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Partners (1999) Online

Partners (1999) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Year :
Directror :
Brett Ratner
Cast :
Khandi Alexander,R. Nelson Brown,Lady Chablis
Type :
Rating :
Partners (1999) Online

Credited cast:
Khandi Alexander Khandi Alexander - Charlie
R. Nelson Brown R. Nelson Brown - Wirey Guy
Lady Chablis Lady Chablis - Beverly
Philip Baker Hall Philip Baker Hall - Scarpatti
Ashley Johnson Ashley Johnson - Janie
Jeremy Piven Jeremy Piven - Nick
Gigi Rice Gigi Rice - Phyllis
Daniel Stern Daniel Stern - Sam
Jessica Tuck Jessica Tuck - Lucy

User reviews



I may be bias having worked on this show. However since very few humans ever saw this pilot, you'll have to take my word for it. It was like The Odd Couple meets CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU? Sure we've seen the formula. Two excellent but very different Chicago cops are partnered to catch the bad guys. Which they do when they aren't arguing about everything under the sun. Jeremy Piven and Daniel Stern were as good a comic pairing as Martin and Lewis in this very funny, well written, Brett Ratner directed pilot. It was reportedly picked up by CBS and then dropped when regrettably one of the stars changed their mind about doing the show. Too bad. It would have given Piven and Entourage fans a tasty helping of the actor's now infamous genius for improvisation. Danny Stern, while handling admittedly less taxing "astonished straight man" duties, was as usual, enormously entertaining and likable. All and all this may be the funniest TV pilot that no one will ever see.