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Blake's 7 Seek-Locate-Destroy (1978–1981) Online

Blake's 7 Seek-Locate-Destroy (1978–1981) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
TV Episode / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Vere Lorrimer
Cast :
Gareth Thomas,Sally Knyvette,Paul Darrow
Writer :
Terry Nation,Terry Nation
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Blake's 7 Seek-Locate-Destroy (1978–1981) Online

Supreme Commander Servalan assigns Federation military officer Space Commander Travis (wounded by Blake) to eliminate Blake and the crew of the Liberator. However, Travis takes Cally captive, when Blake and the crew steal a message decoder from a Federation security base on Centero.
Episode complete credited cast:
Gareth Thomas Gareth Thomas - Roj Blake
Sally Knyvette Sally Knyvette - Jenna Stannis
Paul Darrow Paul Darrow - Kerr Avon
Jan Chappell Jan Chappell - Cally
Michael Keating Michael Keating - Vila Restal
David Jackson David Jackson - Olag Gan
Peter Tuddenham Peter Tuddenham - Zen (voice)
Stephen Greif Stephen Greif - Space Commander Travis
Jacqueline Pearce Jacqueline Pearce - Supreme Commander Servalan
Peter Craze Peter Craze - Prell
Peter Miles Peter Miles - Secretary Rontane
John Bryans John Bryans - Senator Bercol
Ian Cullen Ian Cullen - Base Commander Escon
Ian Oliver Ian Oliver - Rai
Astley Jones Astley Jones - Eldon

This was the episode with the highest ratings on original UK transmission. On a season-by-season basis, season three had a 9.4 million average, with season one slightly lower on 9.2. The fourth and final season averaged 8.5 million viewers, with season two the least watched at an average of 7.1.

Ian Cullen was a late casting when the actor first booked to play Escon had to withdraw because recent side-effects of an accident.

Federation interceptors and Mutoids are mentioned for the first time.

Peter Craze, who appears as Prell in this story, would later appear in Blake's 7: Sand (1981) as "Servalan's Assistant".

This is the first of two episodes to feature Rontane and Bercol.

This episode sees the first appearances of Servalan and Travis.

Blake's arrest was seen in flashback in Blake's 7: The Way Back (1978), with no sign of Travis or the weapon Blake shot him with.

The information gained from the cypher machine is referenced in Blake's 7: Bounty (1978).

More details are given of the field medic who saved Travis in Blake's 7: Deliverance (1978).

User reviews



In "Seek-Locate-Destroy", the Supreme Leader Servalan assigns Space Commander Travis to eliminate Blake and his company on The Liberator. Travis takes Cally captive when Blake and crew steal a message detector from a Federation security base on Centero.

This is a good episode of "Blake's 7" which is let down by lethargic pacing, which is really a shame as there's a lot to love about this episode such as us seeing more of the mechanics and politics behind the Federation. There is really some fine characterization and writing in this episode but I found that it dragged in spots.



This episode of BLAKES 7 sees the debut of the two long running villains Supreme Commander Servelan and Space Commander Travis . You can understand the pros and cons of having two recurring baddies in the show . In its favour Servelan does show the audience how the Terran Federation exists and develops along the course the series but the problem is that she's constantly over used and puts herself in more and more unlikely situations as the series continues . Ask yourself how credible it would be if Hilary Clinton joined a navy SEALs team on a mission to bump off Osama Bin Laden ?

As an introduction both characters work well enough with Travis being slightly to the fore played well by Stephen Grief playing Travis in much the same way as a Naval intelligence officer( A euphemism for chief torturer ) from Franco's Spain or a Junta republic in South America would be played . The episode is rather simplistic plot wise featuring The Liberator crew trying to steal a decoding machine in a mission that goes fubar . This allows the episode to flesh out what sort of system Blake is fighting and the character interaction between Servalan and Travis isn't all that different than the one between Blake and Avon . Another point to notice is how many Federation bases resemble oil refineries . Not a criticism because the functionalism of these type of locations is convincing