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Of Sinners and Saints (2015) Online

Of Sinners and Saints (2015) Online
Original Title :
Of Sinners and Saints
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Ruben Maria Soriquez
Cast :
Raymond Bagatsing,Don Gordon Bell,Lanie Martin Gumarang
Writer :
Bong Ramos,Ruben Maria Soriquez
Type :
Time :
1h 43min
Rating :
Of Sinners and Saints (2015) Online

Leonardo Rossellini is an Italian priest from Rome, assigned to a parish in Payatas, a poor area of Metromanila, Philippines. Leonardo's mission is to counsel battered women and teach poor children. But soon his peace of mind is distraught by the encounter of a woman he used to love when he was still a seminarian. This young woman, Merlinda, is now married to a violent man. She also has a 6 years old child who is missing. Leonardo decides to help her find her son. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Raymond Bagatsing Raymond Bagatsing - Father Carlos
Don Gordon Bell Don Gordon Bell - Drunk customer
Lanie Martin Gumarang Lanie Martin Gumarang - Laura
Chanel Latorre Chanel Latorre - Merlinda
Kiko Matos Kiko Matos - Grown up Alejandro
Sue Prado Sue Prado - Aling Soledad
Richard Quan Richard Quan - Father Demetrio
Polo Ravales Polo Ravales - Franco
Ruben Maria Soriquez Ruben Maria Soriquez - Father Leonardo
Geraldine Tan Geraldine Tan - Barrio Woman
Althea Vega Althea Vega - Aling Celia

Of Sinners and Saints Won: Best Actor to Ruben Maria Soriquez, World Premieres Film Festival 2015 New Filipino Cinema Section Best Production Design to Gerardo Calagui, World Premieres Film Festival 2015 New Filipino Cinema Section.

The director Ruben Maria Soriquez has been awarded the Film Ambassador Award by The Film development Council of The Philippines for Awards won outside the Philippines by Of Sinners and Saints.

Official Selection of the 19th Cine Europa, 2016, the biggest European Film Festival outside Europe. Of Sinners and Saints represented Italy together with the film Amici Miei.

User reviews



Acting is great mostly the performance of the lead Ruben Soriquez who played the Italian missionary. Plot is good, I appreciated it a lot. It's a film that's about relevant social issues such as poverty, violence against women and children. It makes you think a lot. I think the indie scene needs films like this. In the first half of the film there are scenes which are not really needed, and they make the flow a bit too slow, but the last 20 minutes and mostly the finale, makes you forget all the downs of this film and makes you love it. Thumbs up.


Well crafted independent film. Usually in the Philippines low budget indie are shaky camera, bad photography, not enough character development. This film is different. The camera is steady, sometimes almost too steady where I could have appreciated a good hand held one. The music is exceptional even though sometimes is too "Hans Zimmer like". I would have appreciated a much more minimalist score in some introspective scenes. As far as the content is concerned, I was really touched, as a woman, by how it deals with violence against women. It really makes you hate the"contrabida" (the tagalog word for "antagonist") Polo Ravales for how he treats women. Usually he plays macho and gwapo roles in pinoy movies and TV and I was really impressed seeing him as the bad guy. Regarding Soriquez, director and lead actor, what to say...good job! But if he wants to direct and act as a lead he has to make sure he has really good camera operator and DOP backing him. Just my thoughts....


This independent film is really worth watching. I catched it in a small film festival in Italy in the city of Siena. Good cinematography for a low budget indie film, great scores. Maybe, sometimes, the score is too much "Hans Zimmer like" but it overall add value to the story which, telling the truth, it is not so original. But it is the way the story is told. It starts rather slow. In the first 30 minutes of the film nothing seems to happen. Not to bad anyway, because the director get us close to the main character, Father Leonardo, an Italian missionary in the Philippines, and the shots are nice. The film builds nicely as it reach the mid part and from there it's a crescendo till the final dramatic scene which is really impressive, with "Sergio Leone style" close ups and pointed guns you hope won't fire. It is sad to know that in the Philippines children are exploited this way and that authorities don't do their best to make these things stop.


I think this film could have been a better film if the director, who is also the lead actor, had left directing to someone else. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that Soriquez is not a good director, but I feel I put more energy in acting than in directing this film. I loved his performance as Leonardo Rossellini, but I cannot say the same directing wise. Maybe the film is too slow, maybe it could have been trimmed out a little bit more. But ending though is lovely and the final scene reminds me of the great Sergio Leone. Those close ups while the tensions builds up helped by a good score, is simply great. I am waiting for his next film to be released.


This film is a very rare example of a Filipino Independent film done with less than 200,000 USD but with an International appeal and standard of execution. The plot is well engineered and fills the gaps of a screenplay that could have been better. There is great acting in this film, starting from the actor/director Ruben Maria Soriquez that delivers a very good performance and ending with Raymond Bagatsing that gives prove of an uncommon intensity portraying Father Carlos, the head priest of a poor area in Manila. The music is superb, composed by the talented Italian musician Franco Eco as well as the cinematography by the upcoming cinematographer Apollo Anao. The film is full of pathos but not the cheap one found in tons of soap opera in the Philippine TV. It's not declared with tears and screams but subtle and whispered. Thumbs up for this film.


This courageous Filipino indie film puts on the spot light the violence against the weakest members of our society, and just for this reason should be appreciated. Even though sometimes the directing suffers for the director being also the lead actor (and in a low budget film is really a lot of work) this film delivers solid storytelling, beautiful cinematography, great score and powerful acting. And it's a travel into the human soul. The only negative aspect, in my humble opinion, is that the women are too passive in this film and the film is told by a male point of view. I can't wait to watch the next work of this director, since the three films of his I had the pleasure to watch are all of different style and touch.


This movie was made on a low budget in Mandaluyong which is a very poor area in Manila. So the filming cost was low. The acting was very good with great shots. However Raymond Bagatsing was very hard to understand . It was like he was mumbling his lines. To bad as he is a very good actor and speaks American English. Ruben Maria Soriquez directed and stared in this which is not east to do, but he pulled off a great performance. The one thing that was excellent was the music! In general in the Philippines they skimp on the music, but not on this film. Great job!