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Miasmata (2014) Online

Miasmata (2014) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Fantasy
Year :
Directror :
Francisco Salazar
Cast :
Leandro Cóccaro,Carlos de la Orden,Marcelo Di Paola
Writer :
Francisco Salazar,Julián Verdier
Budget :
Type :
Rating :
Miasmata (2014) Online

A retro futurist adventure, in a imaginary past... This is a two side war, for one side you can found Brigadier Montgomery, a soldier who lost his son in an experiment that went wrong. He want to protect the whole world of this kind of incidents, in the other corner you will found the rebels... Thomas Pan it's a young rebel, in the middle of a war for knowledge, he believe that finding Tesla all will be fixed, but the true may be dangerous. And will awake a more dangerous foe.
Credited cast:
Leandro Cóccaro Leandro Cóccaro - Thomas Pan
Carlos de la Orden Carlos de la Orden - Comandante McLaren
Marcelo Di Paola Marcelo Di Paola - Sargento John Butcher
Alejandro Fiore Alejandro Fiore - Brigadier Charles Montgomery
Hernán Márquez Hernán Márquez - Teniente Pier Irwing
Andrés Várszegi Andrés Várszegi - Laguz