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Blue Bloods Excessive Force (2010– ) Online

Blue Bloods Excessive Force (2010– ) Online
Original Title :
Excessive Force
Genre :
TV Episode / Crime / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Alex Zakrzewski
Cast :
Donnie Wahlberg,Bridget Moynahan,Will Estes
Writer :
Robin Green,Mitchell Burgess
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Blue Bloods Excessive Force (2010– ) Online

Danny chases an armed robber who is black. Eventually he chases him into an apartment building and when the guy is cornered he jumps out a window and when he lands Baez catches him. He then cries out Danny pushed him. Reverend Potter shows up and cries out police brutality and demands Danny's badge. Frank knowing that Potter has an agenda tries to be careful how he handles it.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Donnie Wahlberg Donnie Wahlberg - Danny Reagan
Bridget Moynahan Bridget Moynahan - Erin Reagan
Will Estes Will Estes - Jamie Reagan
Len Cariou Len Cariou - Henry Reagan
Amy Carlson Amy Carlson - Linda Reagan
Sami Gayle Sami Gayle - Nicky Reagan-Boyle
Tom Selleck Tom Selleck - Frank Reagan
Marisa Ramirez Marisa Ramirez - Maria Baez
Vanessa Ray Vanessa Ray - Eddie Janko
Gregory Jbara Gregory Jbara - Garrett Moore
Robert Clohessy Robert Clohessy - Sid Gormley
Ato Essandoh Ato Essandoh - Reverend Darnell Potter
Fredric Lehne Fredric Lehne - Lieutenant Trumball
Sofia Regan Sofia Regan - Dr. Jennifer Bennet
Abigail Hawk Abigail Hawk - Abigail Baker

While sitting in the car waiting for the informant to show up, Danny is encouraged to start drinking decaf. He asked what was the point. When he arrives at the grocery store he pours a cup of decaf.

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Before Reverend Al Sharpton moved on to bigger and better things and started looking like a statesman he was a whole lot like the Reverend Darnell Potter who starts arts popping up every so often in the Blue Bloods series. Ato Essandoh has become a semi-regular on the Blue Bloods series as a regular antagonist for the Reagan family.

A perpetrator who Donnie Wahlberg and Marissa Ramirez caught in the act of holding up a convenience store is chased into an apartment where the dirtbag throws himself out the window and yells police brutality. Essandoh is always ready to answer that call and he takes up the cause of the victim.

He also adds a little extortion in his meeting with Tom Selleck. Man does not lack for chutzpah.

You have to see how this comes out.


You would think that a priest would quote directly from scriptures to prove his case. In this episode, Frank's friend quotes from scriptures aligned with "The Godfather" to justify his belief in what Frank should do. Interesting, but I think slightly over the top.

The Al Sharpton rabble-rouser preacher Rev. Potter is back when Danny is accused of using excessive force when the criminal he is chasing after throws himself out of a third floor window and claims that Danny pushed him. There are the usual demonstrations and calls for Danny's resignations. How Frank is able to prove Danny's innocence was rather highly easy to do given the fact that the good Reverend had moved a witness to what had really happened out of the building and it was rather easy to trace this from a lease. Nonetheless, the situation of police being accused of excessive force was a timely one to show.


PLAYING DOWN THE usual subplot that most series dramatic series employ as a regular, this episode devotes the Lion's Share of its time and energy to the major, beginning incident of this episode. The older brother (Wahlberg) and his Detective partner come on view with an armed robbery of a convenience store. A chase ensues and the offender (a Black guy) leaps out of a third story window; in order to escape.

THE OFFENDER THEN manages to stir up the crowd which has gathered by falsely yelling that Detective Reagan pushed him out of the window. A local 'Reverand' is there to seize on the chance to grandstand the incident into a political opportunity for himself.

THE STORY TAKES us behind the scenes, where there are no microphones or TV cameras with which to provide drama for the 6 O'clock News. Commissioner Reagan and the rabble rousing Rev meet face to face and talk very unemotionally. After some further investigation, the truth is reached.

THE PRODUCTION TEAM has taken a story like this right out of today's contemporary scene. They were not heavy handed, Pollyanna or preachy. The conclusion is simple and universally applicable in the real World. simply stated it says: "Don't try any case in the media. Wait until all of the facts are in and then get to the truth.

THIS, OF COURSE, is too much to ask of our contemporary Media; for they go by just one rule: "Never let the Facts get in the way of a Good Story!"

OH YEAH, BY the way, that other subplot involved the younger Reagan (the guy in uniform) and his female partner getting involved in the old 'Eternal Triangle' syndrome.

THIS IS THE sort of dribble that can wait for another episode, one that really needs padding.


Rev. Potter is one of my favorite antagonists on Blue Bloods (or any other show)!!! He goes to an 11 during this episode & acts as a tooth ache to the Reagans in this one....until the dentist, Frank, is called to ease the pain.

Above average efforts by all in this one & it will keep you interested until it's resolved, finally, at the VERY end!

Another one of the better episodes in the series!!