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The Third Alibi (1961) Online

The Third Alibi (1961) Online
Original Title :
The Third Alibi
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Montgomery Tully
Cast :
Laurence Payne,Patricia Dainton,Jane Griffiths
Writer :
Maurice J. Wilson,Montgomery Tully
Type :
Time :
1h 8min
Rating :
The Third Alibi (1961) Online

A composer stuck in a middle-class marriage finds that his affair with his wife's half-sister has resulted in her pregnancy. When his wife refuses to give him a divorce he hatches a murder scheme that is too clever by half.
Complete credited cast:
Laurence Payne Laurence Payne - Norman Martell
Patricia Dainton Patricia Dainton - Helen Martell
Jane Griffiths Jane Griffiths - Peggy Hill
Edward Underdown Edward Underdown - Dr. Murdoch
John Arnatt John Arnatt - Supt. Ross
Humphrey Lestocq Humphrey Lestocq - Producer
Lucy Griffiths Lucy Griffiths - Miss Potter
Olive Milbourne Olive Milbourne - Mrs. Booth
Arthur Hewlett Arthur Hewlett - Marshall
Annette Kerr Annette Kerr - Cinema cashier
Cleo Laine Cleo Laine - Singer

Film debut of Dudley Moore.

First screened in 1961 by British cinemas as a second feature. It was later screened on American television as an episode of Kraft Mystery Theater (1959).

Cleo Laine receives a 'Guest Artist' credit.

Opening credits: All characters in this film are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is coincidental.

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