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Ban-doo-bi (2009) Online

Ban-doo-bi (2009) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Dong-il Shin
Cast :
Mahbub Alam,Jin-hee Baek,In-sook Choi
Writer :
Dong-il Shin
Type :
Time :
1h 47min
Rating :
Ban-doo-bi (2009) Online

A frustrated and rebellious high school student who ends up becoming a friend of a migrant worker from Bangladesh who is desperate to receive his unpaid back wages. The title means "female friend" in Bengali. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Mahbub Alam Mahbub Alam - Karim
Jin-hee Baek Jin-hee Baek - Min-seo
In-sook Choi In-sook Choi
Won-hee Hyeon Won-hee Hyeon
Dong-gyoo Jeong Dong-gyoo Jeong - Representative Shin
Byung-gil Jung Byung-gil Jung - (as Byeong-gil Jeong)
Mi-hie Kim Mi-hie Kim
Dong-kyoo Lee Dong-kyoo Lee
Il-hwa Lee Il-hwa Lee - Eun-ju
Hyuk-kwon Park Hyuk-kwon Park - Ki-hong
Hae-hoon Yang Hae-hoon Yang - Son at Gas Station

The title means "female friend" in Bengali.

User reviews



I am quite a regular viewer of Korean film and watched nearly 50 movies already( I am not a Korean though lol)...but this film meant something different to me.

it was my first dong-il shin film.although it was an independent film under budget constraint,the director made the best out of it quite comfortably.the acting of the two lead characters have been up to the mark.the characters were well developed but in the end the story lead to an uncertain ending.

It is a story of an immigrant Bangladeshi worker karim(Mahbub Alam)who came to Korea for a better fortune just like other guys from south-east Asia.He eventually met a girl named Minsuh(Jin-hee Baek) and both of them had a good friendship.but things turned out to be different later on.this film reflects the hardship of immigrant workers in Korea and has been a realistic portrayal of generation conflicts among the families like minsuh's.

for the viewers of korean film this is sure going to be quite an enjoyable experience and it's a MUST SEE for all bangladeshi's.i rated it 9/10.


Hey! Want to hear a story about a Bangladeshi boy and Korean girl? Here it is. An unlikely friendship. What happens? I am not going to tell you. Watch the movie and find out.

What I am going to tell you is, don't watch this movie expecting all the usual outcomes that happens in a movie. Prepare your mindset to be carried by a beautiful blue ride of humane relationship and cultural encounter. Find out what life has to offer in a very unusual way.

Movies tell story. This movie is an independent film with low budget. But it is an amiable story about simple emotions of ordinary people.

Being a Bangladeshi, I might be a little bit biased towards the movie. But that is what I felt.