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Arrested Development Staff Infection (2003– ) Online

Arrested Development Staff Infection (2003– ) Online
Original Title :
Staff Infection
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
John Fortenberry
Cast :
Jason Bateman,Portia de Rossi,Will Arnett
Writer :
Mitchell Hurwitz,Brad Copeland
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Arrested Development Staff Infection (2003– ) Online

Michael is tired of the family getting free handouts from the Bluth Company without doing anything, so he puts them to work. He puts Lindsay to work at the company answering phones, while GOB and Buster take construction jobs. Meanwhile, the sheep-like behavior of the Bluth Company employees gets them in trouble on a visit to the island of Catalina, and Tobias, researching his role as a frightened inmate, checks himself into the prison where George Sr. is being held. {locallinks-homepage}
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Jason Bateman Jason Bateman - Michael Bluth
Portia de Rossi Portia de Rossi - Lindsay Bluth Fünke
Will Arnett Will Arnett - Gob Bluth
Michael Cera Michael Cera - George-Michael Bluth
Alia Shawkat Alia Shawkat - Maeby Fünke
Tony Hale Tony Hale - Buster Bluth
David Cross David Cross - Tobias Fünke
Jeffrey Tambor Jeffrey Tambor - George Bluth Sr.
Jessica Walter Jessica Walter - Lucille Bluth
James Lipton James Lipton - Warden Stefan Gentles
B.W. Gonzalez B.W. Gonzalez - Lupe
Michael Blieden Michael Blieden - Agent Cummings
Justin Lee Justin Lee - Annyong Bluth
Brant von Hoffman Brant von Hoffman - Foreman
Teddy Lane Jr. Teddy Lane Jr. - Construction Worker

The cooler on the yacht containing the evidence has the name H.MADDAS stenciled on it. When you see it reflected in the mirror, it reads SADDAM.H.

The new prison warden (James Lipton)'s screenplay is titled New Warden.

The surveillance team's van is labeled "Blendin Electric Company"

The "staff" in the title refers to the Bluth Company employees; and is a homophone for "staph."

Buster (Tony Hale) giggles at the "rough language" that the construction workers use. This could be a play on Tony Hale's real aversion to cursing.

The bus reads "Church of the Good Shepherd", a joke on the fact that Michael (Jason Bateman) said the employees are like sheep.

Some of the menu items at the Bluth Banana Stand are the Original Frozen Banana, On the Go-Go Banana, Double-Dipped Frozen, Giddy-Girly Banana, George Daddy and the Simple Simon.

The subtitle "hello" can be seen in a small text next to Annyong (Justin Lee)'s head when Michael (Jason Bateman) approaches the banana stand looking for George Michael (Michael Cera).

David Cross had publicly mocked James Lipton (Warden Gentles) as part of his stand-up act, referring to Lipton as "pretentious" and "the most pompous, arrogant failure in history." Lipton was not amused by Cross' impersonations of himself, but during filming, they ended up becoming friends (although Cross maintained his criticism of Lipton's show, Inside the Actors Studio (1994)).

When Warden Gentiles (James Lipton) looks for an empty cell for Tobias (David Cross), he mentions cell 187 won't be open until midnight, insinuating an execution to take place on that date. In California, 1-8-7 is the numeric code used by law enforcement officials for murder.

George Michael (Michael Cera)'s comment at the banana stand that they should "keep [their] heads down and power through" directly mirror Michael (Jason Bateman)'s words from earlier in the episode during the meeting with the Bluth employees.

When Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) arrives at the construction site, a member of Lupe (B.W. Gonzalez)'s family standing on top of the stair car hits his head on a sign reading "Drive safely."

This episode is rated TV-PG-DLV.

The actor Steve Buscemi is said to be researching a role in the prison George Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor) and Tobias (David Cross) are at.

This is the first episode in which the Bluth Stair car is a seventh-generation Ford F-series (1980-1986) rather than a sixth-generation 1979 F-150.

The game of bulldozer chicken is a send-up of Footloose (1984), which Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) referenced earlier in the episode.

