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One, Two, Many (2008) Online

One, Two, Many (2008) Online
Original Title :
One, Two, Many
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Michael DeLorenzo
Cast :
John Melendez,Bellamy Young,Jeffrey Ross
Writer :
John Melendez
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 28min
Rating :
One, Two, Many (2008) Online

A modern-day romance that follows one man's quest to find the girl of his dreams. A girl who can agree that three is company.
Cast overview, first billed only:
John Melendez John Melendez - Thomas
Bellamy Young Bellamy Young - Jennifer
Jeffrey Ross Jeffrey Ross - Ernie
Hudson Leick Hudson Leick - Darla
Suzanna Keller Suzanna Keller - Theresa (as Suzanna Melendez)
Terryn Westbrook Terryn Westbrook - Denise
Mark Cuban Mark Cuban - Seamus
Mailon Rivera Mailon Rivera - Benjamin
Jennifer Sciole Jennifer Sciole - Maria
Bonnie Aarons Bonnie Aarons - Lady in the bathroom
Allie McCulloch Allie McCulloch - Charlene
Donna Pieroni Donna Pieroni - Mrs. G
Bowie Sims Bowie Sims - Nicole (as Joanna Sims)
Gregory De Fazio Gregory De Fazio - NY Park Walker
Susanna Musotto Susanna Musotto - Brunette at the Gym

John Melendez originally asked Artie Lange to play Jeffrey Ross' character ("Ernie"), but Lange was unavailable due to being in rehab to overcome his drug problems.

User reviews



Worst Movie Ever. I was duped into watching this movie by seeing the National Lampoon logo and was extremely disappointed . The movie has nothing to interest the viewer, the comedy is sparse and even the sex scenes, if you can call them that are poor This should never be associated with National Lampoon. National Lampoon ( Chevy Chase and all )have always made movies with laughs galore. This may have the odd farting/toilet joke but that's about it. The plot is very thin ,the actors poor and it seems to go on forever. I am embarrassed to have bought this movie, I hope no -one finds out. Avoid at all costs unless you want to see how low American Comedy can go! All other movies can be measured by this movie -I doubt if anything could be worse. Utter rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After watching this movie (I made the mistake of falling for the National Lampoon branding), I rushed to this site to warn people. I started reading the reviews and it seems like the "lead" of this movie apparently is "somebody???" One of the reasons I came to this site was to try and figure out how this movie was even made and why they had some no-name "actor" in the starring role. From what I am reading here, it seems like this guy has some sort of recognition for something. AND he wrote the movie too???!!?!!?! Who the hell is this guy? Is he somebody's son or from some rich family? He must have money to waste because I can't imagine that National Lampoon let him do this movie without him paying them to use the name. Run, don't walk, away from the movie.......


I laugh most of the time when I watch Comedy. I even laugh when I watch silly cartoons..

When I watched this movie, I got freaked out that I thought I might have something wrong with me psychologically. You know why?

It's the first time I watch something comedian (or should I say supposed to be comedian) and find out that I didn't give up even one "smile" during the movie!!

Turns out it was the movie.. It sucked.. So bad..

the movie is actually, in my own perspective, a group of the worst actors forming a small Jewish community who were seeking the chance to make fun of their religion and encourage their people to break the rules of religion so they would look cool like everybody else from other religious groups.

Acting was bad, not only bad. It was a huge failure for the producers and an awful shame for Hollywood, but it doesn't stop in here. It was a tricky way to rob the poor us audiences' money.. It is exactly the same situation that happened to Thomas when he got that hooker to share bed with him and his girlfriend..

Oh speaking of the girlfriend, I lost my respect for Bellamy Young after I watched this movie. Her character is so ridiculous and silly that she laughs at anything even if it was just Tom mentioning her name..

John Melendez was trying his best to reach the level of convincing the audience that he is the funniest clown in town and you know what? The only two who laughed at his super dull jokes were himself and Bellamy who laughs at everything as I mentioned..

Well, to be fair it's not John's fault. It's the writer's fault.. He is the one who sucked and he should have been writing scripts for Barney or the Teletubbies.. not this!

Except that John himself is the writer too..

John Melendez.. you suck!

you wrote a movie with a stupid sequence of events that makes the one who is watching it wants to go to a mental health center... but after calling 911 so they can come and arrest him for beating the guy, who recommended the movie to him, to death.

The ending was the major kick in the ball. It makes you wanna shoot everyone you know in the show business on the head.. Even Opra (yeah girls, it is really this bad)!!!!

just take this advice and you'll thank me for it when the right time comes:

Life is short to be wasted on watching this movie, calling 911, beating a poor guy who is not more than a simple minded victim, and spending the rest of your life in a mental health center under focused supervision... Do not watch this movie!


Without a doubt the worst attempt of comedy I have ever watched. I enjoy B Movies, cheesy films, and low budget productions, this is the first time I watch a movie and I can't find a single minute of it worth watching.

If you're considering watching this movie, walk away and don't look back, take a nap, browse the web, or find any other movie to watch, but don't watch this movie.

This movie has really changed my opinion of National Lampoon, I have no idea how they allowed their brand to go on this production.

This movie makes me wish IMDb allowed a zero rating.


There's NOTHING WORSE than someone who THINKS they're funny, and they're simply NOT. Stuttering John Melendez embodies that. He's only famous because Howard Stern exploited him, and wrote him funny questions to embarrass celebrities with. This celluloid abortion is almost impossible to get through, and there's not a SINGLE LAUGH throughout it. Shame on Jeffrey Ross for lowering himself to appear in this piece of crap.


That is the worst movie i've ever seen, No one knows how to act in this movie. i gave it 1 because there's no 0 in the rating list. I was waiting all over the movie for anything interesting or.. Funny. The main actor is not funny, really.. All the show is AWFUL.. I don't believe how i've watched it. I'll give an advice for anyone didn't see it.. (Don't watch this movie).. It's nicer 2 spend 88 minutes doing anything, anything, anything.. but watching this awful movie.. Everything in this title makes you say YUK.. from the talking to the acting during the cast and the story.. Actullay there isn't a story.. The whole movie is about a stupid ugly man who likes to sleep with girls then meets 2 girls and sleeps with them then leave him.. and he find another..Haahahah. No nice jokes, faces, actresses, conversation.. So... Don't watch that movie because it's the worst ever


Well worth it, IF you can get the plot! And see past the Plot too. LOL

Love unknown Actors! Never know what one will see. Often it takes years to become a star... I would watch out for John to appear in many more films...

I have seen a lot of independent movies, while I will not say this is the very best, I liked it a lot. Well written script and solid Acting, yet it is what it is... A story that is deep 'downtown NYC' (or any other town) life. Bar Scene is real, without a lot of unnecessary music. and the other Actors are great. Played the parts

Don't give up on John Melendez; Actor & Writer. He will do much more and better Movies soon.