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I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!  Online
Original Title :
Iu0027m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!
Genre :
TV Series / Adventure / Reality TV
Cast :
John Lehr,Caitlyn Jenner,Cris Judd
Type :
TV Series
Time :
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I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! Online

Based on the successful British TV show of the same name, so-called "celebrities" leave behind their pampered lives for weeks of roughing it in a remote outpost of the inhospitable Australian rainforest. The celebrities live out in the open, sleeping on makeshift cots in primitive conditions and trading their gourmet meals for rice, beans and water. Viewers vote, by phone and Internet, to keep their favorite contestant in the camp; the one receiving the least number of votes each night is forced to leave. The lone, remaining celebrity at the end of the trial emerges as the King or Queen of the Jungle.
Series cast summary:
John Lehr John Lehr - Himself - Host 15 episodes, 2003
Caitlyn Jenner Caitlyn Jenner - Himself (7th Celebrity to Leave) 15 episodes, 2003
Cris Judd Cris Judd - Himself / - 15 episodes, 2003
Melissa Rivers Melissa Rivers - Herself / - 15 episodes, 2003
Lou Diamond Phillips Lou Diamond Phillips - Himself 14 episodes, 2009
John Salley John Salley - Himself 14 episodes, 2009
Downtown Julie Brown Downtown Julie Brown - Herself (6th Celebrity to Leave) 14 episodes, 2003
Torrie Wilson Torrie Wilson - Herself 14 episodes, 2009
Sanjaya Malakar Sanjaya Malakar - Himself 14 episodes, 2009
Patti Blagojevich Patti Blagojevich - Herself 14 episodes, 2009
Damien Fahey Damien Fahey - Himself - Host 14 episodes, 2009
Myleene Klass Myleene Klass - Herself - Host 14 episodes, 2009
Janice Dickinson Janice Dickinson - Herself 14 episodes, 2009
Tyson Beckford Tyson Beckford - Himself (5th Celebrity to Leave) 13 episodes, 2003
Stephen Baldwin Stephen Baldwin - Himself 14 episodes, 2009
Spencer Pratt Spencer Pratt - Himself 14 episodes, 2009
Heidi Montag Heidi Montag - Herself 14 episodes, 2009
Nikki Ziering Nikki Ziering - Herself (4th Celebrity to Leave) 12 episodes, 2003
Maria Conchita Alonso Maria Conchita Alonso - Herself (3rd Celebrity to Leave) 11 episodes, 2003
Frances Callier Frances Callier - Herself 14 episodes, 2009
Angela Shelton Angela Shelton - Herself 14 episodes, 2009
Alana Stewart Alana Stewart - Herself (2nd Celebrity to Leave) 10 episodes, 2003
Daniel Baldwin Daniel Baldwin - Himself 12 episodes, 2009
Robin Leach Robin Leach - Himself (1st Celebrity to Leave) 9 episodes, 2003
Holly Montag Holly Montag - Herself 9 episodes, 2009

User reviews



This show suffered from four fatal flaws:

1) The list of celebrities. I realize that C-List celebs are perfect for these types of shows, but when they are at the bottom of that list, do they even qualify for 'celebrity' status anymore? I was only able to associate 4 or 5 of them to the event that made them 'famous'. It is a good decision that they had their names on their clothing or I would never of known who was who.

2) Telephone vote-outs. When the contestants are not involved in the process of who leaves, it makes for a very bland show (see Big Brother 1). No scheming, no alliances, nothing. Just a bunch of people sitting around, acting chummy-chummy waiting for the days to pass.

3) Airing in real time. This CAN work when done properly (Big Brother 2), but it takes quite a bit of skill and a lot of time. This show lasted 14 days, hardly enough time to really get to know any of these people or for any storylines to emerge on their own.

4) Celebrities being given practically everything they asked for. They had lip balm, plenty of food, shelter when it rained etc. It seemed to me that these people were living better on the show than in their real lives!

"I'm a Celeb.." was a boring, poorly done survivor-clone and I doubt we will ever see another one.


This is probably one of the worst TV shows of all times. Bring some of the most annoying "celebrities" in the world together, and let them camp out. They compete in a Survivor-like show. It is my greatest hopes that some are still out there waiting to be rescued.

I did watch it when it aired. But I watched it hoping for somebody to die. Sadly it didn't happen. I was willing to give it a 10 if somebody actually did. At least that would be interesting. This is just annoying. There was a second season when they apparently ran out of things to put on the air. It was just as bad if not worst. I don't know why they even tried a second time.


Come on guys, lets give a hand to the celebrities that appeared on this show. I mean, they did it for charity and no matter how lame it may have seemed, it was for a good cause. The other reality shows are for people who want the $$$. It was unselfish of these celebs to give of their time (publicity aside) for charity. Keep up the good work, and Melissa - stay nice - you are a good girl.


I am not going to tell everybody how horrible I think this show is, because that is for your own consideration. I just wanna point out to everybody who expects celebrities that there are none in this TV-series. I am a movies/series/TV fan, and I was disappointed by the lack of celebrities in this show. What were they thinking when they came up with the name for this TV-series! I have nothing positive to share about this show because who cares if these people can get out of there anyway? I know I don't!! There are a few participants that might be a known within some "target audience" , but I am surprised that their TV-network accepts this title! And actually I am also surprised that IMDb accepts it.


In the sad genre that is "reality" television, this show at least had a modicum of humanity to it. While several of the celebrities were the prima donnas you might expect, others seemed like genuinely good people. The three finalists, John Melendez, Melissa Rivers, and winner Chris Judd were not only liked by the voting public but also by their castaway peers. What set this show apart was that the program fostered cooperation among the participants and not guile. The living conditions did appear to be difficult because of the constant rain. The "Bushtucker" challenges were somewhat creative and not too far over the top. Further, if a celebrity was a jerk, the viewers could reward those who behaved with class and indirectly get rid of the whiner.

One issue I did have with the program was the depiction of smoking. Apparently to be a celebrity you also have to be a smoker. (Or perhaps the stress of celebrity-hood drives people to smoke?) However, if this was indeed what the celebrities did in their "down" time, I guess it was a part of the verite. One wonders if the tobacco companies had any placement rights. It's just odd to see smoking on US TV anymore.

Nonetheless, it was a harmless, escapist show with a number of charities receiving nice-sized checks in behalf of the celebrities. I would probably watch a second season.