» » De 5e boog Inbraak en diefstal (2010)

De 5e boog Inbraak en diefstal (2010) Online

De 5e boog Inbraak en diefstal (2010) Online
Original Title :
Inbraak en diefstal
Genre :
TV Episode / Adventure / Fantasy / Mystery
Year :
Cast :
Darya Gantura,Evelien Apers,Arne Focketyn
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
De 5e boog Inbraak en diefstal (2010) Online

The girls turn vindictively on Arne discovering the love perfume had enough of an effect on them to make them jealous. The blacksmith finds that Sam has turned himself into a rat, helpful to dodge the police who are looking for him after he re-assumes Tuinman's appearance. Tuur already Googled his ex-con past as J.Smit and alerts the police while the fiend uses a smoke canister to asphyxiate Cara, but she's found in time. Arne realizes same old walls' alphanumeric mason marks are coordinates. The spot was dug up years before, an archery guild treasure found is now in the museum, including a golden chalice. Despite a fire-branded message to leave, the kids decide to stay and steal the cup at night. {locallinks-homepage}
Episode complete credited cast:
Darya Gantura Darya Gantura - Kato
Evelien Apers Evelien Apers - Babs
Arne Focketyn Arne Focketyn - Tuur
Steven Boen Steven Boen - Arne
Thomas Van Goethem Thomas Van Goethem - Sam (credit only)
Manou Kersting Manou Kersting - Smid
Joke De Bruyn Joke De Bruyn - Cara
Door van Boeckel Door van Boeckel - Tuinman