» » L'Ombre Amoureuse (2018)

L'Ombre Amoureuse (2018) Online

L'Ombre Amoureuse (2018) Online
Original Title :
Lu0027Ombre Amoureuse
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Glenn Morisse
Cast :
Perry Cooke,Cecilia Selem,Maxwell DeVita
Writer :
Glenn Morisse
Budget :
Type :
Rating :
L'Ombre Amoureuse (2018) Online

Cast overview:
Perry Cooke Perry Cooke - Charlie
Cecilia Selem Cecilia Selem - Anna
Maxwell DeVita Maxwell DeVita - Angel

User reviews



With a well deserved nomination at the Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival, this movie adresses a universal, yet taboo, subject, through a sensual and immersive tale.

The movie manages to extract raw emotions from the characters, with an honest chemistry between the actors, a well-directed use of the scenery and a transporting film score.

While the movie is without speech, the pictures are worth a thousand words...