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City of Gold (2018) Online

City of Gold (2018) Online
Original Title :
City of Gold
Genre :
Movie / Action / Adventure / Horror / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Harry Locke IV
Cast :
Vernon Wells,Branscombe Richmond,Christopher Atkins
Writer :
Ronald A. Blum
Type :
Time :
1h 39min
Rating :
City of Gold (2018) Online

Haunted by inexplicable demons that have manifested into masochistic and self-destructive tendencies, Jonathan Davenport seeks asylum from a world that has turned against him in the wake of his media mogul father's suicide. After being ruled psychologically unfit to operate his family's company, Jonathan connects with his former lover, Elisabeth Carlisle, who is preparing to leave for the jungles of Peru in pursuit of a reclusive artist. Believing the trip will give him time to reflect upon his father's death, Jonathan joins her, but soon finds a new set of perils await him in the Amazon jungle: The art collector funding their exhibition keeps murderous company, the artist is hiding deep inside rebel territory, and the demonic spirit that ravages Jonathan's mind is beginning to reveal its true desire...the pursuit of El Dorado. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Vernon Wells Vernon Wells - The Inquisitor
Branscombe Richmond Branscombe Richmond - Shiniki
Christopher Atkins Christopher Atkins - Richard Davenport
John Charles Meyer John Charles Meyer - Jorge Escamilla
Adrienne Whitney Papp Adrienne Whitney Papp - Dr. Madison (as Adrienne Whitney)
Riley Dandy Riley Dandy - Elisabeth Carlisle
Jennifer Rikert Wolski Jennifer Rikert Wolski - Kira
Walter Banasiak Walter Banasiak - Shining Path Leader
Paul Hird Paul Hird - Phantom of the Inquisitor
Robbie Allen Robbie Allen - Jon Davenport
Perry Kunin Perry Kunin - Jack Harper
Jim Oxborrow Jim Oxborrow - Vic
Ronald A. Blum Ronald A. Blum - Dr. Ron Berman
Brad Starks Brad Starks - Monk
Cyndi Mayo Cyndi Mayo - Maria Volkov (as Cyndi Mayo Davis)

Production began in late October 2014, and completed filming in 16 days. It was filmed on location in Maui, Hawaii and Los Angeles, California.

Debuted at number 24 on the top video sales charts in the UK, and was the only independent release in the top 25 for that week.

User reviews



The story begins with almost experimental indie fervere, and raises an eyebrow of interest from the start. The acting is blended, some moments read smoothly while others come off contrived or over-stated. Still, Locke maintains control enough to create an interesting enough story, and the scenes are rich with melodrama and theatrics. There isn'tmuch originality present but the almost graphic novel style of story telling adds a better quality to "City Of Gold.

The special effects are mixed bag choices, cheap CGI and some practical choices create enough thrills to help get the film to action adventure lecels. Budget restrains are obvious and Locke's film pushes the limit with effectiveness. Still all things considered the action and effects scenes work. The real winner is the locations and cinematography. Overall "City Of Gold" is an okay film, just don't go in with blockbuster expectations.


Jonathan Davenport is dealing with the recent death of his father and trying to figure out whether or not he can handle his wide-reaching media empire that he has inherited. His journey of discovery leads him to the Peruvian Amazon seeking a reclusive artist living in rebel occupation. The mission ends up being much more than that. Instead, it's a harbinger of something dark and ominous rooted deep within Jonathan.

Directed by Harry Locke IV, who has also been a colorist and post-production supervisor on numerous blockbusters, and featuring stars like Vernon Wells (Bennett from Commando, Wes from The Road Warrior and Lord General from Weird Science, amongst other roles), Christopher Atkins (The Blue Lagoon) and Branscombe Richmond (Saving Sarah Marshall), this is a film that takes us from the boardroom to the deep jungle in search of El Dorado.

Jonathan's entire family is dealing with masochistic and self-destructive tendencies - it even drives his father to suicide. After being ruled unfit to run his family's company, Jonathan reconnects with his ex-girlfriend Elisabeth Carlisle and goes with her to find an artist. The trip turns bad quick - the art collector sponsoring it has hired mercenaries, the artist is in the middle of a warzone and Peru unlocks the true demons inside our hero's mind.

There are some long stretches here that the budget demanded be animated like video game cutscenes. It may take some out of the film. I understood why they had to use them to keep the story moving. This aspires to be an Indiana Jones high adventure and doesn't completely hit the mark, but the scenery looks great and it certainly has some lofty aspirations.


This movie, this is ACTION. Not just as a genre but by the people who put this movie together. The acting is solid! Branscombe Richmond, one of the most underrated actors of all time, is awesome here as usual. Vernon "Wez" Wells is absolutely engaging as the big bad guy here, and even Razzie award winner Chris Atkins makes a great appearance here. The unknown faces also are solid additions, the two lead kids have great chemistry, and the female mercenary on the motorcycle also brings heat. It's a fun ride, and I enjoyed it greatly. Is the movie perfect? Definitely not. But I look forward to seeing what this crew does next.


This movie was shot in just 14 days, and it shows. Stiff acting, no chemistry, no suspense, and no redemption for the film. If you're hoping to see Peru, you're out of luck as it was shot in Hawaii. Looking forward to a bit of history? Try elsewhere, as there's virtually none of it here other than the most general of details. The final credits were the most enjoyable part of this flick.