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Mistaken (2008) Online

Mistaken (2008) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Richard Roy
Cast :
Lana Parrilla,James Thomas,Bénédicte Décary
Writer :
Samantha Silva
Type :
Time :
1h 27min
Rating :
Mistaken (2008) Online

Nellie is divorced by wealthy Jack Givens because after a miscarriage even in vitro fails to overcome her infertility. She finds herself destitute as her own accounts were plundered by someone who stole her maiden identity, Eleanor Kendall. Bank officer Dave, an old friend and potential lover, helps her trace the impostor to Montréal and prevent the imposter's purchase of a Corsica home. Nellie starts an affair with British doctor Christopher Dolan, who is in town for a conference, and bumps into Eleanor, a local French tutor and single mother. Instead of informing the police, she gets acquainted with and comes to like 'Eleanor'. Finally the truth catches up, but proves more complex and perilous than anyone anticipated. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
Lana Parrilla Lana Parrilla - Nellie Givens
James Thomas James Thomas - Christopher Dolan
Bénédicte Décary Bénédicte Décary - Eleanor Kendall
Maéva Nadon Maéva Nadon - Sarah Kendall
Bobo Vian Bobo Vian - Madeleine
Kathleen McAuliffe Kathleen McAuliffe - Doreen Taylor
Paul Hopkins Paul Hopkins - Dave McGuire
Martin Thibaudeau Martin Thibaudeau - Jack Givens
Emmanuel Charest Emmanuel Charest - Detective Leblanc
Gianpaolo Venuta Gianpaolo Venuta - Barkeep
Nathalie Breuer Nathalie Breuer - Christianne Breaux
François Arnaud François Arnaud - Stefan
Stéphane Demers Stéphane Demers - Detective Denis
Koumba Ball Koumba Ball - Secretary
Miranda D'Arduini Miranda D'Arduini - Sister Mary

User reviews



To tell you the truth, the whole reason I watched this movie was because Lana Parrilla stars in it. However, as soon as I started watching it, I was hooked! It had an excellent plot, great acting (esp. Lana, of course), and always had you wondering what would happen next. The second half of the movie was especially exciting and had me on the edge of my seat until the very end. And I was very happy with the ending as well! I'm not generally a fan of TV movies, but I definitely recommend this one! The ONLY bad thing about this movie is that it's not more readily available for people to buy. If you're a fan of Lana Parrilla, or enjoy a good drama/mystery/romance, you've got to check this one out.


The movie starts with Nellie traveling through Montreal in a cab. This I don't really understand because nothing happens that would indicate why things were done this way. Then we see what happened one year earlier.

Nellie and Dave are splitting up. They still seem to be friends. Dave supports her emotionally when she needs it. But as Nellie gets started on her new life, she discovers she has bad credit. Someone else is using her maiden name Eleanor Kendall. She can't leave her apartment, which she wants to sell, because she has to have good credit to get a new one. For now, she has a business she can sell, but Nellie wants to find out what happened and get her life back.

The police won't help, but Nellie is quite resourceful and she tracks down enough information to tell her Eleanor is in Montreal.

Nellie goes to Montreal and checks into a bed and breakfast run by the perfectly lovely Doreen. What a nice personality and pleasant English accent she has.

Soon, Nellie finds herself sharing the upstairs bath with Christopher, who is in Montreal for a conference of some sort. Christopher is willing to listen and becomes a good friend. Maybe more than a friend.

Nellie starts her search and happens to discover a coffee place where the waiter has a crush on this beautiful single woman who comes in every day it the same time. For some reason, Nellie suspects this is Eleanor. After investigating, she finds out the woman tutors people in French. So Nellie goes to her and pretends she wants to learn French for travel. And yes, the woman's name is Eleanor Kendall.

Soon, Nellie and Eleanor are friends. Eleanor has a young daughter Sarah who likes Nellie a lot. Eleanor says Sarah's father died when the girl was very young. Madelaine is the suspicious and psychic Hungarian nanny. The Catholic school (with nuns) where Sarah goes is right next door. And Sarah needs a friend she can speak English with. She seems to speak only French with her mother for some reason.

The mystery takes some interesting twists, including some that would not be expected in a movie like this. Once the truth comes out (or is it the truth?) things get really exciting. And somewhat violent. The ending is pretty amazing. Well, for me, anyway. The person who claims he or she saw it coming a mile away might not be so impressed.

I think the leading actors all did a good job. Kathleen McAuliffe, as I said, was a delight as Doreen. Maéva Nadon was adorable as Sarah.

This movie had a TV-14 rating, though I'm not sure it was justified. The only content indicator was a V, but the violence here wasn't that graphic. I would have said TV-PG with violence and sex. There was more sexual content than actual violence. Still, this movie is probably kind of intense for someone Sarah's age, and maybe that was the concern.

It was a worthwhile experience.


Pretty ridiculous storyline. The way she opened up to her neighbor was too ridiculous for words, that it made it so obvious he was involved. Not to mention that she's got a stolen identify, but sleeps with a stranger who asks a lot of questions in a place she's new to? Good grief. Who goes to another country to track down the person who stole their identity? Not only that, but befriends her and..."understands??" Yeah sure. She tanks your your name, your credit, endangers your life, but sure, let her get away with it while her murderous husband tracks you both down. No way on God's green earth or in hell. Her defenses were so low. I really expected (hoped) for a storyline similar to The Net. Not necessarily with the government aspect and intrigue, but this lady made so many mistakes.

I mean, the acting was decent, but this story is so far-fetched and crazy.


I loved this movie. It had a great storyline and Lana Parrilla did a phenomenal job acting in it. I would most definitely recommend it to others.