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Creed II (2018) Online

Creed II (2018) Online
Original Title :
Creed II
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Sport
Year :
Directror :
Steven Caple Jr.
Cast :
Michael B. Jordan,Sylvester Stallone,Tessa Thompson
Writer :
Cheo Hodari Coker,Ryan Coogler
Budget :
Type :
Time :
2h 10min
Rating :

Under the tutelage of Rocky Balboa, heavyweight contender Adonis Creed faces off against Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Drago.

Creed II (2018) Online

Years after Adonis Creed made a name for himself under Rocky Balboa's mentorship, the young boxer becomes the Heavyweight Champion of the World. While life is good with that victory and his marriage to Bianca, trouble comes to Philadelphia when Ivan Drago, the Russian boxer who killed Adonis' father, Apollo, arrives with his son, Viktor, to challenge Adonis. Against Rocky's advice, Adonis accepts the challenge without his mentor's participation and pays the price in a punishing bout he wins only by a technicality. Now injured and demoralized, Adonis cannot bring himself to back into the game, leaving his spirit and title in jeopardy. Together, Adonis' family and Rocky must find a way to rekindle Adonis' fighting spirit to face the future in whatever choice he makes. Meanwhile, the Drago family have its own troubles trying to regain the respect in their homeland that they lost at Rocky's hands as they wonder whether is it truly worth it.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Michael B. Jordan Michael B. Jordan - Adonis Johnson
Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa
Tessa Thompson Tessa Thompson - Bianca
Phylicia Rashad Phylicia Rashad - Mary Anne Creed
Dolph Lundgren Dolph Lundgren - Ivan Drago
Florian Munteanu Florian Munteanu - Viktor Drago (as Florian 'Big Nasty' Munteanu)
Russell Hornsby Russell Hornsby - Buddy Marcelle
Wood Harris Wood Harris - Tony 'Little Duke' Burton
Milo Ventimiglia Milo Ventimiglia - Robert Balboa
Robbie Johns Robbie Johns - Logan Balboa
Andre Ward Andre Ward - Danny 'Stuntman' Wheeler
Brigitte Nielsen Brigitte Nielsen - Ludmilla Drago
Patrice Harris Patrice Harris - Padman (as Patrice 'Boogey' Harris)
Jacob 'Stitch' Duran Jacob 'Stitch' Duran - Stitch
Ana Gerena Ana Gerena - Adrian's Waitress

Rocky, who is now training Apollo Creed's son, is two years older than Mickey was when he trained Rocky in the original movie.

Sylvester Stallone backed out of directing the film.

Just like Rocky IV (1985), none of the prominent Russian characters are played by Russian actors. Dolph Lundgren is Swedish, Florian Munteanu is German-Romanian, and Brigitte Nielsen is Danish.

The search for Viktor Drago lasted several months and took place around the world. The production met with comedians and athletes from various disciplines as martial arts, kickboxing, boxing, and American football. After spending several months looking at hundreds of photos, videos and audition recordings, Stallone unearthed German boxer Florian "Big Nasty" Munteanu, weighing 106 kg. and measuring 1.95 m.

Brigitte Nielsen, who reprises her role from Rocky IV (1985) as Ivan Drago's ex-wife Ludmilla, is in real life the ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone. They were engaged during filming of Rocky IV, married after the premiere, and divorced two years later.

Dolph Lundgren collaborated with director Steven Caple Jr to change his physique and age the character of Drago to visually translate the poverty and suffering endured, as he colored in yellow his teeth.

When Adonis is looking at "archival footage" of Apollo Creed's death on his tablet, it's actually unused takes/angles from Rocky IV. This footage initially showed up in one of the TV spots for the film, showing on a TV screen at the restaurant that Adonis and Bianca visit after his championship fight. In the TV spot, the footage was not yet restored, with dirt/debris still present. However, in the final film, the footage has been properly restored and color-timed. Director Steven Caple Jr. even mentioned in a Vanity Fair video that he was given access to raw footage from Rocky IV, albeit in regards to using footage from the Rocky/Drago fight.

Filmed during the Anthony Joshua v Joseph Parker fight in Wales on March 31, 2018.

One of the extras during the big fight between Creed and Drago, was also an extra in Rocky IV during the fight between Apollo and Ivan. Initially from winning the role of extra from a cereal box contest (rocky 3) and from auditioning online (Creed II)

Creed II marks the fifth collab on-screen between Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren.

Originally, director of Creed, Ryan Coogler, did envision on doing a Creed trilogy. However, due to being busy with directing Black Panther, it's unknown to what were his original plans for the sequels.

During filming of the final fight scene, Michael Buffer introduced Adonis Creed as Apollo Creed, then realized his mistake.

