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Lost Creek (2016) Online

Lost Creek (2016) Online
Original Title :
Lost Creek
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Fantasy / Horror
Year :
Directror :
Colin Adams-Toomey
Cast :
Brynna Bartoo,Lisa Coruzzi,Bethany Duff
Writer :
Colin Adams-Toomey,Dan John Witherall
Type :
Time :
1h 32min
Rating :

As they approach the end of childhood, three elementary school kids must brave the woods on Halloween to face a monster born from their nightmares.

Lost Creek (2016) Online

In the wake of a messy divorce, 11-year-old Peter moves with his mother to a new town. Coming to terms with his new life, Peter finds comfort playing at the nearby Lost Creek. There, he meets Maggie, a mysterious girl who quickly becomes Peter's new best friend. But, with this comes the slow realization that something in the town is wrong. Adults are disappearing, and Peter is plagued by nightmares that are becoming more and more real with each passing night. With Halloween approaching, Peter and Maggie must band together to face their fears and uncover the dark secrets of Lost Creek before it's too late. Lost Creek is a ghost story about the magical and frightening adventure of childhood, and the bittersweet feeling of coming to the end of that adventure. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Brynna Bartoo Brynna Bartoo - Maggie
Lisa Coruzzi Lisa Coruzzi - Claire
Bethany Duff Bethany Duff - Lilly
Brendan Duff Brendan Duff - Concerned Kid in Hallway
Ted Ford Ted Ford - Neighbor
Priscilla Jones Priscilla Jones - Kid in Classroom 3
Brad Larson Brad Larson - Monster
Matthew Lovlie Matthew Lovlie - Mr. Vernon
Jasmine Middaugh Jasmine Middaugh - Kid in Classroom 2
Olivia Quincy Olivia Quincy - Lead Evil Trick-Or-Treater / Monster
Ameilia Roosen Ameilia Roosen - Kid in Classroom 1
Henry Stockman Henry Stockman - Bill
Oliver Stockman Oliver Stockman - Peter
Stella White Stella White - Sarcastic Kid in Hallway

User reviews



LOST CREEK is a children's independent film about a rash of disappearances in the local woodlands which end up being investigated by the usual intrepid children. The main lead is a young boy who ends up befriending a mysterious young girl who has appeared in the locality at the same time the disappearances are taking place. This film has the whole Stephen King/STRANGER THINGS vibe going on, and it's fairly well made, but the lack of money means that little happens.


Some decent scary sequences. The slow and purposeful hypnotic pace makes the scares that much more of a punch. Would recommend for 12 and under.

Hoping the director gets a better budget and actors next time. Could be a scary classic ifso.


Three young kids, starts to having nightmares and connect it with a monster in they're dream. Lost Creek might not be everybody cup of tea, but it's very well made, and the young actors do very well, in this beginning of they're acting.