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Playboy: Lusty Latin Ladies (2000) Online

Playboy: Lusty Latin Ladies (2000) Online
Original Title :
Playboy: Lusty Latin Ladies
Genre :
Creative Work / Documentary
Year :
Directror :
Lawrence Lanoff,Chris Bavelles
Cast :
Paola Martínez,Kat Castillo,Nina Camille
Writer :
Lawrence Lanoff
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :
Playboy: Lusty Latin Ladies (2000) Online

Cast overview:
Paola Martínez Paola Martínez - Herself
Kat Castillo Kat Castillo - Herself
Nina Camille Nina Camille - Herself
Monica Mendez Monica Mendez - Herself
Iveth Cortez Iveth Cortez - Herself
Ida Hurley Ida Hurley - Herself (as Ida)
Miriam Gonzalez Miriam Gonzalez - Herself
Maria Checa Maria Checa - Herself
Amelia Garduno Amelia Garduno - Herself (as Amelia Nicole Garduno)
Sonia Flores Sonia Flores - Herself
Lucia Loza Lucia Loza - Herself
Tera Patrick Tera Patrick - Herself
Robbin M. Quevedo Robbin M. Quevedo - Himself - Host

User reviews



Wall to Wall Latinas. This is my favorite PB DVD. Its consistent and has excellent production values. Its mostly new material shot on DV and its sharp and clear even on a big screen. This is all about getting young woman nude and then letting the camera run freely around their gorgeous bodies and then DOWN between their shapely thighs for some of the most intimate views I've ever seen on PB video. The "casting" is quite good and visually interesting. One fun thing is that these two guys interview some of the woman before their chapters - its sort of fun to see a model in her street clothes knowing that you will be down between her thighs in a few moments. Their are several ensemble chapters with two or three girls at once.

Most of the models are new to PB video one is a porn star already (Tera Patrick) and two are former playmates.


A welcome break. This is a great collection of latinas in various odd situations along with a retrospective on Maria Checa. There are two male hosts that open each segment with an interview of the cast, dressed of course, of the chapter to follow. Its fun to see them dressed as you would on the street and hear their voices as the chatter on about themselves; knowing you soon see their cooters. The chapters all involve one to three woman starting out fully dressed and end up with a progression to explicit views of their lovely pussi*s. The one with three girls is really great as the camera and editing shifts between them as they strip and the camera moves across their increasing naked bodies, spreading thighs, and puss*es from various angles. The final chapter is standout with Yveth Cortez and Tera Patrick - oh my they are wonderful.


The best one is number three: "Dance with me" with Iveth and Robb Quevedo, very sexy couple. What Iveth is doing these days??? I know Robb Quevedo is working in a TV show: "One on One" Hot Latin ladies in this Video, "spicy" Latin woman are my favorite is more intense, they know How worked in bed, a lot, a lot passion and this video remind me how Good they are with their tools, Latin ladies know how used. Where I can Buy more Latin videos with the same actors and Actress?????? .

When we buy one of this video we wish to buy more and more and are all about the Latin Ladies HOT HOT HOT!!!

Matt Smith