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Le Mans: Racing Is Everything Online

Le Mans: Racing Is Everything  Online
Original Title :
Le Mans: Racing Is Everything
Genre :
TV Series / Documentary
Cast :
Shea Adam,John Hindhaugh,André Lotterer
Type :
TV Series
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Limited series follows the participants of France's 24-hour car race that takes place annually in Le Mans.

Le Mans: Racing Is Everything Online

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is a race like no other and the most elite endurance motorsport race in the world. Taking place in France each year, it is an endurance test for drivers and cars that takes a full day to complete. With unprecedented access to six of the best-in-class teams, high-tech cars, and professional drivers, this mini-series travels to team shops and test tracks around the globe to look at preparations in the run-up to the 2015 event. It then covers the highs and lows of the race to provide and in-depth look at those who put it all on the line for glory in what's known as "the Mount Everest of motorsports."
Series cast summary:
Shea Adam Shea Adam - Herself 6 episodes, 2017
John Hindhaugh John Hindhaugh - Himself 6 episodes, 2017
André Lotterer André Lotterer - Himself 6 episodes, 2017
Louis Mellis Louis Mellis - Narrator 6 episodes, 2017
Jim Roller Jim Roller - Himself 6 episodes, 2017
Darren Cox Darren Cox - Himself 5 episodes, 2017
Jann Mardenborough Jann Mardenborough - Himself 5 episodes, 2017
Mark Webber Mark Webber - Himself 5 episodes, 2017
Timo Bernhard Timo Bernhard - Himself 4 episodes, 2017
Brendon Hartley Brendon Hartley - Himself 4 episodes, 2017
Sébastien Buemi Sébastien Buemi - Himself 3 episodes, 2017
Marcel Fässler Marcel Fässler - Himself 3 episodes, 2017
Bart Hayden Bart Hayden - Himself 3 episodes, 2017
Claire Hayden Claire Hayden - Herself 3 episodes, 2017
Steve Mardenborough Steve Mardenborough - Himself 3 episodes, 2017
Chris Reinke Chris Reinke - Himself 3 episodes, 2017
Andreas Seidl Andreas Seidl - Himself 3 episodes, 2017

User reviews



I like the race 24h of Le Mans very much and I am happy they did this series about it. But, what is really strange is how they made it about the legendary endurance race and did not include the nine time winner (a record by far) over seventeen years of Le Mans career, gentleman with the nickname "Mr. Le Mans" - Danish driver Tom Kristensen. Without him and what he has to say on the matter - it is just not interesting as is should be, especially for the audience which is following the race from year to year. Imagine what he might have contributed. Sorry - not good enough.


This could have been a great series - the photography is excellent, the interviews with drivers and crews are fun and informative, and the exploration of the differing technologies within the competing cars is fascinating. Unfortunately, the series was ruined by moronic, reality-TV style narration and editing. The insincere, melodramatic tones of the amateur narrators that are piped through "small radio-speaker" sound filters made me cringe every time I heard them. The choppy editing speeds up and slows down cars to try to create more drama, and draws attention to itself and away from the race. This series is a huge disappointment.


I am in the middle of watching this series. I have not followed Le Mans, but knew it was a 24 hour torture test for both man and machine. I was amazed at some of the details that they went into concerning use of cutting edge technology and method of choice and training for the drivers. There was also a bit of history thrown in. The cinematography and editing were to my liking. I think I will go out of this knowing a whole lot more than I did going in.
Tyler Is Not Here

Tyler Is Not Here

I don't follow Le Mans racing but used to watch Formula One racing growing up. This is a really good series in my regard. I especially like how the different drivers are interviewed and how the main gist of the race is shown. Unlike others, I found the editing style a good addition. Hopefully, this returns for another season.


Ugh, the voice-overs just kill this. The info and footage is great but whoever decided that the voice-over should sound like it was coming from a transistor radio from the 60s should never get another job in film. This just makes it difficult to watch. There are so many good story lines and just as you are enjoying the story they cut to some footage with a voice-over that is from someone clearly not involved in racing and then they make that worse by the fake radio announcer sound.


For some dumb reason, they have the woman sounding like she did her narration onto a 78 record. The record was then played back on a gramophone and the sound that came out of the horn was recorded.

Why? I have no idea.

I'm giving it a 4 because I turned the sound off and turned on closed captioning.

Also, blah, blah...Paul Newman, blah, blah, Steve McQueen. I hate when people try to justify something because famous or glamorous people like something. Good lord, these were just 2 guys that were talented in one aspect of their lives and were able to peruse a hobby that they were pretty good (or very good) at. They weren't f'in royalty, but at least they earned their spot as opposed to royalty who won the sperm lottery.


(Flash Review)

This was a 6 part documentary on the 2015 24 Hour of LeMans race. For those with an intermediate knowledge of this type of racing, as myself, you will learn nothing new. What those people will see, are candid behind the scenes comments, emotions and specific race details. So that makes it worthwhile to get a racing fix. The editing that spliced in race footage from talking heads was nicely done. There was even some nice historical portions in the first episode spliced in as well. The director even went into detail from many team's perspectives on their goals, dreams and how things ultimately panned out for them. Overall, it was solid but didn't rev me up (sorry, couldn't resist).