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Calea Dunarii (2013) Online

Calea Dunarii (2013) Online
Original Title :
Calea Dunarii
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Sabin Dorohoi
Cast :
Razvan Schinteie,Constantin Dinulescu,Serena Stanciu
Writer :
Sabin Dorohoi
Budget :
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Calea Dunarii (2013) Online

A 7 years boy lives with his Grandfather in a small Romanian village by the Danube. His parents are working abroad, in Vienna. The boy left at home misses them a lot. As he is having a special relationship with the river, tries to connect with his parents and embarks on a journey on water. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview:
Razvan Schinteie Razvan Schinteie - Ionut
Constantin Dinulescu Constantin Dinulescu - Bunicul
Serena Stanciu Serena Stanciu - Ana
Ileana Caprariu Ileana Caprariu - Invatatoarea
Sorina Apetrei Sorina Apetrei - Mama (photo)
Valentin Apetrei Valentin Apetrei - Tata (photo)
Beniamin Apetrei Beniamin Apetrei - Bebelus (photo)

User reviews



As any short movies, a social issue is tackled. This one makes no exception, but this isn't the whole movie. Every still and every frame speaks louder than any of the few words used in the film do. The short is highly praised and won several awards on it's own merit. You get absorbed in the first minute and you do not feel the need to comment on anything, not even when the short is done. The general frame of the movie, filmed on the Danube Defile (the only mountain part crossed by the Danube on Romanian territory) will leave a serious print on the viewer's retina. The main character is a kid, and only two other people come to his aid: his Grandpa and a friend of the same age. The synergy of the three is consistent even though it doesn't have enough time to build up, which, in my opinion, translates into good acting.