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Caveman's Buff (1917) Online

Caveman's Buff (1917) Online
Original Title :
Cavemanu0027s Buff
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Short
Year :
Directror :
Sidney Drew
Cast :
Sidney Drew,Mrs. Sidney Drew
Writer :
Thomas J. Geraghty
Type :
Rating :
Caveman's Buff (1917) Online

The plot hinges about the timidities of two bachelors with regard to proposals of matrimony, and in the course of the picture the second bachelor falls in love with the pretty woman who has become the wife of bachelor Number One, without knowing the situation.
Cast overview:
Sidney Drew Sidney Drew
Mrs. Sidney Drew Mrs. Sidney Drew

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The quality of "Cave Man's Buff" as a comedy offering cannot be questioned. It is clean and strictly funny, and we venture to say that the happy mix up of the love fancies of two timid bachelors will be thoroughly enjoyed by all who view this picture. Sydney Drew and Mrs. Sydney Drew never fail to be amusing in that legitimately comedy way that is doubly pleasing after the surfeit of low comedy to which the public has been and is being treated. The story of "Cave Man's Buff" is perfectly simple. It shows how a timid bachelor trying to make up his mind to propose to the woman of his choice is advised to try cave man methods. The proposal over and likewise the honeymoon, the heart of a bachelor friend becomes suddenly touched by a pretty face which he one day sees in the lobby of the office building in which both men work. The pretty one happens to be the wife of bachelor No. 1, and the incidents that follow, all of a good-natured comic sort, give the comedy a fitting climax. – The Moving Picture World, January 20, 1917