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Breaking the Curse (2014) Online

Breaking the Curse (2014) Online
Original Title :
Breaking the Curse
Genre :
Movie / Short / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Craig Nigh
Cast :
Thomas Faustin Huisking,Johnny Walter,Craig Nigh
Writer :
Craig Nigh
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Breaking the Curse (2014) Online

Two would-be studs on a usual Friday night hunting spree. While swapping stories of their recent escapades they finally admit that neither of them has been laid in months. The faithful bar keep sends them to Igor the Russian Master who explains they have the 'Curse' and will have to go on a quest of redemption in order to find Lady luck again. They see a gypsy, dance at a gay bar and make a 'Fat Lady' sing. One discovers he wants true love the other may want something else.
Cast overview:
Thomas Faustin Huisking Thomas Faustin Huisking - Shawn
Johnny Walter Johnny Walter - Tyler
Craig Nigh Craig Nigh - Igor Nine-inchski
Kaylene Ball Kaylene Ball - Erica
Natalie Makenna Natalie Makenna - Lindsay (as Natalie Wilemon)
Pilar Andújar Grech Pilar Andújar Grech - Gypsy (as Pilar Andujar)
Jennifer Coy Jennifer Coy - Ophelia
Brian Villalobos Brian Villalobos - Gay DJ
Jeff Grossman Jeff Grossman - Helmut
Iba Thiam Iba Thiam - Gypsy Stoner
Bobbie Grace Bobbie Grace - Igor Girl #1
Ada Scarborough Ada Scarborough - Igor Girl #2
Kat Steffens Kat Steffens - Erica Friend (as Kat Connor)
Clem Beard Clem Beard - Old Man