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Steel Magnolias (1990) Online

Steel Magnolias (1990) Online
Original Title :
Steel Magnolias
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Thomas Schlamme
Cast :
Cindy Williams,Sally Kirkland,Elaine Stritch
Writer :
Robert Harling
Type :
Time :
Rating :

Television pilot based on the film. Although the show wasn't picked up for the fall schedule, CBS did air the pilot in the summer of 1990.

Steel Magnolias (1990) Online

Television pilot based on the film. Although the show wasn't picked up for the fall schedule, CBS did air the pilot in the summer of 1990. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Cindy Williams Cindy Williams - M'Lynn Eatenton
Sally Kirkland Sally Kirkland - Truvy Jones
Elaine Stritch Elaine Stritch - Ouiser Boudreaux
Polly Bergen Polly Bergen - Clairee Belcher
Sheila McCarthy Sheila McCarthy - Annelle Dupuy-Desoto
Tim Grimm Tim Grimm - Jackson Latcherie
Ernie Lively Ernie Lively - Drum Eatenton
Patrick Van Horn Patrick Van Horn - Jonathan Eatenton
Carl Franklin Carl Franklin - Nick Fontenot
Mary Pat Gleason Mary Pat Gleason - Janice Van Meter
Richard Zulnick Richard Zulnick - Tommy Eatenton
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jasper Cole Jasper Cole - Clerk
Chuck Long Chuck Long - Tucker Van Meter
Dana Reeve Dana Reeve - Elise (as Dana Morosini)

User reviews



I remember seeing this episode when it aired and though it conflicted a little from the movie, it was good.

One of the main things I remember was that M'Lynn and Jackson were kind of in a custody battle over the little boy.

I was surprised that Cindy Williams did such a good job, picking up where Sally Field left off. With big shoes to fill, Elaine Strict was a great Weeza and Polly Bergen did a good job as Claree.

The character of Anelle seemed to be back to the way she was at the beginning of the movie, with very little character development. Sally Kirkland seemed a little too harsh as Truvy. Throughout the episode, I never began to care for her.

It is a shame this show was not given an opportunity to develop and grow.


Watched it tonight on YouTube it wasn't awful but it wasn't great. Great cast. Annelle seemed to be more ditzy than she was in the film kinda reminded me of Charlene from Designing Women. M'Lynn seemed a little weak. Truvy was to harsh. Clairee and Ouisa was okay. Drum seemed too young, Jackson actually was a good fit.


With the original Off Broadway play a huge hit, a revival that sold out in spite of mixed reviews, a smash hit movie and a TV remake, "Steel Magnolias" has gotten so much attention I'm surprised that it wasn't musicalized. The attempt to make a TV series out of it (which probably would have been an hour long drama rather than a half hour sitcom) was nice and almost perfectly cast, but something in watching it again after almost 30 years since it aired makes me think it would have only lasted a short while.

It is a year since the death of Shelby, and the widowed Jackson (Tim Grimm) has started to date again, much to the concern of Shelby's mother, M'Lynn (Cindy Williams) and her big hearted but gossipy pals. They all still hang out at Truvy's (Sally Kirkland) and badmouth the briefly spotted Janice Van Meeter, and now they all express concern that Jackson's new girlfriend Elise (Dana Reeve) will be no replacement for Shelby should the relationship continue to grow. M'Lynn confronts her son-in-law, gets to meet Elise, and in a nice touch, opens her eyes to the fact that, like Sally Field's M'Lynn said in the movie, "Life goes on."

It's the ensemble that stands out, although I have my doubts that Sally Kirkland was the right choice for the big-hearted Truvy. Even with her declaration that nobody cries alone in her presence, I never quite believed those words coming out of her mouth like I did with Dolly Parton. Sheila McCarthy gets a few good lines in as the still quiet and religious Anelle, but the best dialog of course goes to the TV Ouiser and Clairee, played by two "Follies" Broadway babies, Elaine Stritch and Polly Bergen. Their friendly banter is both cantankerous and big-hearted, and I couldn't think of better casting for those parts. The chance to see this ensemble working together was a nice dream, but like many TV pilots, it got lost in the shuffle, and somebody wisely decided that the risk wasn't worth the taking, although a full TV movie with this cast of a follow-up story might have been a better idea than the half hour brief slice of Southern life we get here.