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Elasto Mania (2000) Online

Elasto Mania (2000) Online
Original Title :
Elasto Mania
Genre :
Video Game / Sport
Year :
Type :
Video Game
Rating :
Elasto Mania (2000) Online

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for you who don't know what elasto mania is, then its not a movie, but a game, and one of a kind.

you control a elastic bike around in several levels, with the goal to get a good time. then you play it again to get the time better, and again, again, AND AGAIN. you just cant get enough of it. in 54 levels called the internal levels, you compete to get the best total time, witch is the sum of all the 54 levels time, or maybe, you hunt down a special record on a special level. at the other part, you can play external levels, that you can make yourself, or get by friends. some use it for fun, others are serious about it. but when you first tried it, it rips you away. The game and the scene have developed into a big stage, and contest is made, the game is still played all over the world, and we have seen some of the most skilled no-life0rs ever.

try it out yourself, you might become the best player ever. or is it kuski?