In a video published on November 28, 2018 on social networks, relayed by The Hollywood Reporter, the 72-year-old American actor declares that he will probably no longer embody his iconic character on the screen. Images filmed during the last day of filming Creed II, which show "Sly" address emotionally to his team. To accompany the video, Stallone turns to the fans with a message in the form of a farewell to the character who made his glory.

UFC fighter Sage Northcutt heavily campaigned through social media to get the role of Ivan Drago's son.

Brigitte Nielsen was 7 months pregnant when shooting her scenes, making it necessary to shoot around her bulging stomach. She gave birth to her fifth child and first daughter, Frida, exactly two weeks after the movie was wrapped up.

There exists a fan script for a Drago spinoff movie. Rumors that it was going to be retooled into 'Creed II' were inaccurate.

The comment Rocky says to Adonis about "He's just a man.... Be more man than him" is similar to what Apollo said to Rocky during his rematch in Rocky III.

Before Adonis' fight against Danny "The Stuntman" Wheeler, Adonis' crew are waiting in a room named 'Ars Gratia' which means 'for art's sake'. This is the motto of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer, one of the studios that produced and distributed the film.

On December 21, 2018, it was announced the film would receive a January 4, 2019 release in China, the first Rocky film to ever receive a theatrical release in the country.

Adonis defeats Stuntman Wheeler in Las Vegas at the newer incarnation of the MGM Grand, which opened in Vegas in 1993. Interestingly, Apollo Creed's fateful fight where he died against Ivan Drago took place at the Las Vegas' old MGM Grand (now Bally's).

Throwback to Rocky 2: Bouncing Ball When Rocky is anxiously accompanying Adonis in the Hospital corridor for delivery of his baby, Rocky is bouncing a small ball. During Rocky II, Rocky is shown playing with it in the hospital corridor while waiting for Adrian's when she is giving birth. CORRECTION: When Rocky was bouncing the ball in the hallway in Rocky II, he was standing outside of the doctor's office waiting on word of whether or not Adrian was pregnant. When Adrian did give birth, Rocky was in the hospital waiting room with Paulie and received the news that Rocky Jr. Was born and Adrian he lapsed into a coma.

After ten weeks of filming in Philadelphia, Steven Caple Jr, Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone and the technical team traveled to Deming, New Mexico (who camped Death Valley) to shoot the scenes taking place in the desert.

Rocky's notebook shows that Robert jr's phone number starts with "604", this is the most common first 3 digits in a Vancouver phone number which is where Robert is said to live in Creed.

As with Rocky Balboa (2006) and Creed (2015), Creed II (2018), does not begin with a recap of the previous film's final fight scene.

A Creed sequel was confirmed in January 2016, although due to both Coogler and Jordan's involvement in Black Panther, the film was delayed, with Coogler ultimately being replaced by Caple. Stallone completed the script in July 2017 and announced Lundgren would be reprising his role as Drago, and filming began in Philadelphia in March 2018, lasting through July.

One of Rocky Balboa's peptalk to Adonis Creed includes, "Go For It". This was said to Clubber Lang before their second bout in Rocky III and as he was coaching Tommy Gunn in Rocky V. "Go For It" even became a tagline in Rocky V.

Tessa Thompson, who comes from a family of musicians and performs in a band, performs too three songs in the film. In particular, herself sings "I would go to war" to present Adonis heading to the ring of the Moscow Olympic Stadium to face Viktor Drago at the end of the movie.

Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren trained as madmen for the filming of Creed II. They have posted on their social networks videos of them physically preparing themselves as if they were still thirty years old. The least we can say is that it commands respect because the first is 72 years old and the second is 61 years old. On a video posted on Instagram, we can see Stallone doing traction with 45 kg of extra weight tied around his pelvis. For his part, Dolph Lundgren released a six-minute video showing him in training.

First time in the Rocky/Creed franchise since Rocky IV that a new entry in the series is released only 3 years after its predecessor. Rocky V was 5 years after Rocky IV, Rocky Balboa was 16 years after Rocky V, and Creed was 9 years after Rocky Balboa.

Like a Robert De Niro for Raging Bull or Jake Gyllenhaal for The Rage Belly, Michael B Jordan has undergone a very intense physical training to be credible on the screen in the skin of the boxer Adonis Creed. He trained two to three times a day and also had to follow a diet of chicken, brown rice, broccoli while drinking five liters of water daily and leaving behind sugars, bread, pasta , dairy products and cheese. Note that Michael B. Jordan has already had to prepare in this way (but less intense according to his words) to play quarterback Vince Howard in the series Friday Night Lights.

Adonis' victory over Danny "The Stuntman" Wheeler and winning the Mustang car is a call back to their sparring match in the previous movie. Further, Adonis gets criticized for feeling satisfied with his victory and was told "The Stuntman" was 3 years past his prime. The previous movie is exactly 3 years before this one.

There's a call back of Adonis' pre-fight nerves from the previous film about him having to defecate minutes before having to go fight.

Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan, and Tessa Thompson have all appeared in films that are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Stallone appeared in Galaktikos sergetojai 2 (2017), Jordan in Juodoji Pantera (2018), and Thompson in Toras. Pasauliu pabaiga (2017). In addition, Dolph Lundgren played Punisher/Frank Castle in The Punisher (1989). Brigitte Nielsen played Sonja in Red Sonja (1985) (based on a character Marvel Comics created for another licensed line) and once pushed to star in a She-Hulk film.

Sylvester Stallone suffered to play Rocky, even ending up in the hospital after being demolished by Dolph Lundgren on the set of Rocky IV. For Creed II, Michael B. Jordan also gave of his person, grazing the knockout multiple times despite his intensive training and muscle gain. Note that the young actor had been put on the mat on the set of the first Creed after a devastating punch of his opponent. For Stallone, taking a KO on the set of a film from the Rocky saga is almost a ritual.

In the scene where Adonis submerges in the pool and screams, part of Stallone's "Drago!" yell from the mountaintop in Bringing Down the House (2003) was mixed in.

The 4th film in the franchise to feature Rocky's turtles, Cuff and Link, having previously appearing in Rocky, Rocky II, and Creed. They are the same turtles from the first two films in the 70s and have been Sylvester Stallone's real life pets for nearly 50 years at the time of filming.

This is the fourth movie releasing in 2018 that features a Kendrick Lamar song in its previews. The first was Vagiu irštva (2018) ("m.A.A.d City"), the second was Juodoji Pantera (2018) ("Pray For Me," "Opps," and "All The Stars"), the third was Ekvalaizeris 2 (2018) ("Backseat Freestyle"), and this one ("DNA").

Director Steven Caple Jr wanted to slow down the action at certain moments of the matches to underline the physical and emotional blows of this "violent ballet". The chief operator Morgenthau then used the Arriflex Arri Alexa camera, equipped with Panavision lenses, but also the high speed Phantom filming at 1000 frames per second. Many scenes were also shot at 120 frames per second. The boxing scenes have been carefully prepared in advance: the different phases that compose them each have their own style, but blend harmoniously into the color palette associated with this or that atmosphere.

Creed writer-director Ryan Coogler serves as an executive producer on the film. He was unavailable to direct the sequel after he was directing Black Panther.

Robert Balboa's (Milo Ventimiglia) son is named Logan. Milo Ventimiglia has spoken Wolverine/Logan's voice several times in various Marvel Anime series. Like Blade (2011), Marvel Anime (2011), Wolverine (2011)

Michael B. Jordan, Wood Harris and Christopher Mann all acted in HBO's The Wire.

Sylvester Stallone is the only actor who appears in all the films of the franchise

Adonis looks on his tablet for archival footage of the death of his father, Apollo, during his fight against Draco. These are shots directly from the shooting of Rocky IV and were ultimately not used in the final editing.

Florian "Big Nasty" Munteanu, a German-Romanian boxer with impressive build (1m95 for 106 kilos) was chosen to play Viktor, the son of Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren). During the casting phase, UFC fighter Sage Northcutt campaigned on social media to get production attention; he wanted to camp Viktor Drago himself.

Dutch Kickboxing champion Rico Verhoeven auditioned for the role of Viktor Drago.

Creed II marks the 5th collaboration between Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren after Rocky IV and the three parts of the Expendables saga.

Michael B. Jordan wanted the coach Patrice "Boogie" Harris to make him work like a real boxer and surprise him with unexpected tactics that he can use to develop his speed and coordination, making an intensive training working with bear paws is an integral part of a boxer's heart pack. He must also practice the practice of punching bag and jumping rope. Usually the boxers make rounds with mittens and practice skipping rope.

Creed II is the second feature film by Steven Caple, Jr. after The Land, presented at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

Some spectators will recognize two sports halls. Starting with Little Duke's Gym, where Apollo Creed used to train and where Adonis, in the first game, meets Danny "Stuntman" Wheeler and has to give up his beloved Mustang after an impulsive bet then wins again with its title of heavyweight champion at the beginning of Creed II. Front Street Gym is also seen in the Kensington neighborhood of North Philly, where Rocky trains Adonis. This is another iconic site for anyone looking for authenticity and cachet. Old paint cans are suspended from the ceiling to plug water leaks, huge punch bags are joined by Chatterton and sway along rusty chains, themselves attached to planks that run through the ceiling. And the room has not changed much for a long time. The production was delighted to find many different sets in the Philadelphia area, allowing scenes to be shot in Russia, Ukraine, Las Vegas and in Los Angeles.

Principal photography began in March 2018. Filming occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the city's Port Richmond neighborhood, and was completed on June 7, 2018. Some scenes were filmed at the Grey Towers Castle at Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

Phylicia Rashad, Sylvester Stallone, and Milo Ventimiglia have all appeared in the TV show This Is Us (2016). Stallone appears in one episode as himself, Rashad plays the mother of Beth Pearson, and Ventimiglia plays the family patriarch Jack Pearson who is a huge fan of Stallone's movies.