Bluth Company employees, identified by Michael (Jason Bateman) as sheep, mistakenly take a bus labeled, "Church of the Good Shepherd", the same church Ann Veal (Mae Whitman)'s father (Alan Tudyk) is a Pastor at. In every scene there is always one employee dressed in black tailing behind (black sheep):

  • When George Michael (Michael Cera) pulls out his crafts, the top craft is a cotton ball sheep.
  • The employees are playing with sheep on Catalina island.
  • They get back by being loaded into a sheep transporting trailer, herded by a pair of sheep dogs.
  • One of the sheep dogs is named Banjo, which coincidentally is the name of the dog of writer Lucy Schwartz.
  • The employees' calls of 'Bob?' while Buster (Tony Hale) is working in the copy room are overlayed with sounds of sheep bleating. Also, one of the photocopies has Buster with a sheep next to him.

As Lucille (Jessica Walter) walks into her apartment after shopping at quantity plus, she calls for Annyong (Justin Lee) to help bring in the groceries, but he's not home. Immediately after saying his name she says "Hello?" This is a play on the fact that Annyong constantly says hello in Korean after the Bluth family members say his name. This may also foreshadow the fact that his real name turns out to be Hel-loh.

This is the first episode where G.O.B. (Will Arnett) does his notorious chicken dance. It would later return again in episode 2.3, Arrested Development: Amigos (2004), and eventually, several more Bluths would get their own chicken dances.

Tobias (David Cross) leaves a note to Lindsay (Portia de Rossi), in which he crossed out "the desk of Dr." in "From the desk of Dr. Tobias Fünke." The note is signed "-T (Tobias)." Lindsay later calls Tobias "T" in episode 3.11, Arrested Development: Family Ties (2006).

Jokes about Tobias (David Cross) being gay":

  • Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) attempts to scare Tobias by saying "ep] me."
  • Tobias refers to the prison as a "men's penal colony."
  • White Power Bill (David Reynolds) says that Tobias will be "sleeping under me."

Instances where the Bluth Company employees are shown to be incompetent:

  • They are ready to agree with Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) about the fluorescent lighting.
  • The staff get lost on Catalina Island as a result of them thinking they were going out to lunch.

Lucille (Jessica Walter) doesn't let Lupe (B.W. Gonzalez) take the day off for her family reunion.

  • In other episodes she doesn't let her housekeepers take off time, such as to take their children to the hospital.

White Power Bill (David Reynolds) stops George Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor) from teaching his newfound Jewish faith in prison. George Sr. backs up to the fence saying, over and over, "No teaching! No teaching!" This is a twist on the "no touching" rule enforced in the prison visitor lounge.

Lucille (Jessica Walter) mentions Rosa (Gloria Sandoval), who we later find out in episode 2.4, Arrested Development: Good Grief! (2004), was a maid that Lucille had employed when the Bluths were young.

When the Bluth employees are taking a break, they can be seen lined up at the bathroom, waiting. Buster (Tony Hale) then exits the bathroom. This may be a callback to Lucille (Jessica Walter)'s earlier comments about Buster "playing with himself."

When George Michael (Michael Cera), Maeby (Alia Shawkat) and Annyong (Justin Lee) are working in the banana stand, they start using bad grammar, much like the "Family Love Michael" banner in Season Three.

G.O.B. (Will Arnett) comments that Kitty (Judy Greer) sounded "pretty damn sexy" over the phone, before an uncomfortable silence after Michael (Jason Bateman) reveals it was Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) he was talking to.

At the banana stand, Annyong (Justin Lee) reveals that he speaks English, suggesting there may be more to him than it seems.

The Feds infiltrate the Bluth Company using "Blendin Electric Company" as a disguise.

User reviews



Turning back to Arrested Development, in spite of some flaws this is a truly funny episode. Staff Infection deals with the Bluths taking company money and Michael trying to make them work for it. But Michael's siblings just spread chaos.

