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Weird Wonders of the World  Online
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Weird Wonders of the World
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TV Series / Documentary
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TV Series
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Weird Wonders of the World Online

Members of the BBC's "Life" production crew go behind the scenes to explain just what it took to capture key sequences of the program.
Series cast summary:
Chris Packham Chris Packham - Himself - Presenter 16 episodes, 2015-2016

User reviews



There isn't a bad episode in the entire lot. In fact, every episode is good. Very solid...I did not know about 85% of the stuff there. They often set it up like a mystery...there is some weird thing going on and why is it happening? They throw a couple of logical theories, but that isn't it. Then they tell you what it is usually. I have seen lots of the highly rated nature shows and I put this as my favorite of that genre...but it isn't strictly nature like Life or Planet Earth. For some reason this does not get much love. My 7 year old picked this one out on Netflix and I have to say...I really enjoy watching it. Some of the people on the Netflix review board commented on the narrator. He kind of has a talking to kids vibe and it probably is a kids type show. But I really like this show and after every show I watch...I'll be like...man there still hasn't been a lame show yet. I really like this show and I cannot recommend it highly enough if you are interested in weird nature type shows. I conceivably could give it a 10, but I reserve those for Game of Thrones type situations.