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Un extraño en tu puerta (2004) Online

Un extraño en tu puerta (2004) Online
Original Title :
Stranger at the Door
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Douglas Jackson
Cast :
Linda Purl,Andrew Kraulis,Perry King
Writer :
Sophie Gendron,Richard Dana Smith
Type :
Time :
1h 32min
Rating :
Un extraño en tu puerta (2004) Online

Katherine "Kathy" is happily married to businessman Greg Norris and lives in his beautiful home with his about 18-year old daughter Tara. When suddenly a charming young man, who Tara first saw lurking around in the garden, turns up on their doorstep claiming he must be Jamie, the baby son she once gave up for adoption as a teenage mother on her parents' orders, the couple is delighted to meet him. They even take him in as they hear his adoptive parents have died in car accident and he's looking for a place to stay during his business studies just like Greg, to pay for which he held various jobs, even in Rio. The only one who remains suspicious is Tara, who doesn't want to be the kid sister and starts looking for holes is Jamie's story, going trough his things and having a friend examine his past- there are, since he didn't tell the Norris family about his lover who helps him unconditionally with his sinister hidden agenda... {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview:
Linda Purl Linda Purl - Kathleen Norris
Andrew Kraulis Andrew Kraulis - Jamie Fisher
Perry King Perry King - Greg Norris
Meredith Henderson Meredith Henderson - Tara Norris
Sophie Gendron Sophie Gendron - Delia Winter
Megan Fahlenbock Megan Fahlenbock - Elizabeth
Dean Hagopian Dean Hagopian - Maynard Zell
Lynne Adams Lynne Adams - Dr. Bloom
James Bradford James Bradford - Andrew Fisher
Carole Zorro Carole Zorro - Ellen Fisher
Brent Donnelly Brent Donnelly - Bank Manager
David L. McCallum David L. McCallum - Mr. Kohner (as David McCallum)
Diane White Diane White - Julie Evans
Steve Dylan Steve Dylan - The Real Jamie (as Steve Patterson)

User reviews



**SPOILERS** Illogical story about a long lost son Jamie Fisher, Andrew Kraulis,who unannounced and mysteriously shows up at his mothers Katherine Norris ,Linda Purl, home who gave him up for adoption back in Lancaster PA. 25 years ago and before you know it becomes a member of the family.

As Jamie starts to charm his way into his moms heart he also begins to weed into his dads Greg Norris, Perry King, wallet by setting the recovering heart-attack patient up for the "Big One" and then collecting the one million dollar insurance policy on him.

Why would Jamie who has everything going for him, a home a loving family and a future in his dads business, jeopardize all that and even end up on death row for what he's planing to do? thats the most interesting part of the movie. You don't get to know the truth about Jamie Fisher until the spunky daughter of the Norris family Tara, Meredith Henderson, who felt right from the start that this "Jamie" was a bit of a flake and weirdo starts to investigates. Tara comes up with some very disturbing information about him and his exploits. Yes Jamie claimed to be a big time world traveler who spent his time mostly in South America working on oil rigs, as well as his previous residence back in PA; which turned out to be nothing but a pile of horse sh*t.

Together with his unstable, she looked and acted like she was on the stuff, girlfriend Liz ,Magen Fahlenbock, Jamie planned to have the cash from Greg Norris' insurance policy wired to a bank in Costa Rica then check out of the country. There was just one small thing that Jamie didn't expect: wacky and dangerous Liz to find out that he's got only one plane ticket and it's not in her name.

Jamie who has Mr. Norris' million dollar insurance check taken to the bank by Katherine with him tagging alone to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Back home Liz is ready to blow Tara's brains out if anything does before the sweet and smooth talking Jamie does in poor Mr.Norris. At the bank she's spotted by her friend Delia, Sophie Gendron, who feels that something just isn't right and later calls a friend and neighbor of the Norris' for help.

The whole crazy plan falls apart back at the country cottage where Jamie and Liz took the Norris'after the bank switch in one of the most insane shoot-out between the two murdering blackmailers I've ever seen. There's nothing really that good about " Stranger at the Door" but it does hold your interest even though a number of scenes in the film make absolutely no sense at all.


This was an outstanding TV film on "Lifetime" and had lots of action and suspense. This family had a great home and were running into financial problems and all of a sudden a long lost son appears at their doorstep, Andrew Kraulis,(Jamie Fisher), who gains the love and support of this family and is adored by his mom, Linda Purl,(Katherine Norris). The plot gets quite involved and there is plenty of action through out the entire film. If you want to see a great film with great acting, some romance, and the suspense of not knowing how the film with end, watch and enjoy this one! The ending is quite interesting and I bet you will never guess what happens.


Who could believe that a movie with Perry King dying in the middle of it could still be this good? That's exactly right about "Stranger At the Door." It's an excellent mystery.

