writer :
Mark Sanderson,Jeffrey Schenck
Budget :
CAD 2,000,000
Type :
Time :
1h 27min
Rating :
Deck the Halls (2005) Online

In the tradition of such classic films as "Miracle On 34th Street", a hip, eccentric marketing genius teaches a widow and her son the miracle of Christmas. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
Gabrielle Carteris Gabrielle Carteris - Holly Hall
Steve Bacic Steve Bacic - Nickolas St. Clair
Jocelyne Loewen Jocelyne Loewen - Melody
Ken Pogue Ken Pogue - Jack Hall
Maureen Thomas Maureen Thomas - Laura Hall
Steven Culp Steven Culp - Dr. Olsen
Josh Hayden Josh Hayden - Ben Hall
Jonathan Hill Jonathan Hill - Leon
Penny Blake Penny Blake - Bubba
David Mylrea David Mylrea - Deano
Rob Morton Rob Morton - Mall Santa
Aaron Pearl Aaron Pearl - Mailman
John Hombach John Hombach - Andrew
Justin Callan Justin Callan - Matthew Reeves
Michelle Boback Michelle Boback - Rebecca

The movie had three new dodges featured in the opening sequences

User reviews



It's wonderful to see a sentimental, funny, Christmas film with romance, Santa, elves and reindeer. For a change Christmas wasn't marginalized. In a way, it is reminiscent of "Miracle on 42nd Street". A perfect holiday movie for young and old alike. Great family experience. Loved the music. Actors Steve Basic and Josh Hayden's performance were touching. A great duo. The dog was funny-especially in the street hockey game. And Rudolph- I can't remember seeing him in a movie for a long time.Gabrielle was a bit harsh as a character, but in a typical Scrooge tradition. Inspiring message. Look forward to seeing it every year!


If you want to spend a couple of hours with a wonderful, family film that warms the heart and makes you laugh at the same time DECK THE HALLS is it. Great acting by all. Pretty cool to see Steven Culp in this (being a fan since 13 days). The story is basically of a woman (played convincingly well by Gabrielle Carteris)lost her husband to a car accident that is spending the first Xmas without him. Her son is doing his best to brighten up the holidays. They have relocated to her parents home town getting a job at her fathers toy factory. She is hardened by the reality of losing the love of her life and confronting her first holiday season without him. She is slowly warmed over by Nick, played brilliantly by Steven Bacic, a consultant helping the company increase sales who also happens to be her neighbor. Being tired of the lame blockbuster scripts, this one is very well written and the delivery of the lines comes off in a genuine, often touching way. Well done.


It had a run last night on Lifetime Movie Network...

"Holly" had two facial expressions, and could only deliver her lines out of the side of her mouth while looking away from the person she was speaking to. I guess that showed her tortured angst.

"Nick" had to deliver lines that were so corny, I cannot imagine how he kept from laughing! "If you don't believe in miracles, how can miracles happen?" And the poor kid, wooden delivery, and his mom (evil shrew) does not want him bonding to a male father figure ~ and his dad just died! How do you balance the age of the kid between young enough to "believe" and old enough (savvy) to know how to manipulate emails to "fix up" his mom with Nick? Or that his mom needed fixing up to begin with! Don't even get me started on the hockey scene where they speed up the action to draw comic relief from the "little people" elves...

Horrible horrible tripe trash!


This movie was very heart warming and I think Steve Bacic is fantastic actor and hope he will get more good parts like this and become more well known. Wonderful movie for the holiday season. Loved everything about this movie but especially Steve Bacic. Enjoyed the elves playing around. Seeing Raindeer in a movie again especially Rudolph. This movie is one that the whole family will love and enjoy for years to come. The dog was also a great part in the movie. Some scenes were very touching and some made me laugh. I totally recommend this movie for one and all!More movies of this type need to be made! Enjoyed the wild colored clothes that were worn by Steve Bacic but especially the Santa outfit. It made me believe in miracles again!



If your child recently lost a parent or grandparent then keep this film away from them. If your child has lost a pet then keep them away from this. If you are GAY you will hate this film because there is gay reference/joke that Holly says to Nick and he seems offended that she would think he was gay. This is insulting to me as a gay men.

If you are over 12 chances are you have seem this story done 10 x better in 10 other films that have a similar plot. In this film a woman meets her next door neighbor and they are not off to a good start. She argues with him twice in one night and then next she sees that he is the new hire at her days toy store company!

Now this woman is a recent widow. Her son misses his dad and soon the family dog gets very ill. The son however seems to get out of his funk when he thinks the new neighbor/moms co-worker is Santa Claus.

