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Dead End (2014) Online

Dead End (2014) Online
Original Title :
Dead End
Genre :
Movie / Horror / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Jordan F. Ghanma
Cast :
Ramez Alkhoury,Trace Anderson,Farhad Asghar
Writer :
Jordan F. Ghanma
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 35min
Rating :
Dead End (2014) Online

Demonic entities haunt Tina Tanaka after she decides to pursue uncovering the case of the masked-killer who had claimed the lives of school-children in her small town. Her devotion to the case manifests frightening paranormal activities around her. The spirits haunt her in wake and sleep. Tina reaches out to the local priest who sheds light on her situation and helps her channel the spirits to guide her. She realizes she must endure frightening terrors if she is to find the masked murderer, even if it means she must meet him face to face.
Credited cast:
Ramez Alkhoury Ramez Alkhoury - Jogger / Customer
Trace Anderson Trace Anderson - First bystander interviewed
Farhad Asghar Farhad Asghar - Party extra
Toshumba Barkus Toshumba Barkus - Second bystander interviewed
Desiree Brown Desiree Brown - Playground Ghost / Party Ghost
Liam Brown Liam Brown - Playground Ghost
Sara Brown Sara Brown - Playground Ghost / Party Ghost
Friday Chamberlain Friday Chamberlain - Natalie
Elly Chavez Elly Chavez - Crime scene bystander
Heylne Chavez Heylne Chavez - Crime scene bystander
Michael Chavez Michael Chavez - Flashback scene bully
Sabrina J Corbett Sabrina J Corbett - Briana (as Sabrina Hodge)
Leonard Joseph D'Amico Jr. Leonard Joseph D'Amico Jr. - Lucas
Jennifer D'Amico Jennifer D'Amico - Party extra
Ilona Dawod Ilona Dawod - Olivia / Main Child Ghost

User reviews



It ceases to amaze me whenever I read a film review. That old baggage of "Everyone's a critic" seem to ring ever more true than in today's Facebook generation. The role of a Critic was allocated to those with deep understanding and appreciation for the entire process of narrative film. This process refers to, but not limited to the writing of, casting, set design, location scouting, make up and special effects, filming, directing, editing and final compilation and authoring that brings it all together and is then presented to the viewer for enjoyment. The average person/reviewer gives no regard to this process. Another tell-tale sign of an amateur review that is easy to disregard is either an overwhelmingly positive review or a completely negative review. This makes me wonder what is reviewer's personal agenda... What is their intelligence and education level? Do they have a competing film? Do they have a personal dissatisfaction with the filmmakers? I have a friend that was involved in making a romantic film and anytime you mentioned another independent romantic film, he quickly and prejudicially shot it down.

With that said here is my review.

There are many notable points to this film and some not so notable. The story was an original one. At least it was not another 'family moving into a old house in the middle of nowhere only to be haunted by the ghosts of a brutal murder that occurred some decades earlier.' With considering of the budget of the film, one cannot expect the production of a Hollywood film. Nevertheless, it held up it's own. The story flowed smoothly, from beginning, middle and to the end. The lighting and cinematography matched that of a much bigger horror films. The sound could have been improved upon. In a couple of parts of the film I noticed that the sound seemed somewhat drop out.

Sometime I feel the need to watch the film a second time to truly critique a film appropriately. So I did. I noticed that there were a few things I had missed the first time. I realized the movie lacked gore and nudity. Remember when I mentioned the notable points. This was one of them. It seems filmmakers, especially independents, feel the need to include excessive amounts of blood and body parts or simply to play it safe and include nudity to have something to fall back on. Dead End relied purely on the story.

In conclusion, I'd like to say that Dead End was surprisingly better than I expected. I recommend it. If you don't have any personal disregard to the filmmakers and you're not a part of a competing film, there's a good chance you'll also like this film.


The film starts out as a vigilante slasher which includes elementary school bullies. Tina, a wannabe reporter covers the story and the film shifts to ghost story as Tina sees apparitions.

The acting was not good. The plot line didn't work and was not well developed. They mixed horror genre didn't work.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.