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Party of Five Something Out of Nothing (1994–2000) Online

Party of Five Something Out of Nothing (1994–2000) Online
Original Title :
Something Out of Nothing
Genre :
TV Episode / Drama / Family
Year :
Directror :
Steven Robman
Cast :
Scott Wolf,Matthew Fox,Neve Campbell
Writer :
Christopher Keyser,Amy Lippman
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Party of Five Something Out of Nothing (1994–2000) Online

Bailey hopes to cure his heart, broken by Kate, when mother Salinger's mature, sophisticated friend Greer Erikson pays a surprise visit and seems to desire him. She also sets up a modeling career launch photo-shoot with 'friendly photographer' Ed Brighton, but Charlie finds that's one of her many untruthful stunts, which makes Bailey doubt too, especially when she moves out. Charlie finally finds a new babysitter for Owen he can't fall in love with and manages to make Claudia realize Ross coming out as gay should not affect their fine tutoring and friendship.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Scott Wolf Scott Wolf - Bailey Salinger
Matthew Fox Matthew Fox - Charlie Salinger
Neve Campbell Neve Campbell - Julia Salinger
Lacey Chabert Lacey Chabert - Claudia Salinger
Paula Devicq Paula Devicq - Kirsten Bennett (credit only)
Scott Grimes Scott Grimes - Will McCorkle
Gates McFadden Gates McFadden - Greer Erikson
Darrell Larson Darrell Larson - Ed Brighton
Cari Shayne Cari Shayne - Nina DiMayo
Mitchell Anderson Mitchell Anderson - Ross Werkman
Sarah Lassez Sarah Lassez - Cynda
Carol-Ann Merrill Carol-Ann Merrill - Heather (as Carol-Ann Plante)
Jessica Hecht Jessica Hecht - Amanda
Catherine Lloyd Burns Catherine Lloyd Burns - Jeannie
Brandon Porter Brandon Porter - Owen Salinger

Claudia says "danger danger" when Greer asks Bailey about his love life. Lacey Chabert would later go on to star in a remake of Lost in Space wich made that quote famous.

Bailey comments to Greer about finding love in space and Gates McFadden, who played Greer, played Doctor Crusher in "Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The theme song is playing in the background as everyone is in the kitchen.

User reviews

Уou ll never walk alone

Уou ll never walk alone

I have been watching this show on Sundays (I can't do the whole binge watching without loosing interest in a show). So, I watch TV the old fashion way. I catch these shows on Netflix.

Party of Five was a show I never gave time to back when it aired as I was my twenties and did not watch a whole lot of TV back then. School, work and friends kept me occupied. I was aware of the show. Knew it was well received each week.

Now, I am watching it and each episode is new to me. I look forward to seeing an episode each Sunday.

This episode was okay. I found the Greer character a little far-fetched. But, that's okay. The show is about each character learning, growing and developing. So, the kids learn and move on.


An old friend of their parents comes by and tries to make Bailey and Julia feel good about themselves. Claudia starts feeling weird when she finds out that Scott is gay.

This was a pretty good episode. The story about Greer was in a way creepy. I guess in the 90's it was different but in our time seeing a woman in her 40's expose herself to a 16 year old boy is creepy. Luckily nothing happened. And the story with the photographer was good. Although back in those days a TV show should have been warning young girls not to pay money to get modeling pictures of them because this is how many got conned. It worked out for Julia though and she started feeling good about herself. Although she is really not the kind that should not feel pretty, Neve Campbell is incredibly attractive.

The story about Claudia and Scott was also good. Their friendship is pretty endearing. It didn't seem believable that she would have a problem with his sexuality. Even the idea that she wanted to marry him later in life was hard to buy (especially since she tried to set him up with the waitress), nonetheless it was a good story. I found it sweet how she apologized.

Charlie finding a nanny he wouldn't hit on because it is Bill was pretty funny.
lets go baby

lets go baby

Sorry to the fanboys and girls of the series, but as in all TV series, there's both good and bad, and this episode is indicative of the problems with this series. (Don't be too forlorn, fans, for I exalt the good qualities of POF in a review of the very next episode) The problems that are consistent in what is often a very well-done weekly series are when the episodes get bogged down in superficialities and preaching. this episode does more of that than others I've seen. The main concern here of nearly everyone of the Salinger kids is their appearance and presentation to peers and the opposite sex, and what is an extraordinary amount of low self-esteem. Before you advise me that this is certainly realistic of youth, let's remember that we're not watching merely a presentation of mundane issues of youth, but a series that's supposed to have more depth.

The second matter that is consistent with this series is the general preachiness of the Hollywood view of political dogma and morality. This is to be expected in such series as this, but this particular episode is pretty strident and rather unrealistic in presenting the reaction of the young sister towards her gay violin teacher when she learns of it. Unfortunately, the issue needed a antagonist's viewpoint to fully round out the statement, and the writers decided to make the young sister the unwitting antagonist, which I found reprehensible and out of character for her as well.

A low point in a fine series. For a high point, take a look at the very next episode, certainly one of the best.