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Breakfast of Aliens (1993) Online

Breakfast of Aliens (1993) Online
Original Title :
Breakfast of Aliens
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
David Lee Miller
Cast :
Vic Dunlop,Donald Gibb,Indy Shriner
Writer :
Vic Dunlop,David Lee Miller
Type :
Time :
1h 28min
Rating :
Breakfast of Aliens (1993) Online

A lovable loser, Walter Clydepepper (Vic Dunlop) eats an alien from outer space in his cereal and becomes a deadly stand up comic. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Vic Dunlop Vic Dunlop - Walter Clydepepper
Donald Gibb Donald Gibb - Darrell
Indy Shriner Indy Shriner - Susie
Johnny Dark Johnny Dark - Phil
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ruth L. Bail Ruth L. Bail - Bag Lady
Ahuva Fogel Ahuva Fogel - Mrs. Moskowitz
Steve Franken Steve Franken - Fred
Danny Holguini Danny Holguini - 2 Bananas
Lori Lynn Lang Lori Lynn Lang - Heckler's Girlfriend
Murray Langston Murray Langston - Unknown Comic
Jeanet Moltke Jeanet Moltke - She-Witch
Erne Montellano Erne Montellano - 2 Bananas
Amanda J. Olson Amanda J. Olson - Walter's Daughter
James B. Olson James B. Olson - Bouncer
Ron Robertson Ron Robertson - Comedian #1

User reviews



This started out as What's happening To Walter and star Vic Dunlop( Make Me Laugh,Night Patrol) was pretty much the push behind it and it seems pretty accurate that a good deal was made on credit cards and promissory notes. I'm the singer for the band Haunted Garage in the club scenes and in the soundtrack. We made out OK we just made them promise that after the film was made we could take the music tracks and have them pressed into a two disc 7" 45RPM 3D package and sold them at our gigs. There were a lot of creative people on this and it just missed it's mark on all counts but we didn't go down trying. Vic was on the TV show Make Me Laugh quite often right alongside Howie Mandel and Galagher. Vic never made it that big. This movie had been buried for so long I'd forgotten it even existed and then I see Breakfast Of Aliens on Netflix streaming and say " WTF? I'm in this turkey.LOL.


Just rented this on Netflix because a friend had recommended it. It's not your typical...well anything. It's part horror, part comedy, part Marx Brothers, Coen Brothers, John Waters. And it's pretty good, especially if you like zany off the wall stuff. In many ways, it's groundbreaking...foreshadowing the confluence of horror and comedy that's so popular now (i.e. Scary Movie). Vic Dunlop is a stand up comedy legend, having worked the stages of NY and LA and having taught many of today's hot shot comedians. It's really interesting to see him in an earlier incarnation on screen rather than onstage. Worth a look, especially for fans of wacky comedies and movies that are just different.


I do not say these words lightly.

I saw Breakfast of Aliens in a pre-release screening at Boston's 24-hour science fiction movie marathon. Let's just say it's a crowd that appreciates the occasional schlock B-movie, and that (lack of) quality is no object to enjoyment. Ed Wood, rubber suit monsters? Prime marathon material.

Breakfast, is not. As the credits rolled, the crowd began to chant "THAT SUCKED! THAT SUCKED! THAT SUCKED!" and could not be hushed for several minutes.

Breakfast is un-funny, dreary, and just a mess from start to finish. There is no joy mixed with the pain in this one. It's gross, it's unpleasant, and it's not the bad you can love to hate. It's just the bad you hate.

Luckily for you, I don't think it was ever released, never mind released on video. Potential distributors out there? Just Say No.


Glad to see that I'm not the only one who was in this movie/invested in it that has never seen a dime for it. I was in this movie as well, I won't say who I played, but the best thing is to try to make it a drinking game, that's what I did with my friends when they insisted on seeing it. Honestly, the original script was better than what this turned out to be. I still can't believe that someone is out there distributing the movie, I mean it's even up for rent on Netflix! Oh, and one little discrepancy with IMDb, the movie was only distributed (who knew, not me definitely) in 1993, it was actually made in 1987 or 1988. Oh well, even though I signed on to be in a quaint little comedy I wound up being in a schlocky horror movie. Chock it up as something to tell my kids.


I haven't seen the film yet. In fact, I haven't even been able to find it yet. I played the "fire breather" in the scene where Vic and Indy enter the club (I also grab Indy's ass). I still haven't been paid a dime for my work on the film (14 years later!) and would love to know where I can get a hold of the people who are making money off this thing. This remains the only project that hasn't paid me from my 15 years as an actor in film and television in Los Angeles. Many of the performers worked on this film under a SAG Experimental contract and were promised payment when the film was released.Apparently it was released somewhere and someone has made money on it.-Lance Novak


I would say for making a movie during the writer's strike, on a very limited budget, this film managed to satisfy the crowd that I sat in when I first viewed it. It was shown on a college campus in 1993, and many enjoyed it so much they returned to watch it again. Keep in mind, it was made 13 years ago. Technology today has given even the low budget filmmakers the opportunity to enhance their product and accomplish things never possible in the past. It did cross genres, which is a no-no to some, but there are many other films that have done the same thing with much success. I think every filmmaker should be applauded for their work, no matter how good or bad the public views their art. There are so many components that can make or break a film, through editing, and on through distribution. So, please give this film a break. Grab a bowl of cereal and have fun with it!