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Augenblick (2013) Online

Augenblick (2013) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Adrian Topol
Cast :
Burhan Altun,Can Ciftci,Berivan Aslan
Writer :
Arend Remmers,Julia Jacob
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Augenblick (2013) Online

The German-Turkish teenager Chero (16) lives the typical life of an immigrant kid in a small German working-class town. Instead of going to school he sells marijuana on the streets. His best friend Can (16) admires Chero's seemingly careless life and is fed up with going to school. Can wishes he could be just as free and independent as Chero. Chero on the other hand secretly envies Can for his intact family life and his chance for a better future. Chero finally gives in to Can's persistence and introduces him to his marijuana supplier. Just the next day the two friends find themselves running a dubious drug deal, which ultimately puts their friendship to a tough test. With fatal consequences.
Cast overview:
Burhan Altun Burhan Altun - Chero
Can Ciftci Can Ciftci - Can
Berivan Aslan Berivan Aslan - Ayleen
Erkan Acar Erkan Acar - Oktay
Ulas Kilic Ulas Kilic - Chero's Vater
Günfer Cölgecen Günfer Cölgecen - Can's Mutter
Judith Hoersch Judith Hoersch - Lehrerin
Bernhard Bulling Bernhard Bulling - Tankwart