Andrew Kraulis makes believe he is Jamie. (By the way, Kraulis has an uncanny resemblance to Andrew McCarthy.) He learns about Jaime when both are imprisoned. It's also in prison that the phony Jamie takes up with fellow inmate Liz, who works in the pharmacy and looking like Faye Dunaway did in "Bonnie and Clyde." She is as vicious and as sinister as they come.

This duo plots to come into the home of Linda Purl and Perry King. King, a widower with a daughter, has remarried the lovely Purl. Purl gave up an illegitimate child at birth years before and he'll claim that he is the child. Trouble is that the real Jaime thought his mother and new husband were wealthy. They were struggling so our duo decides to knock off King to get his insurance money.

King's daughter is suspicious of "Jaime" from the beginning.

The story is a good one since while it deals with the usual themes of greed, murder and treachery, we have a cast that pulls out all the stops.

A just ending ensues which everyone will like.


I saw this movie or one just like it and it seems the movie i saw does not go along with the summary. the movie i saw did have Linda Purl in it but turned out to be different. the version i saw was a couple and the husband's daughter. the stranger that suddenly appears at the door goes along that he is Purl's long lost son whom she had when she was 16 and given away. this guy at the door arouses the suspicion first of the stepdaughter. she seems to be more on track with this guy than Purl and her husband. the interpretation i got is this Jamie Fisher guy charms his way in the family and endears himself with Purl. this guy is invited to stay with the family "while attending collage." this guy definitely has "plans" for his new family. Purl's husband has a heart condition and is ill quite often. Nothing prepares for what happens to the husband. Appears a life insurance scam is being planned and the stepsister is right on track with this fellow. I won't spoil the end of the movie which has many twists and let the viewers guess the end


This paint by numbers made for TV melodrama is exactly what you'd expect of its ilk. The kind of thing they play wall to wall on the Lifetime channel, where men are all b*stards and women are all victims.

This particular tale tells the story of a woman whose son she gave up for adoption when she was young comes knocking on her door. But is he everything he claims to be? You'll know everything that's going to happen 30 minutes before they do. Thankfully the cast are competent and make the best of the limited material they have been presented with.

A harmless 30 minutes but don't expect any surprises.

The Good:

Decent cast

The Bad:

Rather bland

Highly predictable

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

It's perfectly rational to allow someone to move in with you without doing any research on their background at all


Every few months -not more frequently than that- a quite good Lifetime movie turns up. This is one of them. Especially surprising is that the movie is directed by Lifetime's most frequent director, Douglas Jackson, usually an uninspired, unimaginative, pedestrian director. Perhaps this movie shows that Jackson is capable of decent work when he is given a screenplay much better than standard dull Lifetime fare and actors superior to Lifetime's potted amateurs. This movie is relatively well written, the plot moves along nicely and the performers are quite good, up to the standards of the consistently reliable Linda Purl. With the exception of Lifetime's ubiquitous and wooden Sophie Gendron, the actors here are professional and create interesting characters. In spite of the derivative nature of the plot and the unavoidable Lifetime tropes, I suspect that you will be pleasantly surprised by this movie.


I found this dvd in a garage sale for 1 euro, so I cannot really complain, especially since the movie was reasonably entertaining. But from an objective point of view there was a lot to say against it. Maybe my biggest reservation concerned the lack of any fire or passion or genuine excitement, which should be an important ingredient of this kind of thriller, even if it is made for tv. The basic premise is strong enough to build an interesting movie on, and the acting of especially mother, father and daughter is fine. But it's all so terribly neat and polished! And the many improbabilities in the script didn't help either.

I mean: what would you do if the son that you gave up for adoption after birth and since then you never ever heard of anymore, after 20-odd years suddenly stands on your doorstep? Faint? Fall on your knees crying? Be totally dumbstruck in disbelief?? Here mother Linda Purl does nothing of the sort: her biggest emotion is putting up wide eyes, and then she simply asks the boy in for tea and immediately presents him as her long lost son to her family. Her husband is absolutely angelic: apparently already aware of the past history of his wife, he pats the new family-member on the shoulders and invites him to live with them. No-one does logical things, like: asking the boy to tell about how he lived the past 20 years; if (besides his deceased adoptive parents) he has brothers or sisters, grandparents, friends; if he is financially independent, maybe the inheritor of his parents house; what other belongings he has besides his traveling bag. No-one brings-up the most obvious: a DNA-test, even as a formality. Only the daughter is slightly suspicious, but she hardly does anything with the lies that she discovers. Why didn't she follow him to the university, to see if he really went to college? And isn't it strange that this boy seems totally content with finding his mother and doesn't once inquire after his biological father?!

As I said, the acting of the family-members was fine, but I got a bit fed-up with the sons girlfriend, her supposed tough attitude went way over the top! And unfortunately main character Jamie (Andrew Kraulis) couldn't really act beyond his handsome face: as a villain he was hardly convincing.

Well, as I said at the start: reasonably entertaining and you stay put untill the end to see with what twists they close up the story, but otherwise it's just not really bad nor really good, so I have to rank it no more than a 6 out-of 10.