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Casting Call: Short Film (2010) Online

Casting Call: Short Film (2010) Online
Original Title :
Casting Call: Short Film
Genre :
Creative Work / Short / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Giovanni Capitello
Cast :
Gabriel Kalomas,Annie Willett,Jenna Carlson
Writer :
Annie Willett
Budget :
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :
Casting Call: Short Film (2010) Online

The Cast: Cameron, a writer/actress who is relentlessly followed by one bad audition and rejection after another. Rob, an aspiring director who is desperately trying to make his very bad short film heavily cast with animals and children. Jake, a "working actor," beginning with a windfall he received from a herpes commercial. Lacey, the naive wannabe actress who swears her boobs are real and Adrienne, the industry bound New Yorker determined on getting Lacey to admit her boobs are fake, have all found a lot of money and themselves caught in a high-jinx caper when the owner of said fortune, wants it back. Antonio Tortano, a compulsive gambling film producer and his Guido side-kick have been separated with the money Antonio shaved off the back end of his last film to bet on football with. When Lacey's path crosses with Antonio's at a cheesy industry mixer, she has no idea what is about to embark. Antonio parts with the money in a parking garage in a last ditch effort to hide it from his ...
Cast overview:
Gabriel Kalomas Gabriel Kalomas - Ron
Annie Willett Annie Willett - Cameron
Jenna Carlson Jenna Carlson - Lacey
Sherin Parikh Sherin Parikh - Jake
Theresa Layne Theresa Layne - Adrienne
Jesse MacKinnon Jesse MacKinnon - Antonio
Adam Rudder Adam Rudder - Carlos
Antonio Salinas Antonio Salinas - Networking Event Host
Aaron Landon Bornstein Aaron Landon Bornstein - Movie Executive #1 (as Aaron Bornstein)
Monique Fleming Monique Fleming - Movie Executive #2
Barbara Whitmer Barbara Whitmer - Networking Event Background Talent
Giovanni Tejada Giovanni Tejada - Networking Event Background Talent