Milo Ventimiglia reprises his role as Robert Balboa Jr., 12 years after Rokis Balboa (2006).

Last words Rocky says to Adonis, "It's your time now". On November 28th 2018, Sylvester Stallone announces via Instagram that this is his last movie playing Rocky. He continues by saying, "Now you have to carry the mantle," to Michael B. Jordan.

A brief fight scene between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago was filmed, but omitted from the theatrical release. The scene would take place in the hospital by the security desk area. Both would exchange fists before immediately being broken up by security and Drago's crew.

In the film, Bianca has "progressive hearing loss" (that didn't become noticeable until she was a young woman), while her daughter Amara was born almost totally deaf. It is extremely rare for a person with progressive hearing loss to produce a totally deaf child with a partner that has no congenital hearing abnormalities themselves (Adonis Creed).

While often mentioned, this is the first Rocky/Creed movie where a match ends with someone throwing in the towel.

In a scene from Rocky II, during the fight between Apollo and Rocky, before one of the rounds, Duke says to Apollo, referring to Rocky: "Don't let up on this man, this man is dangerous!" To which Apollo replies "This man is dangerous? I'm dangerous!" Similarly, in Creed II, when Rocky tries to convince Adonis not to fight Viktor Drago Rocky tells Adonis "This guy - he's dangerous." Adonis roars back, echoing his late father, "I'm dangerous!"

During the weigh-in for the 1st Drago-Creed fight, Ivan Drago tells Adonis that 'You aren't as big as your father'. Carl Weathers is listed at 6'1" while Michael B. Jordan is listed at 6'.

First time in the film franchise since Rocky III that the climactic fight scene does not extend to the final scheduled round.

There is behind the scenes footage of Rocky and Ivan Drago fighting in what seems to be the waiting room, but this scene did not make it into the film.

Adonis trains similarly to Rocky in Rocky IV for his rematch, which includes well isolated places to train and types of workouts.

In a deleted scene Rocky attends the funeral of "Spider" Rico, the first person we see Rocky fight all the way back in the first movie. Rico would return in Rocky Balboa (2006), he reunites with Balboa and is allowed to eat free at Adrian's. Rico volunteered to help wash dishes at the restaurant in return.

First film in the franchise where a character (Adonis) wins a fight by disqualification.

HBO Boxing commentating team Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman, and Roy Jones all make an appearance in various fights throughout the movie. However, Roy Jones is noticeably absent on the team in the final fight in Moscow, Russia. Ironically enough, Roy is also the only member of the team to have a Russian citizenship.

The rematch between Adonis Creed and Viktor Drago have similarities to the match between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. This includes, freeze frame of punches to the face and the larger boxer picking up and throwing down the smaller boxer.

First in the Rocky series where there are no significant personal tragedy to Rocky since Rocky II: Rocky III (Mickey's death); Rocky IV (Apollo's death); Rocky V (loss of Rocky's richness); Rocky Balboa (Adrienne's death); and Creed (Paulie's death).

Similarities of Adonis' first round rematch to Rocky's first round rematch in Rocky III, includes the boxers connecting punches while dodging and frustrating their opponents.

User reviews



Seriously, Adonis has shown nothing but how needy and insecure he is. I didn't buy his change at all and really couldn't feel what was he supposedly fighting for in that last fight. Yeah he had a kid in a meantime, but he remained the same selfish brat.

Both Dragos were FAR more interesting. Victor being this kinda confused brute, and Ivan having an actual arc: from using his son and manipulating him for any cost to gain back the approval of the wife and Russia, to accepting that it's the son who is important to him now, and spending time training (running scene) with him back in Ukraine by the end.

If this was a setup for Drago spin-off then kudos, I'm interested!

Watching the dilemmas of Adonis I caught myself rolling my eyes twice or thrice, and I'm not the rolling-eyes type. I seriously feel the need now to watch a GOOD fighting movie now to see if I haven't lost it and just stopped liking these, because I just don't get all the praises this movie gets.


Some poeple really liked it. But i guess i was expecting way too much from the film. The trailer was brilliant. And creed 1 was a much superior film. The film lacked soul. Everything seemed superficial and predicitable. Even the fight in the end was sort of a 10min montage. The Rocky series is known for its background scores, gritty action and is motivating. Creed is just a film without a backbone.


Creed 2 (my personal 3 key points):

*A boxing movie with 10 minutes of boxing+training and 2 hours of talking and deciding things.

*Nearly a copy paste of Rocky 4 and if you thought that that fight was unrealistic, wait for this one.

*When Rocky was fighting in his movies even against a Russian I wholeheartedly wanted him to win because he came from nothing, struggled and had spirit. Adonis acts like boxing is his hobby, I just cant feel for him.

