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Kuttimaa (2013) Online

Kuttimaa (2013) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Creative Work / Short / Comedy / Drama / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Ganesh Kumar Mohan
Cast :
Yeskay Durai,Shweta Gupta,Shwetha Gupta
Writer :
Ganesh Kumar Mohan
Budget :
INR 500,000
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :
Kuttimaa (2013) Online

The beautiful relationship between a grandmother & her grandchild. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Yeskay Durai Yeskay Durai - Krish
Shweta Gupta Shweta Gupta - Shruti
Shwetha Gupta Shwetha Gupta - Shruti
Pandian Pandian - Periyappa
Kr Rangamma Kr Rangamma - Kuttimaa
Vinod Varma Vinod Varma - Doctor

User reviews



Things that I liked:- 0) Kuttimaa (KR Rangamma) Performance - Can watch the movie one more time for her dialogs & expressions. Accompanied by natural acting of Krish (YasKay Durai) and Shruti (Shweta Gupta) 1) Loved the location selection. Could not beautify a film more.. Never knew Pollachi was this good. Excellent scenery choice with an equivalent camera work and a colorful capture 2) Location sounds. No compromise on this. Train crossing, temple, marriage house. Missed in a lot of movies. Hats off to attention to detail by the director 3) Perfect Dubbing by all - Personally liked the heroine's voice and dialog delivery 4) Placement of Songs - Definitely needs mentioning. Melodious tracks at the right places at the right time with a meaningful strong lyrics 5) A Different Thinking on the story- You will see this on the very beginning of the movie after the hero lands in Pollachi. Explaining this would reveal the story. So I don't want to go further. 6) Dialogues with solid foundation. Especially the ones written for Kuttimaa. 7) Climax - Best of the movie after Kuttimaa's performance. Took the film to the next level. 8) Editing - Creative & Professional. Loved the fonts & font size used for titling. Liked the end titling very much. 9) Music - Matches the scenes quite well.

Things that could have been better:- 1) Subtitle Font Size is too big. Made me lose focus on the movie. There was no option to turn off. 2) At some places of the movie, the BGM was too loud that it was hard for me to understand the dialog.

Reviewer's Looking Glass :p 1) Would a US return girl use a basic Nokia phone ;-) 2) Since when you get mobile signal at places where there had been no signal before? 3) Could have added few scenes in the beginning of how Yeskay & Shweta developed friendship in the train.


I still cannot come out of this film..still my eyes are moist.Words cannot just be enough for this film.the travel between the 2 lead characters makes us to travel along with them.

Excellent music composition.Excellent camera and editing was amazing enough to prove there talent

Rangamma just stolen our heart with her performance,as is Yeskay along with all the supporting characters.

One big Hats off to Ganesh for giving us such a wonderful Experience.

Just waiting for Ganesh to the big screen soon and many more congratulation for the entire team


An amazing short film, after a very long time. Kuttimma, as the name says, is always young cheerful, playful and bring a smile onto everyone watching her. A true meaning for motherhood and how close she lives to protect her grandson.

A great effort by the cast and crew of Kuttimma, wish they had extended the movie and would have hit the box office. An effort that is well appreciated.

In this era of ever changing fashion, glamour; comes Kuttimma, with her beautiful smile, amazing wit and charm. We have to commend her love for all the things around her, which makes this movie truly special.

Kuttima brought a smile to my face and left me thinking of her as my grandmother making me wish that she remains young as she is.

A story thats marks an edge over any love that the world has in itself.


I never feel like this after watching an short film like this . Congrats to director and Patti, i really like that song in climax it make me cry.uptp 35 min film going fully comedy and without sudden there comes hard part of the film. i had to tell you about heroin she is perfectly fit for the role and she plays it perfectly.first song with both of them is awesome. Some of the scenes are taken in village, so you are if you are an fan of green you mush watch this short.This film talks about relationship with an grandmother and grandson. In our life our grandmother's part is little only she may be with us till our first thirty years.


Kuttimaa - a sensible story to touch your heart with the wonderful portrait of a Grandma & Grandson's love and affection.

Nice way of just showing Durai vs Rangamma's life over stages in really short span - which was good enough too. Hats off to KR Rangamma's wonderful action. Interweaved comedy makes you feel happy all along.

Pleasing music, wonderful location takes it to next level. Editing was really good. Story line was narrated nicely. Really good job by the Director, Producer and crew. They have selected right artists, cinematographer & location.

Overall, one can definitely enjoy the 40 minutes short film. Kudos to all those who are involved in the production. :)


I am a great fan of Greenhornsfilms (well, even though this is their 2nd short movie), I am blown off from the picturization. Especially Kuttimaa spots, yen kannukullaiye irukku... I am basically from southern part of Tamil Nadu as well and I miss this Kongu Tamil accent. The locations and green fields are same as it used to be in my village(in my school days) which is not the same anymore :( The locations reminds me of my village 10 years ago....

I am a great fan of Kongu Tamil and that may be on the reasons for getting obsessed with this short movie..

Well done guys... I wish you all the best... Expecting similar kind of movies from you.... Probably good time to move to big screens ;)

Way to go !!!