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Strange Triangle (1946) Online

Strange Triangle (1946) Online
Original Title :
Strange Triangle
Genre :
Movie / Adventure / Crime / Drama /
Year :
Directror :
Ray McCarey
Cast :
Signe Hasso,Preston Foster,Anabel Shaw
Writer :
Jack Andrews,Mortimer Braus
Type :
Time :
1h 5min
Rating :
Strange Triangle (1946) Online

Viperish Francine Huber seduces visiting salesman Sam Crane. Sam later finds out that Francine is married to a business associate of his and decides to have no more to do with her. Francine is relentless and soon gets Sam involved in trying to cover up her husband's embezzling activities and ultimately implicates him in a murder.
Cast overview:
Signe Hasso Signe Hasso - Francine Huber
Preston Foster Preston Foster - Sam Crane
Anabel Shaw Anabel Shaw - Betty Wilson
Shepperd Strudwick Shepperd Strudwick - Earl Huber (as John Shepperd)
Roy Roberts Roy Roberts - Harry Matthews
Emory Parnell Emory Parnell - Barney Shaefer
Nancy Evans Nancy Evans - Hilda Shaefer
Gladys Blake Gladys Blake - Harry's Receptionist
Frank Pershing Frank Pershing - Bank Guard
Robert Malcolm Robert Malcolm - Bank President Thomas Miggs
Jack Davis Jack Davis - Lawyer
Frank Wilcox Frank Wilcox - Lawyer
George Melford George Melford - Judge

User reviews



Not listed in many reference books, this fast-moving and absorbing crime melodrama is significant for its venal, scheming femme fatale portrayed in offbeat fashion by Signe Hasso. Rather colorlessly directed by Leo McCarey's brother, it lacks the dark, fatalistic tone that would have made it a memorable noir along the lines of Blonde Ice or Decoy. Still, the weaving of the black widow's treacherous web makes it a highly watchable item, with some good sets and camera set-ups thrown in. Recommended for B-movie fans, noir completists, and misogynists.


As I've heard people say, 'one bad apple spoils the rest of the bunch', really applies to this film about a woman who destroys people's lives so nonchalantly, quickly and totally without conscience. Not available on video and rarely seen on TV this film deals with missing funds in the banking industry and how an innocent bystander nearly pays for it all. Told in a series of flashbacks this is a great mystery. Enjoy!


Sam (Preston Foster) is sent to look over the accounts at a bank managed by Earl (John Shepperd). He finds nothing unusual and is preparing to return home when Earl's interfering secretary Betty (Anabel Shaw) points out to him that £3,000 has gone missing. Can Sam get to the bottom of this embezzlement....?

Get past her strange accent and Signe Hasse is good as Earl's wife "Francine". Preston Foster also does well in the lead role although we are asked to bend belief with his character when he digs into his own pocket to pay for someone else's debt. We also have to put up with a do-gooder, jobsworth, goody-goody, tell-tale tit in Anabel Shaw's portrayal of Betty. I hate people like her! She sticks her nose in when she really shouldn't care.

Although the film moves along at a good pace, nothing ever seems to happen. It's just all a bit boring........and a bit confusing.