I cant say more without spoiling... But very weak overall


I really enjoyed the first film, but this one is so predictable and derivative, they've clearly run out of ideas.

The training and fight sequences (which make a Rocky movie a Rocky movie) only make up a short percentage of the running time. In between those sequences is where this really suffers - "Mr and Mrs Creed" are no Rocky and Adrian.

The fights are decent enough but it's all too predictable. Time to let this franchise die with dignity.


I love rocky but this movie was slow and predictable, and it made me feel old...


You have to give Sylvester Stallone credit--he has a gift for remixing the same movie over and over and again and making you actually care. Maybe it's because he focuses on the one thing that matters most in storytelling: compelling characters. And Creed II is full of them.

First, there's Adonis (Michael B. Jordan), the brooding, bratty, world champion with a chip on his shoulder. There's Rocky (Sylvester Stallone), the downtrodden wise sage who only recognizes his role in things when the chips are down. There's Bianca Taylor, a talented singer suffering from hearing loss and her love for a self-destructive boxer. There's Mary Anne Creed (Phylicia Rashad), the weary widow of Apollo Creed who is consistently forced to check her man-child son, and then there are the villains. Ivan and Victor Drago (Dolph Lundgren and Florian Munteanu), the Russian outcasts seeking redemption for the failures of Ivan Drago. Everyone has a purpose in this film, and everyone has a place in moving the narrative forward: avenging the actions of Rocky IV.

This is a straight-up reboot of a Cold War classic, complete with the final match taking place in Russia. You know what to expect. The challenge from Ivan's son is the kind of storybook rematch the sports world loves. You know Creed has to take the fight to prove himself. And you know at some point, Victor Drago will get the better of him, setting us up for a training montage that never seems to get old. You see, when Rocky IV was released, it wasn't just a boxing film, it was practically a propaganda film about the superiority of American values and ideals. In Creed II, it's not about the country--it's personal. It's about discovering what matters most to you in your career and your own life. And as cliched as that may all sound, it works amazingly well in this film, thanks in part to the strength of the movies character development, phenomenal actors who keep the theatrical bits grounded and brilliant fight choreography and cinematography to settle scores.

I'll be straight with you, we shouldn't like Adonis Creed, but we do. He's a temperamental grown man baby that even knocks himself in the movie for "acting like a b---h." We shouldn't care about Victor Drago--he's a carbon copy of his android like father Ivan and barely has enough dialogue earn a film credit. But we do because we know that his father is living through him. The once powerful Ivan is an outcast in his homeland, and Victor's mother walked out on both of them because she has no respect for losers, so they're surprisingly sympathetic characters in their quest to be menacing. And we shouldn't care about Rocky's meandering ruminations about putting family over boxing when at no point in his career, did he ever do the same. Yet somehow this movie manages to make you care because the film understands that it's real power are in those small reflective moments building up to the fight. Moments like Creed's return to the local cheesesteak house and being welcomed by the fans who urge him to take the battle against Drago. Moments like Bianca and Adonis laying on the floor together like they did in the first film pondering their relationship and what Adonis's decision means for them. It's moments like Rocky pondering the broken relationship he has with his own son and trying to figure out if he dares to make amends. This is the glue that holds these films together--putting family above career and ego. And when it finally comes time to fight, your emotions are so heavily invested in the outcome that you'll find yourself (as did my audience) verbally cheering on Adonis Creed.

And in the end, it's the smallest of gestures by Sylvester Stallone (which I won't spoil) that lets you know that Rocky Balboa has nothing left to give and it is now Adonis Creed's time to shine in whatever sequel they have planned for us. Creed II a great time at the movies, even if it's a predictable one.


All movie I kept looking at my watch because I didn't want it to end. It was 130 minutes that felt more like 45.

The fights (and there were more than normal) were great, but the movie was much more than about the fights. It was about family, loss, motivation, legacy, and the part that really touched me was the focus on fathers and sons.

Dolph Lungdren and The Big Nasty were perfect villains, but unlike most movies you see the loss that the villains endured and what shapes them. I couldn't help but feel for them a little too - particularly the son.

Sly was obviously great as Rocky, and he was more down to earth and relatable than ever. Smart how they keep fading him more and more into the supporting role as Caple, like Coogler do a great job of remembering he is not the focus. I loved that Little Duke got more of a roll, and I think that he's someone who would be able to carry the franchise as mentor/coach if Sly ever decides to give this up. Phylicia Rashad was charming as MaryAnn, and you could feel her emotions going through this again with the family who took her husband's life. MBJ and Tessa Thompson were absolutely brilliant, and their chemistry is just so natural. Bianca walking out with them and singing leading Donnie to the ring for the final fight - CHILLS!!!

The ending fight sequence, and what happens after and how they have separate endings at the same time for Donny and Rocky made it the best ending of any of these films.

