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True Nature (2010) Online

True Nature (2010) Online
Original Title :
True Nature
Genre :
Movie / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Patrick Steele
Cast :
Carolyn McCormick,Marianne Porter,Reg Land
Writer :
Patrick Steele
Type :
Time :
1h 32min
Rating :
True Nature (2010) Online

The Pascals daughter mysteriously disappears. She returns a year later with no memory of what happened. The family's perfect world unravels as she discovers the horrifying truth. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
Carolyn McCormick Carolyn McCormick - Becky Pascal
Marianne Porter Marianne Porter - Marianne Pascal
Reg Land Reg Land - Reg Pascal
David Darlow David Darlow - Stark
John Woodruff John Woodruff - Stephen
Michael Accardo Michael Accardo - Solloway
Marc Pitman Marc Pitman - McKelvey
Kevin R. Kelly Kevin R. Kelly - Detective Groves
Rob Riley Rob Riley - Walters
Rohn Thomas Rohn Thomas - Barry
Christopher Popio Christopher Popio - Dr. Nathan
Maryanne Nagel Maryanne Nagel - Maggie
Jeremy Shouldis Jeremy Shouldis - Morley
Ellen Savaria Ellen Savaria - Jeanne
Kristine Logan Kristine Logan - Laura

User reviews



The first half of the movie is disjointed, with a poorly expressed time-line and jumpy plot that doesn't seem to be going anywhere or building towards anything. The twist is painfully given away mid-way through but never addressed or even acknowledged.


The familiar "revenge from beyond the grave" tale gives up at the three- quarter mark, unceremoniously dumping several scenes of graceless exposition, then flails towards a heavy-handed ending with a message that reveals the meaning of the title, but has no basis in anything that came before.


A thorough disappointment from beginning to finish, the entire film moves at a snail's pace, and it took concerted effort to sit through the entire thing.


For an indie thriller this film is quite good. A bit slow throughout and a little bit weak on performance but the story is solid. The dialog is well written. THe over all feeling from the minor score gives off a good vibe, or rather suspenseful vibe. Interesting story that through exposition you learn, no subtext at all in this film but since the exposition is so far and few between it is acceptable, after so long, another clue is given, but nothing more.. So I applaud the film makers for that approach.

The negatives, as I said, some weak performances, mainly the father who has zero charisma. Even in depression and fear, there is charisma within a performance. Some questions are never answered, or rather the supernatural answers are never given. The cinematography is the weakest point for me. It looked like they used practical lighting for everything. It does not compliant the story at all. I think some more time and energy should have gone into the look of the film. The story is so good that you want it to look better.

However, even with the negatives of the film, it is still a sold film and well worth watching if you like slow paved thrillers with a twist. Well done.
Super P

Super P

****SPOILER ALERT**** Do Not Read this review if you plan to actually watch this movie. You have been warned! This is yet ANOTHER thriller where the writers think it is clever to make the viewer guess what the story is about. I want to watch a thriller that actually has a beginning, middle and an ending that makes the story come together and answer all the questions. This movie does not deliver on any level. The writer never touched on the subject of what kind of business Reg was in and what the three other men had over him. His daughter was murdered and buried in front of him because of this 'business' so I think it would have been prudent for the writer to reveal more details to make it understandable. Did Marianne really come back from the grave or was this just Reg being haunted by what he allowed to happen. The writer left me hanging in the final scene with Reg sitting in his dark office with a gun in his hand. Did he actually kill the three men that murdered his daughter so that she would be able to 'go back' to her grave and did he commit suicide? Don't know what moms role was as the writer never fully explained if she was aware of the murder. This might have explained the 'dark secret' of the family. Over all, this story had a good plot but too many gaps and unanswered questions.


Like the previous reviewer said "WOW"....this was a terrific little chiller that really hit a home run on the festival circuits, it appears. The cast was perfect and the director knew how to perfectly work with them. This film is sort of a supernatural I Spit on Your Grave. Now nowhere near the visual brutality of that film but definitely just as intense on a cerebral level. Now I have read reviews all over on this film and I have noticed the reviews that aren't so kind seem to state the lack of action/gore/sort of in your face horror. I also noticed a lot of the negative reviews in which the viewer didn't really understand the film. This notion seems to have happened a lot with this film. This is a thinking man's horror film so get your pensive ball-caps on and proceed. It is one of the best of its kind a la The Changeling style circa 1981. Enjoy!!!


True Nature is a spooky, dark movie that starts slow but ratchets up the suspense continually. Part of the effect is the minimalist soundtrack, which adds to the feeling of loneliness and just plain.... wrongness through the entire movie. Even though it gives many clues, only at the end do you discover how 'wrong' things are.

True Nature has no narration or explanation at all. It just delivers facts and experiences, and leaves you to discover what they mean while the atmosphere guides you along.

Though there is some action, it is quick and is only there to support the story. I believe this movie should be approached with no preconceived ideas or expectations - just be patient with it and let it guide you into the story. Things get exciting eventually, and most questions will be explained; but not all!


We could not believe how utterly terrible this movie was....Storyline went NOWHERE. There was not even one character we could empathize with. The characters never fleshed themselves out, so there was no getting to know or understand their individual motivations except in the broadest sense possible. The only reason we stayed with it so long was to find out just where the main character had been for a year. Well, didn't happen. Just a muddle of images and mood music that was as pointless as it was inscrutable. Even for a throw- away movie on Amazon Prime Video, this was bush league. Well, won't waste your precious time, or mine by stating the many flaws of this crap fest. Just, don't. You'll be glad you didn't. Staring at a blank wall would be preferable to watching this dreck. Would give zero stars if I could.


Stay away from this trainwreck of a movie! I have no idea where the good ratings for this movie( I assume friends and family) came from. A huge waste of time....No redeeming qualities.


This was a pleasant surprise. I went into this movie with low/no expectations. I'm very glad I watched it. Well acted, video and sound good. The plot has been done before but I don't regret viewing it and would recommend it to friends. Nice, sleepy thriller


Good movie. I don't understand the negative reviews. I've seen it twice and enjoyed it more the second time because I was prepared for some of the gruesome scenes.

A dark, somber and unnerving story with visuals that reinforce those feelings.

It's a bit of a mystery, a bit of a horror movie and although some might say the theme of it is very common I disagree. There is an original feel to all of this.

The acting was terrific and I think the lead , Marianne Porter , did a super job of playing someone that is trying to cope with her confusion and a sense of dread. She knows something is terribly wrong with her situation and her parents but she can't sort it out.

So, good story, good actors, good visuals - what's not to like. Check it out.