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Murdoch Mysteries Murdoch of the Living Dead (2008– ) Online

Murdoch Mysteries Murdoch of the Living Dead (2008– ) Online
Original Title :
Murdoch of the Living Dead
Genre :
TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Year :
Directror :
Yannick Bisson
Cast :
Yannick Bisson,Thomas Craig,Helene Joy
Writer :
Bob Carney,Cal Coons
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Murdoch Mysteries Murdoch of the Living Dead (2008– ) Online

Detective Murdoch investigates the death of Emily Fuller whose body is found on the riverbank. They trace her to her home where her husband Jeremiah is completely impassive. The dead woman's daughter Betty says her father has been like this since he had been away recently for a few days. Dr. Grace determines that Emily did not drown, as they had initially suspected, but was strangled by someone with a very large hand. Constable Crabtree thinks he knows what's happened after he finds that Jeremiah is officially dead - he's now a Haitian zombie, risen from the dead. After Dr. Grace finds that a second victim's brain has been operated on, Murdoch thinks he knows who they are dealing with. {locallinks-homepage}
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Yannick Bisson Yannick Bisson - Detective William Murdoch
Thomas Craig Thomas Craig - Inspector Thomas Brackenreid
Helene Joy Helene Joy - Dr. Julia Ogden (as Hélène Joy)
Jonny Harris Jonny Harris - Constable George Crabtree
Georgina Reilly Georgina Reilly - Dr. Emily Grace
Lachlan Murdoch Lachlan Murdoch - Constable Henry Higgins
Mike Shara Mike Shara - Dr. Luther Bates
Arcadia Kendal Arcadia Kendal - Betty Fuller
Grant Nickalls Grant Nickalls - Jeremiah Fuller
Tyler Murree Tyler Murree - Gus Smalls
Cara Ricketts Cara Ricketts - Rosina Denman
Katy Grabstas Katy Grabstas - Factory Girl
Lada Darewych Lada Darewych - Neighbour
David Vena David Vena - Biter
Julian Lewis Julian Lewis - Snarling Man

Drs. Grace and Ogden both mention the case of Phineas Gage, who suffered a traumatic brain injury when an iron rod was driven through his entire skull, destroying much of his frontal lobe. He miraculously survived the accident but was so changed as a result that many of his friends described him as an almost different man entirely.

This episode takes place in 1901.

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This is the story of a woman found dead that appears like she was drowned. She had a husband that used to beat her so he became the prime suspect. When they brought him to the police station he would not talk and looked weird. His daughter about 13 years old said her father went away for a few days and came back different, like he is not the same man she knew.

The investigation to find out where he was connects to a doctor that no one knows. The police find death certificates of people that are supposed to be dead but the doctor who worked in prison had been experimenting on their brain. Some have different names and released from prison.Thirteen of the first prisoners who were experimented on are worse than they were before and still jailed. They are like violent zombies.

Parts of this episode are very scary. Murdoch almost dies in this and Dr Ogden helps define a lot of mental situations in the series that I just don't buy but she does help in some cases to get people to talk