As a lifelong Rocky fan (my Dog's name is Clubber), I think I actually like the Creed franchise more. I like the cultural difference with Creed, and it just seems more grounded and for lack of a better word quality writing and directing. If they make 10 more I'd go and see all of them!


The first fight was better than the second fight. Adonis ribs are broken again and he fights as if they weren't broken... very unrealistic and stupid hollywood fantasy. Makes me sympathize more with Drago, no moral in the end, Russians made to look bad for the second time, guess it's easy when they are presented by non-russian actors.


I'm not sure if I saw the same movie as 90% of the people on here who voted it 9 and above.

I thought it was slow, a movie that lingered on the moody pouting Adonis Creed and his fiancé who is dealing with her hearing loss. Adonis wins his belt early in the film with a unconvincing fight scene and then is targeted by the rejected mommy's boy Son of Drago who is a bit of a beast.

Long and short of it is this film meanders around the slow paced relationships between Adonis, his wife to be and Rocky. It never really gets going and then it really gets unrealistic when you see the head to head between Creed and Drago with Creed clearly being a super middleweight at best against the heavyweight Russian. It's as if boxing has thrown out all its weight classes and put AJ in the ring against GGG.

I won't give much more away but I considered walking out during the early stages of the film but was interested to see how it ended. Was funny to see Brigette Nielsen back though and Ivan Drago cuddling his son at the end.

Hopefully Sly will hang up his gloves after this one.


Very MINOR spoilers. First of all, take a look at all the recent 10/10 reviews, and it still sits at 7.8. Do the math. Sad that studio's do that. Anyways, very lame story, way too much forced drama outside the ring. Infact, this is hardly a boxing boxing, it's days of our lives with a few fights in between. I almost walked out 2 or 3 times. 2 people actually did, out of 10. Basically every situation was forced and/or not believable, in a bad way. Next, Michael B Jordan does a horrible job of being the heavyweight champion of the world. Such a pansy throughout, in the ring, and outside. Get this, even as the son of Apollo Creed, even as the champion of the world, he has not one friend or entourage member. Reeeeally. All I kept thinking was, THIS guy is the same status/level as Mike Tyson was? This pansy who has no friends, no money, and goes to a diner with his girl after winning the belt? And the patrons, sort of care he's there? Oh and his woman, who sells out the Fillmore as a singer, doesn't get recognized by the black crowd. Cool. Don't get me started about her singing performance while walking Creed into the ring at one point. Ugg. I'm gonna get writer's cramp. I'm out.


Spoilers? Nothing you haven't seen in the trailer...

This in honest assessment. I'm not going to lie to you like the others.

There are many issues. This franchise should of never been made. This movie movie is nothing but a sad cash grab. You can't bring back a killer and pretend it's all cool.

Haven't been this disappointed since Star Wars Episide 8.

Adonis Creed, the character you gave a chance, but in the end, he is just too damn unlikeable, I just can't help rooting for the other guy. Can't say the same for Rocky, can we?.

Antagonist came across as a big teddy bear, just didn't feel he was menacing enough (awful casting) didn't work. Not to mention Victor Drago looked nothing like his parents, it's ridiculous.

The music, forgettable, bad.

Trying too hard to make it feel like real life, which is the same mistake Rocky 6 did with bringing in real life sports commentators, just cheapened the entire production. It was like watching a showtime boxing advertisement, not an A grade production!.

Dropped the ball hard, just awful in my opinion.

No wonder Stallone retired Rocky, after watchig the dreadful performances. Is it me or Balboa getting smarter in each picture? He didn't like his usual self.

They will tell you, it's just like Rocky 3 and 4...they will tell it's great! they will say "long time Rocky fan blah blah".

No, no you are not. Creed 2 sux.

The Last Jedi wasn't even this bad.


From the beginning to end, the directing was so good. The script was so well written and I love it. Best movie of the year


This film is completely unnecessary just like the first movie. Adonis Creed is such a lame, cocky, unlikable character. In every fight scene he gives off that "Jerkface" vibe. I mean even the opponents in the first creed are rediculous and unmemorable. Everytime I saw the first ones trailer I was like, "Why did you make such a cash grab of a series?" It was basically a cloned tumor leaching off the success of the brilliantly written Rocky series. It wanted to be Rocky so bad but it sucked!

Then I heard about this sequel and I couldn't help but feel that this movie could of worked if they presented it in a way as if Adonis was going to join his father Apollo's side six feet under. I think that maybe if they built Drago's son up like they did in Rocky IV they would of had the suspence they needed to pull it off. However, Drago's son doesn't have too much build up because this film is focused more on Rocky and Drago's past. These two stole the show even if they weren't trying to.

The ups for this film: The old school cast reunites. Other than that everything is overdone and honestly makes me rather watch Rocky IV again.


