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Original Title :
Village Hall
Genre :
TV Series / Comedy / Drama
Cast :
Reginald Barratt,Priscilla Morgan,Frank Crompton
Type :
TV Series
Time :
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Village Hall Online

Anthology series with each episode a different story set in a village hall.
Series cast summary:
Reginald Barratt Reginald Barratt - Mr. Whalley / - 3 episodes, 1974
Priscilla Morgan Priscilla Morgan - Betty / - 2 episodes, 1974-1975
Frank Crompton Frank Crompton - 832 Warburton / - 2 episodes, 1974-1975
Stella Moray Stella Moray - Lana Gaybelle / - 2 episodes, 1974-1975
Keith Clifford Keith Clifford - Bandaged voter 2 episodes, 1974
Fred Crossley Fred Crossley - Tiddler Jackson 2 episodes, 1975

User reviews



A very enjoyable series from Granada, spanned over two seasons, 1974 and 1975. Unusual to most series, in the facts that it's the Village Hall itself that's the star of the show, each episode shows how the Town Hall serves the community, and how it's used and abused by the locals.

I'd argue the first series is stronger then the second, but the quality throughout is very much there. Favourite episode for me comes in the first series, There'll Almost Always Be an England, where a gas leak forces the villagers to camp down in the Hall, under the watchful eye of the overpowering Mr Joyce (Bernard Hepton.)

Some marvellous performances throughout, including Patrick Troughton, George Cole, Ron Moody, Liz Smith and John Le Mesurier, the list of British character actors is endless.

Some may argue it's a little dated, and in some ways perhaps it is, Mrs Pankhurst would have a fit is she could see how some of the women are depicted. All in all though it's a wonderful series of unique plays. 8/10