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20/20 The Party's Over (1978– ) Online

20/20 The Party's Over (1978– ) Online
Original Title :
The Partyu0027s Over
Genre :
TV Episode / Documentary / News
Year :
Type :
TV Episode
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20/20 The Party's Over (1978– ) Online

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Feminist airheads have long been whining about a mythical campus rape culture. Sadly, as the Vanderbilt case proved, campus rape is not entirely a myth. The name of the victim is not given here although it is no secret. As rapes go this was not violent with a capital V, but as she was unconscious there was no need for these animals to hold her down.

It remains to be seen if Brandon Vandenburg got her drunk explicitly for the purpose, or if he drugged her, but taking her back to his dormitory was a calculated act. The crime may never have been uncovered but for an amazing happenstance, a minor act of criminal damage was carried out, to a door, and some bright spark decided it would be worth trawling through CCTV to identify the culprit. This led to Vandenburg and his chums being picked up on the same tape, and eventually to the incriminating phone video footage they had conveniently taken for law enforcement.

This documentary was shot immediately after Brandenburg and Cory Batey were convicted. A mistrial was ruled on the most technical of technicalities, and resulted in them both being convicted again. Batey got fifteen years, and the more culpable Vandenburg two more. At the time of writing these two jokers are still appealing their convictions, but they have no chance and even less appeal.