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Svenskjävel (2014) Online

Svenskjävel (2014) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Ronnie Sandahl
Cast :
Bianca Kronlöf,Henrik Rafaelsen,Mona Kristiansen
Writer :
Ronnie Sandahl
Type :
Time :
1h 37min
Rating :
Svenskjävel (2014) Online

23-year-old "Dino" (Bianca Kronlöf) dreams of a different life. Like an abundance of Swedes her age, she has fled the mass unemployment of her home country in search of a more worthwhile existence in a nouveau-riche Oslo. But her new life is caught in deadlock - Dino finds herself stuck in a destructive loop of temporary jobs, financial trouble and hard partying. A broken arm incidentally leads to a position as a housekeeper in a Norwegian middle-class home. Dino is thrown into a reality very far from her own. During a few sultry summer weeks she ends up the centre of an odd love triangle, an unpredictable struggle for affection as well as dominance. "Underdog" is a tender and raw story of privilege and longing, yet at the same time a humorous and unmerciful observation of the shifted power balance between Sweden and Norway - an actuality where Swedes have become the Norwegians' servants. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
Bianca Kronlöf Bianca Kronlöf - Dino
Henrik Rafaelsen Henrik Rafaelsen - Steffen
Mona Kristiansen Mona Kristiansen - Ida / Steffen's elder daughter
Naomi Emeilie Christensen Beck Naomi Emeilie Christensen Beck - Siri / Steffen's younger daughter (as Naomi Emilie Christensen Beck)
Petronella Barker Petronella Barker - Marianne / Steffen's wife
Adam Lundgren Adam Lundgren - Anders
Erik Lennblad Erik Lennblad - Perry
Gizem Erdogan Gizem Erdogan - Anisa
Mia Saarinen Mia Saarinen - Hanna
Kyrre Hellum Kyrre Hellum - Frode
Trine Wiggen Trine Wiggen - Line
Anders T. Andersen Anders T. Andersen - Ole (as Anders T Andersen)
Anne Ryg Anne Ryg - Karin
Erland Bakker Erland Bakker - Förläggare / Publisher
Andreas Kundler Andreas Kundler - Man i mataffär / Man in grocery store

User reviews



This film is the feature debut of short film maker Ronnie Sandahl and is about 23-year-old "Dino" (Bianca Kronlöf) dreams of a different life.

Like an abundance of Swedes her age, she has fled the mass unemployment of her home country Sweden in search of a more promising future in rich Oslo in the neighboring country Norway. But she finds herself stuck in a destructive loop of temporary jobs through a recruitment bureau, money trouble, life in a tiresome collective with hard partying. Some coincidence changes her situation drastically when she gets a job as a housemaid watching out for a young girl.

Underdog is both raw and tender, and also realistic as well as funny - showing a hard every day life of many Swedes in Norway. Just as it probably is for many in the same situation across the globe, due to the large youth unemployment in many countries today, where youths have become neighboring countries' servants in restaurants and private homes, a few years after being equals.

The story is both typical and not. It keeps your interest, and is well played. We understand there are underlying problems, which slowly are revealed. The kind of baggage people have, and which is slowly unraveled. Young talent Bianca Kronlöf is doing a great job in the role av Dino, easily matches way more experienced Henrik Rafaelsen, and it's no wonder this film has become quite critically acclaimed, and has won a bunch of film festival prizes.

The film gives many reasons for reflections, as well as really make you think about how we really treat each other, and abruptly accepts changing situations like this, where we accept both rapid changes in social differences as well as start treating people in a quite appalling way, when it comes to rich and poor. Well worth a watch.


Of taking a balck person to portray a bosnian? This would not pass with any other popular nationality... but you scandinavians think you are better than everyone. Film is flat better go watch something else.