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Gamegirls 3.0 Online

Gamegirls 3.0  Online
Original Title :
Gamegirls 3.0
Genre :
TV Series / Action
Cast :
Mariana Ayala,Angie Garza,Anna Harrison
Budget :
MXN 80,000
Type :
TV Series
Rating :
Gamegirls 3.0 Online

Food 3.0 is a documentary meant to answer the question: How to feed the 10 billion inhabitants of our planet in 2050, while our current way is not sustainable? Food 3.0 is a thorough and objective review of the main three current trends: Techno Food and the new solutions coming from Silicon Valley, Bio Food and the sustainable local farming , Franken Food and the trans-genic agriculture.
Series cast summary:
Mariana Ayala Mariana Ayala unknown episodes