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Sule, Ay Need You (2012) Online

Sule, Ay Need You (2012) Online
Original Title :
Sule, Ay Need You
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Cuk Fk
Cast :
Bio-One,Dicky Chandra,Shita Destya
Writer :
Jujur Prananto
Type :
Time :
1h 38min
Rating :
Sule, Ay Need You (2012) Online

Sule's father, a farmer whose not that reach, have fallen into poverty because of the failure to become "Lurah", and become crazy. So Sule has to go to Jakarta asking help to uncle Salim, the brother of his mother who supposedly rich. Instead of getting help, he was being chased and arrested by police because of suspected accomplice of a police fugitive .Since his mother gave him one way ticket to Jakarta, Sule cannot return to the village and must attempt to survive. He also stuck to Parto, a police officers who arrested him. Romlah, Parto's wife is looking for maid, directly recruiting Sule. His job is to take Ririn Parto's first daughter, a junior high school go to her school, or anywhere rides a motorcycles.One day, Sule met a pickpocket group preyed on the bag a beautiful girl named Ayla. Sule couldn't stand still see the action and fight with the pickpocket to save Ayla's bag.Drs. Andre MHT MSc. Ayla's father was a top middle businessman feeling in a sorrow, tension and ... {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Bio-One Bio-One - Dava
Dicky Chandra Dicky Chandra - Uak Salim
Shita Destya Shita Destya - Bu Rozak
Irene Justine Irene Justine - Nunun
Titi Kamal Titi Kamal - Ayla
Agus Kuncoro Agus Kuncoro - Benny
Ery Makmur Ery Makmur - Malmur
Nunung Nunung - Romlah
Parto Parto - Parto
Divya Qamilla Divya Qamilla - Ririn
Tya Restyana Tya Restyana - Tya
Entis Sutisna Entis Sutisna - Sule
Andre Taulany Andre Taulany - Andre
Cici Tegal Cici Tegal - Bu Lemu
Maya Wullan Maya Wullan - Ny. Andre