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Dutch Treat (1987) Online

Dutch Treat (1987) Online
Original Title :
Dutch Treat
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Boaz Davidson
Cast :
David Landsberg,Lorin Dreyfuss,Ria Brieffies
Writer :
Lorin Dreyfuss,David Landsberg
Type :
Time :
1h 34min
Rating :
Dutch Treat (1987) Online

Two American friends travel all over Europe and end up meeting an all female Rock Band from Holland and they pass themselves as record company executives. Both men return to the states and the band soon approaches them about signing to their record company and they soon start booking them gigs and getting them exposure but have to avoid getting caught and not reveal their true selves. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
David Landsberg David Landsberg - Jerry
Lorin Dreyfuss Lorin Dreyfuss - Norm
Ria Brieffies Ria Brieffies - Ria (as Ria Briesfief)
Angela Groothuizen Angela Groothuizen - Angela
Patty Zomer Patty Zomer - Patty
Esther Oosterbeek Esther Oosterbeek - Ester (as Ester Oosterbeek)
Angéla Kramers Angéla Kramers - Sjeel (as Sjeel Kramers)
Ronnie Schell Ronnie Schell - Lou Winters
Carol Potter Carol Potter - Betsy Winters
Lee Shepard Lee Shepard - Duke Clark (as Lee Shepherd)
Hank Garrett Hank Garrett - Vito
Jack Bernardi Jack Bernardi - Jewish Man
Terry Camilleri Terry Camilleri - Morris Klaveman the Booking Agent
Richard Beauchamp Richard Beauchamp - Rivera
Linda Lutz Linda Lutz - Crazy Lucy

User reviews



This film, along with Detective School Dropouts, are 2 very underrated movies. Lorin Dreyfuss is funny as!!!!!!!! Being a fellow dutchman, this film had me in histerics - but there is just one problem - how hard it is to obtain! Absolutely nowhere can I find information about a VHS video of Dutch Treat, or any info for that matter! Dutch Treat is a forgotton movie - Bring it back!


this movie is the funniest movie ever since in my life along with detective school dropouts....these 2 movies are completely disappeared please somebody has to have it..somebody has to re-issue these marvelous pieces of humor...the best of the best in funny movies... i saw this movie in the eighties and beat me of laughing simply incredible movie. Also Detectvie School Dropouts is really funny both movies with the same cast actors these 2 guys were really funny such a pity that nobody paid attention to these two marvelous movies in humor and laugh.Please if someone has these 2 movies in VHS please get in contact with me i can pay very well for copies of these 2 movies.


This is a movie about a Dutch girl band, who want to try their luck in the USA. They're called the Dolly Dots, had several hits in the Netherlands and our way popular. This is the plot, but the actresses are really singers and together they form the Dolly Dots in real life, that is. They actually really try to make it in the USA, and the movie (really thin plot, predictable jokes) is supposed to boost their overseas career. The movie wasn't even well received in Holland (where the Dolly Dots were popular). I'm sorry (I used to be a big fan) but the movie and the soundtrack s*ck.
ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ

ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ

I see a lot of people looking for this movie. I have copies on DVD available. I was a "biker extra" in the biker bar scene and recorded it off Cinemax back in 1987 or 1988. I since have copied it to DVD. I have two copies available I traded one copy for "Detective School Dropouts". Dutch Treat is a great movie. Not many people know about it but have heard of Detective School Dropouts. This movie is along the same lines of humor but without all the deaths.

If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of Dutch Treat contact me. Update: 11/30/15 I just had 10 more copies made. [email protected]


Oh my God!!!! this was the funniest movie i had and still is the funniest i have ever watched. also its companion movie "detective school drop outs" is most funny. i will pay anything to have these movies mailed to me as DVD's or even VHS copies. thank you for any thing done to quench my thirst for funny movies. i don't mind all movies by these artists. these artists were extremely funny by nature. please, any one with a good sense of humor should please try to reproduce these videos if the videos are not already available on DVD's or vcd. i shall be most grateful. when i first watched the movies, almost every one that watched the movies were laughing seriously. they were the funniest i had ever seen and after i watched them i have been trying to get them. so now that i have this privilege, i think it is wise i use this opportunity to appeal to any one who could be of help to assist in getting these films sent to me.


Norm (Lorin Dreyfuss) and Gerry (David Landsberg) are buddies, but Norm keeps getting Jerry into trouble. Jerry spent time in jail because of Norm. Who was waiting for Jerry when he came out...you guessed it, Norm! Norm had great plans but Jerry didn't want any of it, he wanted to be left alone. Jerry soon found that he had no friends and even lost his girlfriend too when he was behind bars. Norm's plan was work on a cruise ship to Holland as "The Great Badir" knife thrower and Jerry was his assistant. As usual they get into trouble and once in Holland came across a Dutch band called The Dolly Dots. They introduced themselves as hot shots from Capitol Records and after getting into more trouble were deported back to the USA. When the Dolly Dots couldn't get a main gig in Holland they knew the hot shots at Capitol Records would look after them.


Not entirely memorable, but this low-budget Cannon produced bubblegum slapstick 80s comedy was a mildly amusing treat. Two bumbling American friends Norm and Gerry end up in Holland, Amsterdam and they come across an all female rock group called the "Dolly Dots". Being rather impressed with them they tell them they are record company suites for Capitol records. Where they would offer them a deal, if they ever came to the US. Not thinking that would ever happen, the girls actually do turn up in L.A to take up that offer and now the guys are trying their best to make that happen despite their awkward predicament of not even working for the company. Lorin Dreyfuss and David Landsberg form a riotous pairing (one obnoxious the other frigid) with their constant bickering and comedy of errors to keep their little white lie going by staying one step ahead. I found the more entertaining aspects to be in the first half when it sets up in Amsterdam, than say when it hits L.A. Still fruity, but not as humorous. Adventures, banter and mishaps are strung together in this loose, but energy-filled narrative. Angela Groothuizen, Ria Brieffies, Patty Zomer, Esther Oosterbeek and Angela Kramers are lively as themselves the "Dolly Dots". Ronnie Schell is good fun as the clueless Capitol Record owner and Greta Blackburn makes a quick appearance. But the real star is the boom-microphone, as it does appear a lot and even steal some scenes. The trendy 80s tunes come thick and fast. It's ridiculous, pointless, boundless but harmless enjoyment.

"If you let me down. I'll break off both of your legs and shove them up your partner's ass".