I think the film would of been better had Gabrielle Carteris not played her role as a stark raving witch. Yes makes for a good transformation but she is so nasty through most of the film. Most viewers will have CHANGED THE CHANNEL by the time she comes around.

I do however love the man who plays Nick. His part is to be sweet to her sour but there is no chemistry between the leads. Steve Bacic however was a delight and saves this film from being a complete waist of time.

This film is part of the LIFETIME 12 FILMS OF Christmas DVD PACK. This is the least enjoyable one. I have seen about 95-100 Christmas films in the past 2 years. This is near the bottom.


I love Christmas movies and I think I have a lot of tolerance for corniness, questionable acting, etc., but this movie had me fast-forwarding through scenes halfway through because I got bored and just wanted it to finish.... and I just knew I wasn't going to miss anything. The premise was cute but I kept waiting for something to really HAPPEN. Some of the shots between scenes seemed drawn out like they were just trying to fill time. I thought the character development was non-existent and I couldn't get emotionally involved with any of the characters. And for some reason the boy seemed a little too old for the part. I wouldn't recommend this one to anyone.


I often come to this website to read reviews of movies. After watching this movie I was certain that all of the reviews would be scathing. The acting by the mom and the kid was brutal. (Sorry kid...) After reading the first couple of reviews my jaw dropped. 10 stars ?!!! They loved it? As I continued to read I decided that either friends or family, (or themselves), had to have written those glowing opinions. Finally, I read the last one and saw that someone had actually told the truth. After all the times I've come to this site I decided to register so I could warn people that haven't seen this awful movie to not waste their time. Really, if you value your time at all, don't watch what I now consider to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Yes, it was so bad that it got me to register just so I could get the truth out there. I know that our opinions of movies are subjective, but when one is as terrible as this one, I can't believe it got even one good review, let alone several. The great reviews have to be from friends or relatives.


What can I say about this movie, BUT HOW Awesome!!!! Steve Bacic was so cute as Nick ST. Clair (aka SANTA), I sure loved how he turned into Santa at the end. And yes he was a younger, hipper VERY SEXY ST. NICK! I also loved those wacky Hawaiian shirts, very colourful, the reindeer and sleigh were cool. The rest of the cast was also amazing. I sure hope that this movie becomes a holiday favorite. Because I know that I will watch it year after year! I hope that more movies of this quality are made, because it is nice to see movies with a beautiful message. And I hope that Steve is able to play more roles where he is OH, SO CUTE (not that, that is hard to do!!!!)!!!


Recently widowed "Beverly Hills 90210" TV alumni Gabrielle Carteris (as Holly) is not ready to date the many men who find her attractive. She finds new next-door neighbor Steve Bacic (as Nickolas "Nick" St. Clair) annoying, even more so when father-in-law Ken Pogue (as Jack) hires him to work marketing for their "Dreamland Toys" store. However, Ms. Carteris' eight-year-old son Josh Hayden (as Ben) finds Mr. Bacic appealing. He tries to hook his mom up with Bacic. Young Hayden, who seems a little old for this, has asked God and Santa to bring back papa. There is also some intrigue about Bacic having a secret Christmastime identity. He has a sleigh, wears red, and works with little people...

**** Deck the Halls (12/12/05) George Mendeluk ~ Gabrielle Carteris, Steve Bacic, Josh Hayden, Ken Pogue


The main gal Gabrielle was too old for the lead - The gay playing Kris (Santa) looks 10 years younger but is great in the role. The boy playing Ben looks way to old to be believing in Santa - He looks 12 but is treated like he is 7 - SO ANNOYING! He's also bad in the role.

It was a disappointment in many ways. The story line was sweet... Just to bad whoever casted this show didn't do a better job. The Elves were great, whoever played the dad was great and the gal in the supporting role was adorable. I would have preferred her in the lead.

It's best if you find something else to watch this Christmas. There are quite a few new shows out there.


I love Christmas Movie but I got bored with this Movie and I just wanted it to end. I think that I've seen a lot of Movie with the same plot as this one. Which made it a bit more boring for me, It was slow pasted, and I didn't like the acting. I found its more of an adults Movie as we don't really see much of Ben. And it did talk about inappropriate things so its not really a family Movie, and I wasn't a fan of the music that was used.

I just kept waiting for something to really happen and there just wasn't any character development. The boy playing Ben looked to old for the role and the Movie had gay jokes which I didn't like and was not funny. it covers things like death of a family member, which I think should be more talked about in movies and books but I don't think its a good Movie to watch if you have lost a family or a dog though

I really liked The dog, the dog was funny-especially in a street hockey game But didn't have much scene time. :(