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48 Hours The Girl Next Door (1988– ) Online

48 Hours The Girl Next Door (1988– ) Online
Original Title :
The Girl Next Door
Genre :
TV Episode / Documentary / News
Year :
Cast :
Dale Dockery,William Dockery,Melanie Garner
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
48 Hours The Girl Next Door (1988– ) Online

An ex-wife guns down her former husband -- did she break after being abused or was it cold-blooded murder? Erin Moriarty reports.
Episode credited cast:
Dale Dockery Dale Dockery - Himself
William Dockery William Dockery - Himself
Melanie Garner Melanie Garner - Herself
Tracey Grissom Tracey Grissom - Herself
Erin Moriarty Erin Moriarty

User reviews



How do you get away with murder? If you're a woman, shoot your husband and plead the battered wife's defence. Even if he is an ex- husband. It nearly worked for Tracey Grissom; the only person she has to blame for her 25 year sentence is herself, because incredibly before her case could go to the jury, the judge intervened saying he thought it was manslaughter rather than murder. The prosecution was prepared to agree to the plea - having asked for forty years; her own lawyer thought it was a good deal; having faked a rape and bruised herself into the bargain, Tracey thought she was nearly home and dry. Alas, karma caught up with her at the final hurdle.

Was Hunter Grissom a saint? Definitely not. Did he assault her? There is credible evidence of this, although there may have been an element of reciprocal violence in their relationship. Whatever, it takes a lot more mitigation than she had to empty a gun into a man and walk away virtually scot free. In this documentary, Tracey cries on cue for the camera, but when a woman's tears conflict with physical evidence, only white knights, manginas and rad-fems should follow their hearts rather than their heads.