In terms of characterization, Tobias and Buster both shine here. Tobias signs his name "T (Tobias)" needlessly and needs Lindsay to ask for sex to become frightened (though it doesn't work). Buster conveys pure terror in the sheep picture and gets nervous working indoors and outdoors (where else can he go?). The episode is helped along with motifs like the common theme of incest (GOB mistakes Lindsay for Kitty). However, this particular episode also has an amusing sheep motif, combined with an original song "Get Along, Little Sheep."

This episode has a revelation that surprised viewers- Annyong speaks good English. Some people regard this as a retcon, but as this is only Annyong's second episode it shouldn't be surprising we're still learning new things about him.

On the downside, Lucille's comment about Buster's "scholarly pursuits" is one of the cheapest shots in season 1. Additionally, George Michael finding his childhood crafts in Michael's office didn't really make me feel anything. Still, for some good laughs there's no denying Staff Infection is a winner.


This fifteenth episode in the first season of Arrested Development, while not a classic, remains a very funny and engaging episode. There is much to enjoy here in the episode. The two character standouts are Buster and Tobias. Buster basically is given work at the construction site for the Bluth Company and is amazed by all the men cursing around him. Plus we learn in a very satisfying flashback that Buster is afraid of sheep due to a terrifying incident in Catalina. Tobias, on the other hand, decides to check himself in a prison for acting research-the same prison as George Sr's. It's a funny thing that sheep plays to the overall theme of the episode. In addition to Buster's childhood fright, Buster is called Bob which sounds like "baa", the workers of the Bluth Company are herded around like sheep by a person of authority, and their company bus is named "The Good Shepherd." It's an interesting theme and one that I think can be a little overbearing at times.

In this episode, "Staff Infection," the main story has Michael being angry that the entire Bluth family has earnings from the company, but no work to show for it. So he decides to have his family work for the money. He has Lindsay as his new secretary and puts both GOB and Buster on the construction site. Tobias, in his research for the role of frightened inmate number two, heads to the same prison as George Sr.

Other good things to mention are Michael's cruelty to his employees ("take a three, not a five"), Lindsay creating dissension among the staff, GOB and Buster's continued sibling rivalry (that famed chicken dance), Lucille taking a membership where she receives a bunch of bulk goods but has no one to help her so she has to look up past employees, and Tobias tries to have sex with Lindsay as a way to frighten him. Oh, and we get James Lipton as the prison warden! The episode is not as memorable as previous episodes, but this is still a fine episode.

My Grade: A-


Arrested Development

Arrested Development is another take on dysfunctional family; created by Mitchell Hurwitz, with lots of twists and turns and mystery that helps kick the series into another level and stand alone. The narration by Ron Howard that guides the viewers is actually a smarter concept that it actually seems, since the makers doesn't feel the need to explain the situation and momentum through cheesy and additional dialogues; a slick move.

It is short on technical aspects like cinematography, background score and art design although the camera work is plausible and is shot beautifully with pleasing, light and breezy environment.

The writing is strong in terms of the material offered especially since it doesn't feel the urge to push boundaries just to crack a smile, and instead focuses on the irony of it and lets it flow fluently with well barred structure. The amusing concept, enfolding tricks, gripping screenplay, parallel sub-plots that are well edited which later merges in brilliantly are some of the high points of the series.

There is also a lot of going on in mere 20 minutes for the audience to let it sink in which may seem overstuffed at times but it does the work which is to keep the audience tangled into it. The characters are more mature and pragmatic than the audience usually gets in a sitcom where they might not be lovable or even likable at times, but their humane-ness keeps the viewers rooting for them.

The performance is somewhat fragile in here since the protagonist Jason Bateman is in his A game but unfortunately isn't supported to that extent by its supporting cast (Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Portia de Rossi and David Cross).

Season 01

The first act in here is somewhat of an introductory section for the character development is handled well enough if not evolved entirely (there is no need to grab the whole bite too). It is also fast paced and evenly distributive among the characters that shares their screen time and factors in with a greater impact than the protagonist.

Staff Infection

A role reversal that unfortunately doesn't work despite of having such a potential on the premise but draws a margin and makes it different from any other is the emotional touch that does communicate with the audience.