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14+ (2015) Online

14+ (2015) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Andrey Zaytsev
Cast :
Gleb Kalyuzhnyy,Ulyana Vaskovich,Olga Ozollapinya
Writer :
Andrey Zaytsev
Type :
Time :
1h 42min
Rating :
14+ (2015) Online

A teenage boy feels infatuation for the first time.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Gleb Kalyuzhnyy Gleb Kalyuzhnyy - Lyosha
Ulyana Vaskovich Ulyana Vaskovich - Vika
Olga Ozollapinya Olga Ozollapinya - Lyosha's Mother
Dmitry Barinov Dmitry Barinov - Dron
Kseniya Pakhomova Kseniya Pakhomova - Rusalka (Mermaid)
Daniil Pikula Daniil Pikula - Vityok
Elizaveta Makedonskaya Elizaveta Makedonskaya - Katya
Aleksey Filimonov Aleksey Filimonov - Volkov
Aleksandr Kononets Aleksandr Kononets - Khuligan (Hooligan)
Sergey Gabrielyan Sergey Gabrielyan - Khuligan (Hooligan)
Eldar Kalimulin Eldar Kalimulin - Khuligan (Hooligan)
Aleksey Kurtsyn Aleksey Kurtsyn - Khuligan (Hooligan)
Anna Rud Anna Rud - Tyotya Sveta (Aunt Sveta)
Dmitriy Blokhin Dmitriy Blokhin - Dyadya Valera (Uncle Valera)
Maksim Palashchenko Maksim Palashchenko - Uchitel istorii (History teacher)

User reviews



After having found a GIF with a scene from this movie, I was so intrigued to find its name and after some hours and asking around someone answered "14+ (First Love)". I can say that I haven't watched that much foreign movies to date, let alone Russian movies but this movie is a clear example that everything can surprise us. I was very pleased with the story behind it. Seeing how Alex is yet another example of a teenager that meets with the feeling of love, we can add this to the lists of movies that approach this subject. Its a love story yeah between him and Vika, which I can say, shes a gorgeous girl. Despite him being shy at the beginning and getting beaten by some thugs, he managed in the end to conquer Vika's hearth. This movie impressed me with the acting of the characters but after finding out that most of the acting was done without a script in mind, I was even more determined to like them. Watch this movie, its very pleasing and unique in its way. Even though we don't get to know much about Alex(besides that his dad left and he lives with his mom) or any other character, all of us can learn how to achieve love.


first of all, this is one of the best movies about young love.and the cast is very good. me personally I relate to Alex cause i am a young boy 15 years old. and the leading lady, Vika. is very beautiful. in fact, i have a crush on her. she is one of the most beautiful actress that i have ever seen. her acting skills is very good too. and knowing that they don't have scripts? that is very impressive. the supporting leads too are really good like the mom of Alex acting like a really protective mom about sex and all of that stuff. the sweetest. and the sweetest part of the movie is when Alex hugged Vika. when Vika told Alex to embrace her. he quickly hugged her. that is very sweet. and the're ride going back home is sweet to. vika seeing the two older couple like seeing there future of Alex.

me i totally relate to Alex cause i have a crush to on someone but Alex and vika got on but me and my crush... nothing.


A great movie. The attempt in describing the thrill being a typical teenager in the Russian society is success and the teenage fantasies creating destructive movies has described in from a great length. Stalking the girl from social media as well as following her home, school romance fantasies are well included. My the drama lags in the end. At the end why did the boy act as nothing happen? Why did mother leave? Because she was sure that the boy will be like his father??


I had nothing to do on a cold Friday night and was browsing the channels on the local cable tv, when accidentally found this film,and I couldn't move my finger anymore to continue browsing channels. The story grabbed me so much, I couldn't move for 2 hours!

Very well done everything - story line, actors play, camera work, music! Surely one of the best Russian films I've ever seen. I speak Russian and I know the culture and the reality in Russia now and then, and maybe that made it even more enjoyable to watch. It presented everything very well, it was concentrated on emotions not on materialism, which made me give it a high 9/10.

Hats down to those young actors which made it so thrilling! They acted like they've been doing this for 20 years!! Especially that boy Lyosha (Gleb Kalyuzhnyy) - he nailed it from start to finish!

Go and watch it no matter if you are a teen or a matured one. It's a gem film.