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The Silent (2015) Online

The Silent (2015) Online
Original Title :
The Silent
Genre :
Movie / Short / Mystery
Year :
Directror :
Toni Tikkanen
Cast :
Frida Rossi,Lauren Lehtinen,Toni Harjajärvi
Writer :
Toni Tikkanen
Budget :
Type :
Time :
Rating :
The Silent (2015) Online

An imperturbable and grotesque tranquillity shrouds the grim lakeside house, permeating its empty walls with visions of a life that is no more. Against the backdrop of a profound and appalling tragedy, the irreparable loss inextricably intertwines with numbing childhood fears and the nauseating trepidation of an imminent bleak future. Will she ever find solace again in the tranquil haven of a warm and silent embrace? {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview:
Frida Rossi Frida Rossi - Girl
Lauren Lehtinen Lauren Lehtinen - Woman
Toni Harjajärvi Toni Harjajärvi - Man
Risto Erjanko Risto Erjanko - Stranger

User reviews



The first temptation is to discover the meanings/senses of story. But that did not work very well, against the interpretations who are many, from the divorce of parents to the illness/death of mother The second temptation is to admire the impeccable cinematography , the great atmosphere, the flavor of classic film. It is not exactly a horror but a story about thin line between dream and reality. In essence, it could be a film about yourself. Because, for inner child, all is familiar. The fear, the cold air of nightmares, the motifs, the other yourself, the stranger, the field, the masked presences. Maybe, this is motif for who this short film is real special. As a reflection in mirror. Because, in well form, it could be a film about yourself.
Cherry The Countess

Cherry The Countess

What a movie! Amazing script and execution! This movie has amazing potential for full length movie in my opinion. Give it a shot.