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Mawaru meido in Wario (2004) Online

Mawaru meido in Wario (2004) Online
Original Title :
Mawaru meido in Wario
Genre :
Video Game / Action / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Year :
Directror :
Teruyuki Hirosawa,Osamu Yamauchi
Cast :
Nate Bihldorff,Tom Eberspecher,Andy Hartpence
Writer :
Koichi Kawamoto,Kazuyoshi Osawa
Type :
Video Game
Rating :
Mawaru meido in Wario (2004) Online

Wario's thrown a temper tantrum while playing his Game Boy Advance, and gone and broken it. He heads off to the manic Dr. Crygor's lab to get him to fix it. But what happens instead is that hundreds of Game Boy-like systems are created, with no buttons and an addictive tilt control. Wario's gonna be even richer than ever before when he sells this. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
Nate Bihldorff Nate Bihldorff - (voice)
Tom Eberspecher Tom Eberspecher - Jimmy T (voice)
Andy Hartpence Andy Hartpence - (voice)
Ann Lin Ann Lin - (voice)
Charles Martinet Charles Martinet - Wario (voice)
Reiko Ninomiya Reiko Ninomiya - (voice)
Christina Peyser Christina Peyser - (voice)
Norikatsu Furuta Norikatsu Furuta - (voice)
Ko Takeuchi Ko Takeuchi - (voice)
Takaya Fujii Takaya Fujii - (voice)
Kyoko Watanabe Kyoko Watanabe - (voice)
Yumi Nagai Yumi Nagai - (voice)
Yuki Tsuji Yuki Tsuji - (voice)
Masanobu Matsunaga Masanobu Matsunaga - (voice)
Naoko Mori Naoko Mori - (voice)

User reviews



(www.plasticpals.com) The Wario Ware series turned a new leaf with Twisted!, featuring a built-in gyro sensor that detected the orientation of the cartridge. You play most of the included 200 micro games by tilting the GameBoy Advance, and in some cases you'll have to fully rotate the system in your hands to win. The cartridge also comes with a rumble feature, which gives you satisfying tactile feedback for every degree you tilt the system. The gyro sensor calibrates when the game is turned on (and after each micro game) so it can be played regardless of whether it is plugged into the top of a GameBoy Advance or the bottom of a Nintendo DS.

Like the other games in the series, Twisted! modifies the successful formula from the old Game & Watch portables: each micro-game has a short time limit and is designed to test your reflexes, and they get progressively faster the longer you survive (gradually making them more difficult). You can only mess up four times before it's game over, but there are boss stages every 10-15 rounds that offer you a chance to earn a 1-up. The 200 games are divided amongst characters living in Wario's funky city, each with their own little stories and micro-game themes.

Although tilting left and right is at its core a very simple interaction, there is no shortage of unique game designs. Whether you're tilting the screen to cause a ball to drop through an obstacle course, flying a plane through a tight corridor, or simply shaving the stubble from a chin, each micro-game is fun and intuitive. And they have to be, since most of the time you only have a few seconds to figure out what to do and how to do it. Even with the hints that pop up before each one, it can be quite disorienting as the speed increases. Unfortunately this means some micro-games are a bit too simple, requiring a quick left-right-left-right tilt combination to win, but they do mix things up with three or four variations of each game.

New to Twisted! are the addition of souvenirs, which are randomly unlocked as you pass boss stages. These are mostly little time wasters that take advantage of the tilt sensor – from music records that you can scratch like a DJ to extended versions of micro-games you've already played. It will take quite awhile to unlock them all, and simple though they may be, they add incentive to return to characters you have only beaten once. Some of the optional challenge modes, which only give you one life or that toss micro-games to you at top speed will certainly put your memory and reflexes to the test.

The Wario Ware series can be a bit hit-or-miss, but Twisted! is up there with the best of them – its tilt mechanic is both fun and original. It's sort of amazing to me that modern devices like smart phones, that come with gyro sensors built into them – don't have more apps that take advantage of this functionality. The only problem with Twisted! is that you can't play it on the GameBoy Player for the GameCube, which allows you to play GameBoy Advance games on your television, because you'd have to physically tilt the entire GameCube to get it to work.


It cant get more specific than that: the incredibly fun series of Wario Ware games gets another one on the Advance, i got it on my birthday and was blown away. You have to play through hundreds of micro games as usual, but your method of control is the Game Boy itself! Twist the system to play the games! With over 100 mini games and tons of gifts and extras, this is a must-have for any Wario Ware fan! Witty humor and excellent graphics put the finishing touches on this twitchy game! So spin spin spin to win those micro games! I also hear that they have another game in the series for the Nintendo Revolution, Wario Ware: Revolution! Keep the micro games coming, Intelligent Systems! Whoa, dizzy...