Essentially choose any of a number of prior Rocky cliches, roll them in a ball and jam them into your eyeballs whilst playing hip-hop:

Creed 2.

Actually left the cinema to get better 3G to download (already seen) Alan Partridge episodes, that's how tonk this film is.


Oh man.

We kind of expected it to follow a formulaic plot where the hero loses and then wins in the end. But what this movie does to fill out the in-betweens is so crammed full of cliches you couldn't fit in a fart even if you wanted to.

I actually rooted for the Drago father-son duo. Accidental? Not so much. We've a protagonist who is very unlikeable. Just because he's the lead doesn't mean we must like him automatically. He comes across as unsympathetic. In this second installment he just comes across as a spoiled brat.

And what's up with the wife? They just had a child and she feels the need to "get out of the house" and go to the studio or something. Do new mothers relate to that? Cos that was a huge talking point among the group of friends i went to see the movie with, mostly friends of my wife. I think that happened so that we could have that scene of Adonis alone with his child but there could've been better ways to bring that about. The story writers gave her this hearing-impairement issue which is passed on to their daughter, maybe to make her more sympathetic. But it doesn't elicit that response. And her singing as her husband walks towards the ring was so cringeworthy. It even ended abruptly. She had her music and that could've been written into the story better.

As for Ivan and Victor, they were the true underdogs in this movie. A father fallen from grace, left by his wife and abandoned by his country, living vicariously through his son's victories, looking for redemption. The movie tries to portray Victor as a brute with barely a line the entire movie but this relationship had potential for so much more friction between a father driving his son to serve his own needs and a son who's a man in his own right who could've had interesting clashes with his father. But no, the movie needs us to root for the heroes so apart from their training montages we rarely see much of the Drago's relationship.

And the Russians. The wife and entourage stand up and walk out before the match is over. And the son and father lose heart. I get that Ivan's point this whole time has been to get his ex-wife's approval/respect and his country's acceptance again but that story is so poorly written it just doesn't hit. With a runtime of over two hours, they should've done better.

The fight scenes are also poorly choreographed and edited it looks uninteresting. Maybe an actor more the size of Adonis for a better suited match would've been interesting. To make Victor that much more bigger for the sake of villanous threat was a mismatch.

I actually wanted Victor to win. The movie was that bad.


Do not waste time. This movie sucks; I will just keep the good old memories of the first four movies.


I never thought a movie with Rocky Balboa could ever be so boring. I was excited about the premise but the movie fell way flat.


Worst Rocky movie I ever saw. The Apollo Creed story doesn't do it for me.


Rocky IV was, as far as I am concerned, the end of the Rocky saga. Not merely because it was the weakest of the series (in terms of character development) but with such a bombastic ending there really was nowhere else to go except downhill which is exactly where Stallone has been taking us ever since. Literally. Since then, Rocky has fought bankruptcy, old age, cancer, and now? Ivan Drago again.

It made no sense that Apollo would feel the need to fight Drago and if anyone was to blame for his death it was the referee who should have stopped it as soon as Apollo was unable to defend himself (which was most of the fight) and should have been charged with manslaughter. As such, a lot of what drives Creed just doesn't make sense.

So here is Creed 2 and he's facing the son of Ivan Drago. I cannot deny on seeing Ivan Drago again after 33 years I felt a chill. It was great to see him on the big screen again although a little hard to swallow that this guy had been brooding over his defeat the past 33 years. Didn't he ever listen to Tony Robbins? It was also good to see that he was slightly more defined as a character since his last outing: To the point where I actually felt sorry for him. It was already clear in Rocky IV that Ivan was merely a puppet for his masters and by the end of that fight had started thinking for himself. Yet here His whole self-worth was riding on his angry-face son defeating Creed which he does the first time round only to lose in the rematch.

Of course, it wasn't because Viktor Drago is a 6'4", 225lb heavyweight monster to Adonis Creed's middle-light heavyweight which lost Creed the first fight, no, it was because Rocky wasn't in his corner spouting off motivational pep speeches which lost him the fight. But why wasn't Rocky in his corner? Because he didn't agree with Creed fighting Drago? That's not an excuse. If he's that worried about Creed's health he should absolutely be in his corner to see him through. It just felt this was done so we could have some emotional speeches and pep talks that Stallone is SOOO obsessed with in these movies ever since Rocky III. In fact Rocky enters this film spouting off a motivational speech about a mountain or something. Geez.

Creed is his usual whiny, millennial self, asking Rocky how to propose to his girlfriend (it's four words!!!!!); tells his girlfriend he NEEDS her (ugh); loses self-control whilst in charge of his own child; and throws another hissy fit because his one and only friend wasn't there for him again when he NEEDED him (oh boy). The Creed movies talk a lot about his own legacy yet he can't seem to do anything without Rocky holding his hand: in short these are still Rocky movies and without Rocky there would be no Creed and no audience.

