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Pass It On: The History Boys on Screen (2007) Online

Pass It On: The History Boys on Screen (2007) Online
Original Title :
Pass It On: The History Boys on Screen
Genre :
Creative Work / Documentary / Short
Year :
Cast :
Samuel Anderson,Samuel Barnett,Alan Bennett
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :
Pass It On: The History Boys on Screen (2007) Online

After the success of the play, "The History Boys" team was turned into a movie featuring the same original cast, director Nicholas Hytner and playwright Alan Bennett providing the screenplay. This is a behind the scenes documentary that shines a light on this transformation to the screen and the great experiences the young cast (and the veteran actors as well) had while making both projects.
Credited cast:
Samuel Anderson Samuel Anderson - Himself
Samuel Barnett Samuel Barnett - Himself
Alan Bennett Alan Bennett - Himself
Stephen Campbell Moore Stephen Campbell Moore - Himself
Dominic Cooper Dominic Cooper - Himself
James Corden James Corden - Himself
Frances de la Tour Frances de la Tour - Herself
Sacha Dhawan Sacha Dhawan - Himself
Richard Griffiths Richard Griffiths - Himself
Nicholas Hytner Nicholas Hytner - Himself
Andrew Knott Andrew Knott - Himself
Kevin Loader Kevin Loader - Himself
Jamie Parker Jamie Parker - Himself
Russell Tovey Russell Tovey - Himself

This featurette is featured on The History Boys (2006) DVD, released in 2007.

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Another fine documentary about the making of an important film, in this case the cult classic "The History Boys" - I say cult because it's very under the radar around here, it's a film from and for small circles and still hasn't expanded with more viewers. What attracts the most about this adaptation from the play by Alan Bennett is the fact of seeing the original play cast performing their theatre roles in the film version, with no altering, and that's a lesson Hollywood has yet to learn (because I'm still not over how Spielberg went ahead with a newcomer in "War Horse" when the original lead actor from the play already had an impressive film career and was fit for the role despite being older).

A lovely cast of young actors (Dominic Cooper, Samuel Barnett and others) and the admirable veterans Richard Griffiths and Frances de la Tour share their experiences while being part of a same product presented in different medias, the challenges both offer to them and also explain a little about their characters. With their testimonies and some jokes here and there, we as audience feel delighted in seeing how their charisma got easily translated to the screen, making it one of the most charming and successful comedies of all time. A legacy and partnership so interesting that writer Bennett, director Nicholas Hytner and the film's cast returned in "The Lady in the Van" (the actors play minor roles); they all had a special bond that is really hard to find in the film/theatre business.

This bonus material can be found on "The History Boys" DVD along with another one that presents the world tour of the play with the same cast (Broadway, Australia and Japan, if I'm not wrong), basically a video diary made by the boys. Great material as well, which shines a light in the difficulties of performing in front of different audiences from different places and whom sometimes doesn't even speak the same language. Both films are positively enjoyable. 8/10