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Shadow Trade (2016) Online

Shadow Trade (2016) Online
Original Title :
Shadow Trade
Genre :
Movie / Documentary
Year :
Directror :
Richard Elson
Writer :
Richard Elson,Chris Fletcher
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Shadow Trade (2016) Online

Thailand, one of the most beautiful and peaceful nations in the world, houses a deadly secret. A savage and harrowing trade reaches across the entire country yet is somehow hidden from most of its people. Dogs are disappearing by the thousand, pet and street dogs all vanishing into the shadows, but where are they going?
Credited cast:
John Keeble John Keeble - Himself - Investigative Journalist

User reviews



Simply put, this is a harrowing ordeal of a movie to sit through. This is not for the faint hearted. It gets graphic and detailed. I'm not surprised this doesn't even have 5 votes on imdb. I don't know how John Feeble managed to investigate as long as he did trying to expose the dog meat trade. You can see the pain on his face, in his eyes, matching the same pain you see in the captive dogs.

This documentary exposes the scale of the problem, mostly centering around Thailand, but also including other countries. It goes into the process of capture, transport, killing, and selling and we see what those involved in the process say to justify this market. There is some hope, some footage of animal activism, shelters, and organisations trying on the part of these dogs, but it isn't without its sense of utter despair as money and politics equate into the picture and shelters continue to struggle saving dogs. I can only hope that in the near future we can progress as a species to call for an end to the cruel treatment of animals like these dogs. For those who do not have the stomach to sit through this, the end montage mentions the Soi Dog Foundation.

Of note, I thought I would mention the moment of solace in the documentary when John bought two puppies for two pounds each from a local butcher. The two puppies could not have been more at peace and happier in the car. John said it was the best bargain he made all year and I couldn't have agreed more with him. It's people like him who make the situation more hopeful, through his investigation of this trade. I hope this documentary gets more recognition than it is getting right now. A worthwhile, but like I said earlier, a harrowing, difficult watch.


As another reviewer stated, this is graphic and detailed. Though I wouldn't anymore, when I was younger I watched beheading videos and this movie made me shield my eyes for the first time. I had to stop watching it twice, but felt compelled to finish it for the dogs. For our best friends.