There is a rather uninspiring training montage and the music is forgettable until they actually do confirm that this isn't really a Creed movie but a Rocky movie disguised as a Creed movie by using the instantly recognizable Rocky fanfare during the final fight. We are expected to believe that a middleweight could beat a heavyweight because of a few pep talks and we are supposed to be all choked up and emotional but it's all a bit bland (despite some fantastic cinematography) and unbelievable and a far cry from the simplicity of the originals which really were exciting. I can't even remember the fight, that's how unimpressive it was.

It was great to see Brigitte Nielson even though she didn't say much but Ivan got a raw deal. He already got his comeuppance in Rocky IV: to have him suffering 33 years AND THEN have his hardworking son be beat by a needy rich kid middleweight seems cruel. He needs to hang up the gloves, listen to some Tony Robbins, chill out and learn to love himself. Still going to buy this on dvd and complete my Rocky collection though. Can't wait for the next installment.
Fast Lovebird

Fast Lovebird

This movie was lame and disappointing. I am a huge Rocky fan and really enjoyed Creed, I also consider Rocky 4 to be one of the greatest films of the 20th century, so needless to say I was super excited to see this film.

I was expecting to see the Dragos come calling from Russia and Creed and Rocky dive head first into 90 minutes of action. Instead Adonis is supposed to be conflicted about fighting Drago and Rocky tells him not take the fight. Why? I am still not sure. We're never offered a real reason and given the back story that's amazing. I felt like the movie was trying to just shove internal conflict and emotion down my throat from the very beginning. You'd think Creed would jump at the challenge and we'd see awesome montages, fighting, wins/losses, whatever. Instead the story drags, it's predictable, and even the montages suck.

Creed and his girlfriend get engaged and conceive a baby while still living in their crappy apartment in Philly. I couldn't help wondering how the Heavyweight World Champion and his trainer Rocky are still broke. She has the baby (who cares), and the baby might be deaf (who cares). They take the baby to get hearing tests (who cares) and Creed cries (who cares). This goes on for like 40 minutes and basically ruins the movie.

The only redemptive part of this movie was that Dragos were cool and fun to watch and of course Stallone is always fun to watch as Rocky. I was surprised to see Bridgette Nielsen which was also a treat. But in the end this movie was so bad that I couldn't help but cheer for Viktor Drago and hope that Creed gets killed in the ring just like his father.


I wonder why this movies got such high ratings. There is nothing new in movie, just the old repetitive story , rocky comes to rescue. I think they should stop making movies on rocky anymore .Being a ordinary guy I can write better script than this story. What a waste of time and money


The movie begins with Creed, a loud-mouthed thug, beating a generic adversary and claiming the heavyweight championship. On the other side of the world, in Ukraine (later Russia, who cares, it's all the same, right?) Ivan Drago silently (as not to invoke too much humanity) trains his son while living in abject poverty conditions, his son also working carrying bricks for a living. Then we cut back to Creed just being super rich and pampered and successful, he's not even carrying his own luggage. Then Drago shows up in America, ready to challenge Creed (because of the stupid and laughable reason being that his wife left him because he lost to Rocky), and Creed reacts just like a back alley thug, with "dey iced my pops" and when Rocky tries to put some sense into him, telling him that his fight with Drago was not worth it because he had brain damage afterwards, Creed lashes out on Rocky and goes on to get beat by Drago's son, who of course plays dirty and cheats apart from being stronger and better, only to not learn anything, never give out a valid reason why Creed fights (his story is not Rocky's at all, Rocky was fighting for dignity), quick training montage somewhere dirty as to reflect how he's humbling down, and then beat Drago's son anyway. By the end of the movie I felt so sorry for Drago's son, even after they tried so hard to portray him as an amoral brute. This was supposed to be the fight that avenges his father and it played out superficially, the adversary was cardboard and that was bad, Apollo Creed had personality, that's why they are still using him goddammit, it's a movie that tries to portray that working hard will bring results but actually portrays the opposite, pampered rich loud-mouth thug beats poor Russian fighter that carries bricks for a living, and misses a huge opportunity to delve deeper into the struggles of parents that have children with disabilities.
Early Waffle

Early Waffle

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet, something I wish this film was. It was long, predictable, full ofcringeworthy scenes but gave me some unexpected laugh out loud moments. Please leave this franchise alone now. 7.7/10 really ????????????


The way the fight scenes are orchestrated makes you really feel like you are in the fights. With the display of power and transition of powers you really feel into it. When something would happen the entire crowd would cheer as if they were really there and everyone jumped out of there seats and clapped. Very rarely do you see a movie do that to people. Creed 2 is something special.


Ruining the rocky legacy. Don't waste your time watching this, was a very slow predictable watch. My friend was the lucky one, he fell asleep. If you want to see a real rocky story watch tyson fury the other night get up from wilders two punches in the twelth round