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American Mormon (2005) Online

American Mormon (2005) Online
Original Title :
American Mormon
Genre :
Creative Work / Documentary
Year :
Directror :
Jed Knudsen
Cast :
Jed Knudsen,Daryn Tufts
Writer :
Jed Knudsen,Daryn Tufts
Budget :
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :
American Mormon (2005) Online

In the tradition of The Mouths of Babes, intrepid interviewer Daryn Tufts and filmmaker Jed Knudsen tour the country documenting the hilarious misconceptions people have about Latter-day Saints. From New York to Los Angeles, this sidesplitting collection of man-on-the-street interviews helps answer the question: What in the world do people think of us? {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Jed Knudsen Jed Knudsen - Camera Guy
Daryn Tufts Daryn Tufts - Host

Although it may seem like one trip, it actually took Daryn and Jed three separate trips to various areas of the United States in order to obtain all of the footage and interviews they wanted for this documentary.

In an attempt to keep the interviews as real and honest as possible, no one interviewed was ever told, beforehand, that they were going to be asked any questions about the LDS religion.

After the camera stopped rolling, Daryn and Jed often had longer conversations with the people they interviewed, in order to clear up misconceptions and answer questions about the LDS church.

After filming and returning home, Daryn and Jed ran around Salt Lake City tracking down Weston and Casen, (two young men interviewed on the Las Vegas strip), in order to do follow-up footage for the documentary.

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If you've chosen to live your life according to a convicted con man's plagiarism of a 19th century science fiction novel so bad that the author abandoned it, you don't get to roll your eyes at people who aren't fully versed in the current iteration of your mythology.

Two Mormon filmmakers attempt to recreate the look and feel of the "Jaywalking" skits on The Tonight Show, but are somehow less funny. Generally polite, the interviewers sometimes get condescending when the general public mistakenly assumes that the LDS still follows its original doctrine.

Overall, this film better serves to highlight the fallacy of composition common in Mormon entertainment. Unoriginal, boring, and providing nothing more than another example of the blindered existence of a very deluded cult in the desert.


This is real life. These aren't actors. They are ordinary people explaining what they honestly think Mormons are. I loved listening to the claims and myths that Mormons are part of. I, myself am Mormon, and I was laughing at many of the things. I wasn't laughing at the people, rather I was laughing at the myths and how random they are.

Some examples of myths include the fact that we cannot dance, we have horns, we are lizards and we cannot use technology. The best part is that the two hosts explain the truth to them afterward.

There were many people who had the right ideas of Mormons, though. Not everyone thought we are crazy or that we don't spread our faith around.

See for yourself!