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Wedding Slips (1928) Online

Wedding Slips (1928) Online
Original Title :
Wedding Slips
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Short
Year :
Directror :
Jules White
Cast :
Monte Collins,Lucille Hutton,Jack Lloyd
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Wedding Slips (1928) Online

A young pair of newlyweds crash into a gypsy camp, where strange encounters with love and the law await them.
Cast overview:
Monte Collins Monte Collins - The Newlywed Husband
Lucille Hutton Lucille Hutton - The Newlywed Wife
Jack Lloyd Jack Lloyd
Robert Graves Robert Graves
Eva Thatcher Eva Thatcher - The Old Gypsy

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Monty Collins and his bride, Lucille Hutton, drive into a gypsy camp pursued by a cop who looks like Andy Clyde. Is that Jack Lloyd as the gypsy chief? Enquiring minds want to know. Anyway, the gypsy chief wants to swap wives and a gorilla appears to kidnap Lucille. In the end, everything is sorted out.

There's a randomness to the gags in this one-reeler directed by Jules White that make it less than excellent. On the other hand, Monty Collins is relatively engaging and knows how to perform the stunts.

This was as far as he got. He would shortly be reduced to the ranks of supporting comics again, although he would work steadily, usually for Jules White. He got a few good licks in, particularly in support of Buster Keaton. This movie won't convince you to seek out more Monty Collins comedies, but it will keep you engaged for the ten minutes it lasts.